Why was Jodi convicted?

300x300(4)Every wrongful conviction has causes, and in Jodi’s case it has to be admitted that her own actions played a part. By lying to the police and refusing to admit the truth in 2008, Jodi made it look as though she had murdered Travis. In addition Jodi disposed of and concealed evidence that could have confirmed her trial testimony, and created considerable confusion. But it’s not unusual for people to lie after committing such a horrific act, even if they were defending themselves, so we need to look at the evidence in detail to find the truth.

A stolen gun
There was a suspicious circumstance, a gun stolen from Jodi’s home in Yreka a week before, that suggested Jodi might have planned to kill Travis even before she left on her road trip. However the prosecution did not claim that there was any proof that the gun stolen in Yreka was the gun that shot Travis, or that Jodi stole it. Although the gun stolen in Yreka had the same 0.25 caliber, ammunition stolen at the same time (hollow point) did not match the bullet and cartridge casing recovered at the scene. Jodi testified that the gun that shot Travis was one he kept on a top shelf in the closet. There is nothing to show this is not the truth, other than apparently nobody other than Jodi knew Travis owned a gun. See here for more about the gun. In  addition, a detective testified there had been “rash of burglaries in our town … around that time”.

Note: the first jury did not know the Yreka bullets were hollow point.

The gas cans
Instead, the prosecution argued that Jodi had deliberately concealed her trip to Mesa by using three gas cans. Ultimately the only convincing evidence that Jodi’s testimony was untrue in a material way was the testimony of Wal-Mart employee Amanda Webb, who was asked by the prosecution to check Jodi’s testimony that she had returned a gas can to Wal-Mart, shortly after she purchased it. However, Webb did not check thoroughly, and there are reasons to believe Jodi did return the can.

Other claims
The prosecution also claimed that there were other reasons to doubt Jodi’s testimony, these claims will also be examined in some detail, however there is nothing conclusive, only speculation, and in some cases incorrect claims by the prosecution. See Other prosecution claims.

Many people say that they don’t believe in coincidences.  However odd coincidences (in this case a gun stolen a week before Travis died in a fight) can and do happen, and they can cause a wrongful conviction. Supporters believe Jodi Arias is similar to other abused women who have killed in self defense. Please keep an open mind, and we hope you will eventually agree that Jodi did not plan in advance to kill Travis.

Before looking at the prosecution case in detail, that there are plenty of reasons to believe Jodi did not plan in advance to kill Travis.

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