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1. Why didn’t Jodi leave? Why did she return to visit him?

A supporter ( who has personal experience of extreme domestic violence ) writes:

If you happen to read a lot of people’s reasons for not believing Jodi, it usually starts with “I was abused and I didn’t kill my abuser”. Women do get out of relationships before it reaches this point. Some do not. Jodi did not have the typical relationship. She did not live with Travis, they were broken up, and she had no children with him. Living with a man, being in a relationship, nor having children with a man are not the only reasons why women stay. Those reasons are the most common of why women stay. No matter what situation you are in, it is always wrong for someone to treat you badly. It is not your fault for going back. I don’t believe that only women are abused. Men are also victims of abuse. This is not the case here though. Jodi is accused of stalking Travis, but the only proof of that is when she was going into his facebook/phone etc.. to see if he was cheating. Telling other women that he is her boyfriend is also not stalking. Travis was in the business of hiding their relationship. Jodi wasn’t. That does not make her a stalker. Many believe that his verbal abuse was caused by her behavior except that, THAT behavior was abusive no matter what. It is never okay. That type of behavior in a relationship, whether it be emotional, physical or verbal is pure abuse. It is not okay to demean, berate, or humiliate. Hopefully something good can come of Jodi and Travis misfortune and more people can be educated about the right and wrongs.

2. Jodi bought too much gas at Salt Lake City to fit in two gas cans and her main tank. That proves she didn’t return the 3rd gas can, doesn’t it?

Jodi never said said how many gas cans she had at Salt Lake City, when asked she repeated that she had two cans going to Mesa (after a defense objection to the question). So perhaps she bought or borrowed another can. We don’t know.

3. Why didn’t Jodi immediately leave or call 911 after Travis was shot?

The reasons are similar in psychological terms to question 1. Jodi loved Travis, something terrible had happened, she could have wanted to help him, see what was wrong, put things right, make up, perhaps Travis called for help. We don’t know exactly. The decision to stay was disastrous, but poor judgement is not a crime. Similarly, we don’t know why Jodi grabbed the knife, it could be to stop Travis getting it, or to make sure he wouldn’t attack her when she tried to help him.

Put another way, after Travis was shot, we have a completely new situation where Jodi is very conflicted because Travis is seriously wounded. She simultaneously wants to save his life and save her own, but he is very angry and wants to kill her. In this situation either Jodi or Travis could easily end up dead if another fight starts.

See also What happened after Travis was shot?

4. Travis had so many wounds, it cannot have been self-defense.

Jodi has said Travis was attacking her when she cut his throat.  Few of us have walked in her shoes, known what it is like to be so terrified that we could do something so horrific. Looking at the evidence objectively, there is in fact no “overkill” (a word that comes up frequently). Only the cut throat would have killed Travis immediately, none of the other wounds would be immediately incapacitating. The State tried to argue otherwise (about the gunshot), but their argument is not valid, see Other prosecution claims.We don’t know what happened in the final knife fight, we don’t know precisely why Jodi couldn’t or didn’t escape from Travis, or exactly why he kept attacking her. He may have had a grip on her, or she may have been trapped for some other reason, but we can infer there must have been a reason.

5. Jodi’s lack of injuries proves it was murder.

This is obviously false – someone defending themselves with a weapon ( first a gun, then a knife ) may not have injuries. The aggressor may focus on obtaining the weapon, rather than inflicting injuries. Jodi testified she had scratches around her ankles in response to a juror question.

6. Some criminal defense attorneys believe Jodi is guilty.

Please don’t take anyone one’s word for it. Ask them to justify their position. They could be wrong – “Nullius in Verba“, is the motto of the Royal Society, their website explains the motto thus:

It is an expression of the determination of Fellows to withstand the domination of authority and to verify all statements by an appeal to facts determined by experiment.

7. Jodi was stalking Travis.

This is contrary to the evidence:

  • Travis accused Jodi of slashing his tires, but there is no evidence this was true, and the language in an anonymous email suggests it was someone in the Mormon church acting to protect Lisa Andrews and warn Travis off.
  • Travis called Jodi twice on June 2nd, around 4am in the morning. The first call was just under 18 minutes, the second about 41 minutes.
  • Travis waited up for Jodi when she arrived around 4am in the morning on June 4, 2008.
  • Jodi and Travis did have arguments, but they were in constant communication. They even took intimate photos of one another on June 4, prior to the fight.
  • See testimony of Alyce LaViolette.


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2 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. GB Post author

    We don’t know why Jodi didn’t call 911, but we can speculate that she thought Travis needed urgent assistance. He was after all bleeding severely from the gunshot wound.

    You are wrong, it is quite possible to deeply slice someones throat while standing in front of them. This is (or at any rate was) taught by the United States military.


  2. GB Post author

    For Jodi to be guilty of murder II, there needs to be a malicious motive for the killing. If you accept her version of events, Travis had repeatedly attacked her, first after she dropped the camera, then after chasing her through the closet. It’s logical to suppose Travis attacked Jodi a third time, even though we don’t know the exact circumstances of this third attack.

    Given that, it’s evident that Jodi was acting in self defense when she killed Travis. She has also stated at the sentencing hearing that she now remembers Travis was attacking her when she cut his throat. There is no evidence to show this to be false.

    I would agree that Jodi refusing to tell the police the truth greatly exacerbated the situation. She had decided on suicide, and didn’t want Travis’ skeletons coming out of the closet. Then she changed her mind.



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