Alyce Laviolette Day 41 Part 1

“I have rarely heard words strung together as they are in this instant message.”

Atround 15 minutes in.

16 pages of abuse.
Specific words are important. Name calling versus character assassination.

In the 16 pages:
What a freakin whore.
He accuses her of going on to the next dick.
He tells her her words are worthless.
He hates her.
She’s caused him more pain than the death of his father.
She’s a rotten lunatic.
He’s never dealt with a more solid form of evil.
She’s nothing but a liar.
She lives a life identical to satan.
She’s a three hole wonder.
She ought to get tips for giving bjs.
She never loved him.
She’s got a slut’s job.
Who freaking cares about you you’re worthless. You’re a bitch.
You’re lies make your life worthless.
You’re taking up people’s air.
You don’t care. You don’t know what horror you’ve caused me.
You’re a laughing stock.
You don’t care about anything but Jodi.
He blames her for a lot of the pain he feels in his own life.
He tells her he was nothing more than a dildo with a heartbeat to her.
You’re demented.

“They certainly are tearing her character apart.”