Evidence against planning

Circumstances that show Jodi did not plan murder before arriving in Mesa:

1. Jodi called Ryan Burns, a prospective new boyfriend, and told him to expect her for a time she could not possibly keep. This led to Jodi being missed, and Burns called around to see if anyone knew anything. Going missing in such a conspicuous way is not compatible with intending to secretly murder someone.

2. Jodi not only permitted Travis to take obscene photographs of her with his camera in his bedroom, but also left the camera at the scene. This is not compatible with a cold-blooded planned murder.

3. Jodi repeatedly called Travis after leaving Yreka, and again before she left Arizona. This is again not compatible with a plan to secretly murder Travis.

4. Travis spoke to Jodi for about an hour around 3 a.m. on June 2. How could Jodi be planning to murder her ex-boyfriend and at the same time be having long late-night conversations with him?

5. If Jodi decided to murder Travis a week before, why would she go and visit friends first? Why not go straight there if she had an insane plan to murder him? It makes no sense at all. Why borrow gas cans as part of a secret plan, when she could buy them with cash for just a few dollars?

6. If Jodi intended to murder Travis, why did she not do it immediately on arrival, or when he was asleep and vulnerable?

7. Darryl Brewer testified that Jodi told him she was making a trip to Arizona. Why would she do that if her trip to Arizona was meant to be secret?

8. Jodi writes in her journal on June 1 that Travis is guilting her to visit him. That makes no sense if she is planning to secretly murder him. It makes no sense whether she wrote that before the trip or after it.

In total, this is significant undisputed evidence that Jodi was not on an improbable secret murder mission.

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1 thought on “Evidence against planning

  1. Billy Malone

    yep and telling Brewer she was going to Az. Filling the cans up at the same station she used her credit card. All Jodi needed was one fill up to get back on JM’s track but she fills up the cans twice again using her credit card and cash at the same station.

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