Alyce LaViolette Day 39

Notes on part 1:
2:40 Hughes emails cont. Conversation spanned Jan 29 – Jan 31. 2007.
4:00 Why did the conversation take place.
Chris & Sky Hughes had a conversation with Jodi Arias regarding relationship with TA.
Jodi talked to the Hughes, they advised her to move on.
4:20 Juan : objection, hearsay. Sidebar.
6:00 One of Alexanders using prominently placed box of tissues.
7:00 Alexander has a history with women. Jodi may want to move on.
Jodi spoke to Mr. Alexander, who sends email to the Hughes.
CH is suggesting to TA that he mistreats JA, he is a flirt, biggest this side of the Mississipi.
TA is not interested in Jodi.
TA expressed interest in Jodi, winning the wife lottery.
Email from SH.
SH had serious concerns about JA/TA relationship.
SH was apologetic. Talked about TA’s history, why she believed TA was not someone who was
TA talked about Brandy.
TA admits he treated Brandy badly, but did not feel badly about it.
Hughes speak favorably about Jodi.
14:50 Sidebar ( another hearsay objection )
17:10 Sources who are close to a person are more important.
Hughes knews TA for 5 years prior to these emails ( Jan 2007 ).

18:35 Feb 7, 2007 email from Jodi to TA. Exh. 563.
TA had a talk with JA, addressed concerns. Jodi had more faith in TA, after discussion.
After hearing bad things, things were cleared up, Jodi felt more hope.
Learned hopefulness is why women stay. During healing, people recover.
Evidence is TA addressed Jodi’s concerns, Jodi felt good about it.

22:27 Feb 14, Valentine’s day. Jodi got present. Spiderman underpants & T-shirt. “Travis’s”.
Had an apostrophe. Possessive. Also shorts, but ALV doesn’t know about that.
24:10 Feb 18. Relationship status is they are a couple, but TA doesn’t want it known.
Email : “Our friendship” from Jodi to TA, starts “Hi Abe”.
22:29pm. Forwarded 22:58pm. Half and hour later.
Email is telling Abe she will not be going out with him any more.
27:35 “Although I’m not married and I’m not Travis’ girlfriend ..keep a friendly distance, not hug
any more.”
Jodi is thinking about how TA would feel, FW TA proof she has ended the relationship, even
though TA said it was ok for Jodi to date other people. Hughes felt TA would “guilt” Jodi if Jodi
saw someone else.
31:00 TA disparaged men who had dated Jodi.
31:30 Juan: hearsay objection ( re. impression about TA guilting Jodi ).
38:35 ALV spoke to Jodi about the letter. Jodi said she had to write it, he was jealous.
39:55 TA was jealous, didn’t really mean for her to date other people, per Hughes.
40:20 Jealousy is often a precursor to controlling behaviour.
40:50 May 2007. Jodi told ALV about TA waking her up to have sex, early May 2007.
Jodi stopped him, because it was a sin. Jodi gave him oral sex. Had also had anal sex prior.
43:15 TA was Jodi’s spiritual guide re Mormon faith.
43:55 Jodi was still able to set boundaries, able to say no, at that time. Oral sex was “lesser sin”.
End Part 1.

Notes on Part 2.
2:30 June 2007. Relationship was still continuing, still a couple.
Jodi’s journals. June 5, 2007. Exh 564.
Jodi talking about how she is deeply in love, spiritually.
5:00 Does she have misgivings? She is suspicious, TA has been flirtatious with women in front of her. Maybe something is going on she is not aware of. They convey they feel lucky ( mutually ) to be with each other. Significance: she is feeling inscure, but is re-assured. Bonding over spirituality.
June 10, Jodi’s journal. Exh. 566.
7:54 About a time they go out for Karoake. Ms. Arias sings “My Guy.” He praises her singing abililty. Jodi writes about how he makes her feel very special, more than anybody in her life.
9:24 Feeling special is very important, bonds them together. Jodi bonded to TA.
Jodi looked at his text messages, numerous messages, sexual messages, to other women.
Jodi texted one of the women. She was embarassed she did that.
Jodi does not confront him right away. Waits till after trip.
Trips are a strong point in the relationship.
13:10 June 24, journal entry. Jodi talks about law of attraction.
14:10 Sidebar (hearsay again)
16:27 Law of attraction means she has to focus on positive, ignore negative.
Difficulty of ignoring things going on behind her back.
19:30 ALV: Positive thinking won’t change other person. LOA is a problem.
During trip in June, trip goes well, they get closer.
20:50 End of June, Jodi brings up negatives. Break up, but secretive relationship continues.
21:50 They continue to have regular contact. TA continued to call her, even the day they broke up.
22:30 July 2007. Living in separate states up to end June 2007. Jodi moved to Mesa in July
2007. Not living together, but in same city. Exh. 567. July 25 journal entry.
24:30 Trust : they violate each other’s trust. Jodi looked at his messages, TA saw other women. Lack of trust. Lack of foundation for trust. Jodi feels stupid, insecure. Jodi blaming herself for staying in the relationship.
27:30 Law of attraction collides with need to leave.
29:00 TA portrayed himself as financially successful, stable, to other people.
29:50 Exh. 568. Email Jul 27, 2007. From Sky Hughes to TA. Sky apologises cannot loan him $4,000. Can loan him some money.
30:10 Sidebar (hearsay)
34:40 TA asked other people for money.
35:00 Baseball game, July 2007. JA went with her friends. Objection hearsay. Sidebar.
38:05 Game was on night of TA’s birthday. Walking toward stadium. TA wants her to be with him on his birthay. No prior plans. She was planning to attend baseball game. TA is guilting her. Jodi leaves, but prior to leaving, asks TA to pick her up, he refuses, Rachel takes her back to Mesa from stadium, she spends evening with TA instead of seeing game. Use of guilt, control, to manipulate Jodi into doing what he wants to do. TA is making subtle demands, as if they were still in a relationship.
ALV: power difference, Jodi cares more about relationship than he does. People with less power try to bring relationship together. Jodi has less power, but cares more. Abusive relationships become unbalanced in power. One person has more power. Baseball game was example of difference in power ( she does not call it abuse ).
44:50 August 2, 2007 (but stops here).
45:00 End of part 2.

Notes on part 3:
00:50 August 2, 2007. Jodi greatly loves TA. Potential for greatness, hanging onto that. Wishes she didn’t love him, but she does. Hopefulness. Absolutely talking about hope, looks back at good things that happened, feels it is possible in future.
02:30 Jodi saw TA with another woman. They had broken up, but relationship had carried on.
03:40 Sidebar
08:00 Next day, TA was very upset, hitting his head on the door. Jodi sees it. Jodi tried to calm him down, make him feel better. Jodi wanted to know if he was dating other women. Jodi felt bad, because Travis felt bad – empathy. ALV talking about empathy.
11:05 Empathy is pull for Jodi to stay in the relationship. Women in shelter over-empathised with their partners.
12:20 Aug 13, 2007 journal entry. Jodi is suspicious about TA acting kind. Jodi got a nice text message, but it was uncommon. Jodi has become numb, relationship is not good for her, warning signs, “wrong way”. Jodi is not ready to leave though, even though she thinks it is not going the right direction. She wants the original good relationship back.
ALV talks about leaving, how women do not leave right away.
15:10 Almost a year into the relationship. They had some really good times.
“Variable intermittent reinforcement”. Hoping for reward. Pushing bar hoping to get reward.
17:20 Escalation in problems in relationship, things are gradually getting worse.
18:00 August 17, 2007 journal entry. Jodi writes about a sexual experience, compliment from TA. They have consensual vaginal sex for first time. TA “her body is built for sex”. TA leaves after the sex. Jodi talks about her feelings. Jodi feels great, not ashamed, due to the compliment.
ALV on Rationalisation : defense mechanism, explaining something away which Jodi didn’t feel good about. Explaining away the “sin”.
23:30 Jodi talks about not feeling good about herself on a regular basis.
24:10 Jodi spoke to her friend Rachel, told Rachel they had oral sex. Rachel said they need to go see the Bishop. TA does not agree to go. He has been in trouble before. Does not go to see Bishop. Makes Jodi isolated, cannot share with Rachel again.
27:00 Secrecy issues. Women are cautious about talking to others, go out of their way to protect other person. Jodi is restricted on who she can talk to. They have a secret. Secrets oppress us.
28:40 Jodi does not write in journal they had vaginal sex.
August 26, 2008. Exh. 510. Jodi talks about how she loves TA, but is conflicted. He makes her miserable and beautiful. Back and forth. Best and worst. “It all originates from within” (LOA). Thoughts of suicide. Not unusual, even though Jodi is depressed, still not ready to leave the relationship. ALV talks about isolation. Women not willing to talk to others about a relationship that is going badly.
34:20 TA doesn’t like Rachel, due to Rachel advising they see the Bishop.
36:30 Email from TA Sep 11, 2007 to another woman, Matilda Edmundson. Exh 572. TA wants her to send him pictures. TA wants to drool over them all day. Sexy pictures (not naked). ALV has copy of the pictures she sent. Also in relationship with Lisa Andrews. TA able to manage not being truthful to several women at a time.
39:05 Speaks to infidelity ( sidebar )
40:15 Chronic infidelity is considered psychological abuse. Men can feel guilty, they get angry because they feel guilty, externalise it, blames partner. Can lead to escalation in abuse.
44:00 Sep 13. Journal entry about Havasupi trip with TA and Freemans.
44:50 Sidebar.
46:10 Travis exploded, but later apologised. Cycle of abuse. Jodi felt very good TA took responsibility.
49:30 Incident impacted Jodi the entire day.
50:30 Interview with Desiree. Jodi is clingy. TA is in relationship with Lisa at this time.
51:10 Sep 23, 2007. Exh. 573. Journal entry. Self-blame, contemplating suicide, she is pathetic, heart-sick. Looking at where her life was before. Pumps herself back up, LOA. Lack of discipline. How she feels is her own fault. Talking about her ability to make things better/worse. Thinks if she does it right her life will be better. Belief in LOA is making Jodi confused, tuck. Whether or not TA changes, she can change things, mistaken belief due to LOA.
Sep 23, 2007. Email from Lisa to TA. Lisa is complaining about the relationship. Too sexual too soon. TA has pushed on her to talk about sex, wants him to stop grabbing her butt, she wants him to stop talking in a sexual way, her values are unimportant to him, he wants perpetual compliments. He is uncaring. She wants to be a teacher, TA says she would be good, but says if she wants to do that it sucks. Lisa believed TA was a virgin ( it wasn’t true ). Nearly 11 year age difference.
59:30 Lisa didn’t know TA was going on trip with Jodi. Lisa doesn’t trust Travis. They spoke and Lisa felt better after a conversation with TA.
1:01:15 Patterns? TA aggressive sexuality, two women who are vulnerable. Possessiveness. TA refuses to listen when women are unhappy. TA refers to Jodi as a skank, then claims it is a joke. The teacher comment is putting Lisa down, is
similar. Jodi writes as long as she is positive, things are good. TA doesn’t give anything back, makes it hard for Lisa to compliment him. TA is constantly in need of compliments ( from other women as well ). TA is deceptive, about being a virgin, about seeing other women. Financial success also deceptive. TA is deceptive about relationships with other women, based on other emails.
1:06:20 Sidebar.
1:06:55 Asking about deception. ALV knows names of many women. Names about 10 women.
1:08:00 Women are not aware of each other, TA can lead a life of deception.
1:09:00 Sep 27, 2007. Jodi writes a gratitude list. Five things. #1 is TA.
1:10:30 Jodi has loving feelings towards him. Jodi is having good days and bad days.
1:11:40 Emails with Deanna Reid. Deanna asking TA to pay her back.
1:11:55 Sidebar. JSS reviewing emails? Jury out, then back ( Jodi stands at 1:20:40 ).
1:21:04 Email re TA owing Deanna money.
Oct 6, 2007, journal entry. About Deanna. TA saying Jodi has become like Deanna. TA still in contact with Deanna during relationship with Jodi. Jodi believed Deanna was crazy and jealous. TA would have Jodi not come into his home to avoid her seeing Deanna. Jodi didn’t have substantial conversations with Deanna. TA on hiding relationships. Jodi thinks it’s ridiculous, she is not like that. Jodi was not jealous. Travis was jealous.
1:27:00 Next day, Oct 7, 2007. Jodi talks about motherhood. Jodi attended talk, Jodi wants to be a good mother, a good wife, at the forefront of what she wanted in her life, a spiritual matriarch. Jodi was feeling she would not get this from TA. She says that, but her actions show she is still hopeful.
1:29:20 Oct 13, 2007. Trip to balloon festival, Albequerque. TA still dating Lisa, but takes Jodi to festival. Trying new foods together, it’s a good trip, more bonding, variable reinforcement. Good things still happen. Sharing special things, keeps the relationship going.
1:31:40 Email Oct, TA reassuring Lisa.
1:32:30 Sidebar.
1:35:50 He has dealt with Jodi ( objection sustained ).
1:37:10 Shortly after TA and Jodi come back from good trip, TA tells Lisa she has nothing to worry about. Very deceptive.
1:38:00 Reinforces the relationship, TA operating by deception. Women tend to believe it, unless they are themselves deceptive.
1:38:55 Physical violence, end of October. Argument about clothes, her friendships, her jobs. TA grabs her by shoulders and shakes her. Doesn’t let her leave. They continue to talk until it calms down, for a couple of hours. Mr. Alexander insults Jodi’s family, calls them gay names, puts them down.
1:42:00 ALV talks about pattern of abuse. Quiet period of making up, after fight.
1:43:15 Power differential. When Jodi was physically restrained, she in reality didn’t have a choice. Fear it may happen again. Jodi thinks it is an isolated incident, in her journal. Still hopeful.
1:45:50 Journal entry Oct 26, 2007, after physical incident. Jodi thinking she is getting over TA, starting to lose attraction for him. Jodi is starting to pull away. Jodi talks about becoming a shadow of he she once was.
1:48:20 End of Part 3