Appeal Fund

Jodi has consistently maintained that she killed Travis in self-defense, refusing to give up her appeal rights to avoid the possibility of a death sentence, another reason to believe that her testimony was the truth ( even appealing risks death, see here ).

In July 2014, Jodi’s wrongful conviction was featured by the Wrongly Convicted Group.

Jodi is appealing her conviction, and public defenders have been appointed. However, in the event that her State-funded appeal is denied, Jodi will need to financial support to pay for further appeals. Please refer to or for details. There is a list of appeal issues here.

At the beginning of the case. I know the prosecution wanted to label her a liar, and she did, she lied when she was first arrested, she lied about some of the things that she knew about Mr. Alexander, she didn’t want all of his skeletons coming out of the closet, as she told us yesterday, but when she testified, no I don’t believe she lied.” — Jennifer Willmott, attorney for Jodi Arias, speaking in a post-sentencing interview, April 2015


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