Jodi with defense attorney Jennifer Wilmott during a hearing on September 15, 2014.

Jodi with defense attorney Jennifer Wilmott during a hearing on September 15, 2014.

This website has information about the trial of Jodi Arias, made by independent supporters who maintain she was wrongly convicted. The Blog will be to provide updates, or to link to related articles of interest.

The prosecution made a circumstantial case for premeditated murder, however when examined carefully, some evidence was ambiguous, some was flawed and taken as a whole the prosecution case makes no sense at all. We hope to explain that clearly in this website.

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“Circumstantial evidence is a very tricky thing, it may seem to point very straight to one thing, but if you shift your own point of view a little, you may find it pointing in an equally uncompromising manner to something entirely different.” — Sherlock Holmes


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  1. Edgar R Longenecker

    The prosecutorial repudiation of the three stooges, exculpatory evidence, concealment, for five years, then, sleazed into, an aboutfaced, reversal of format, ended the noncase, against, Jodi Arias; and, tacitly admitted to the prosecutorial conspiracy to obstruct justice, , without a bleat from the sheeple on the jury, or, the two governors, who refused to rescind the interstate authoritative, kidnapping at law, despite the recanted, three stooges, confessions…that, they needed to unperjure their previously sworn testimony, to, then, declare the opposite to be the truth; as if any of these criminals at law, have anything but, contradictory, truths; whatwith, having been badgered by the prostitutor, into lockstep perjuries, to claim that each of the three stooges, had an epiphany, at the same time, to arrive miraculosly, at the same time, then, arrived at the opposite conclusion, later, at the same time, in reverse; then, continued their lies at law, as if any of them had credibility, while expounding back to back lies, for five years, of embezzling Jodis freedom, from these lizards at law, trying to grow evidence, by lying, back and forth, while confessing to the lies they already told….. There was, no case to be tried, upon recant, of their lies, so, it matters not that if Jodi wanted to play Joan of Ark, or, the Easter Bunny, or tell you she was Santa Claus, whatwith, the fraudulent conmtinuation of a recanted, and, perjury based, soap opera…. reversed; proving, reasonable doubt, already, so perjured…. what could those “lies,” on her part, did it matter, considering the fiction of the recanted, soap opera…??? … Snidely… Edgrrr…

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  2. gerrycapo

    Stay STRONG! Sometimes we loose faith when everything’s dark at the end of the road, God dont make no mistakes, Belive! Keep doing what you’re doing, supporting and giving out to the community! If you dont get out before 10 years, you’ll get parole and come out in 10 years! Much love jodi! We stand by you!

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  3. safesavy

    To be totally fair if Travis Alexander was using and abusing Jodi Arias she could have walked away from him but you know what? she loved the drama and the sex. This nut case committed a heinous crime. From all she did to Travis it is an indication of anger and vindictiveness Quite right MAY SHE ROT IN HELL. Cruel lunatic. All her smug smiles all her manipulation all the sickly sweetness is over for her. I am sorry for her Mother but her Mother is in denial that Jodi is a danger to society.

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    1. GB Post author

      I am sure you believe this to be correct, but please look again ( and perhaps come back when appeals have been filed ), and I hope you will see that Jodi did act in self-defense, despite circumstantial evidence that might make you believe otherwise.


    2. Frankie Vegas

      It sounds like you have never had to fight for your life, been in an abusive relationship, or you have ptsd. If you had these three things you would understand her actions. The fact that you don’t have that insight, and I hope you never do have that insight, means you can never understand. Guess work and logic and hindsight is all well and good. But not helpful when abused woman like us are told we can ‘just leave’. If it was that easy there would be no women who were abused more than once. Jodi’s actions mirror my own completely and she could not have made it up without living it.

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  4. John Luther Repul

    Simple fact is if Jodi shot him first then he would have been stunned at the very least leaving her time enough to run. If only 3 seconds of time she could have ran but she chose to stay and cut his throat. That in itself under law of premed proves premed plus it wasn’t self defense. She had the time of forethought sawing his throat which proves premeditation under law! she had time to flee. Do you truly believe he just kept going after her while she sawed his throat? Common sense George Barwood. She according to your take of events had several opportunities to flee and didn’t. She also had time to think about what she was doing at the time of murder and still went on with it. She sawed his throat George & that is not self defense it is murder, Premeditated murder!


  5. Deborah J Warwick

    I agree safesavy. She only used the abuse defense when all else was failing. She snapped because he was taking someone else to Cancun, period! It was very well planned out. You don’t drive all those miles to your abuser. She is where she belongs for the rest of her life and I hope it is a very long one!

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      1. bobodidit

        Do you know the.law regarding PREMEDIATION?.

        The MOMENT she knew her actions should cause his death is premediation .

        Yes the State also proved PLANNING; unnecessary for Premediation but it was showed the jury what lengths she went to hide her involvement.

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      2. GB Post author

        The State is arguing planning, but I don’t believe it’s the truth. I believe she was attacked repeatedly and defended herself.


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