Alyce Laviolette Day 41 Part 1

ALV Day 41 Part 1 ( Afternoon session? Where is morning )
Judge talks about juror #5
00:20 ALV talks about character assassination.
01:10 Does not occur with people who are low-level abusive.
01:50 At least one step further than name-calling. More severe form of abuse.
02:24 May 26, 2008 text message. A tirade, a rant.
03:00 Seven hour time discrepancy in print-out.
03:30 What was conversation about based on speaking with Jodi? She doesn’t recall.
03:55 TA doesn’t want to leave this on her voicemail.
04:53 Going thru text messages ( on projector ).
05:30 This is character assassination. Talking about Jodi as less than human. Spitting in her face, evil.
06:15 A whole group of things to tear apart her character. Calls her a sociopath.
07:20 After long rant, JA responds – she hasn’t seen the email. Her response is not angry.
08:10 They move on to instant messaging, which is very long.
08:42 Starts at 3:21 ends at 9:16. Six hours of character assassination.
09:10 Carries on in instant messages. Character assassination continues.
09:30 Escalation in name-calling,intensity,longer,more names,worse names.
10:00 Takes a lot of energy to keep rage going, uncontrolled rage. Scary to be on other side.
10:30 Most people are not going on at the level and for so long.
10:45 An argument lasting 5 hours is not unusual. It’s what is contained in the argument.
11:30 The kind of language, the choice of words. Rarely heard words strung together as here.
12:00 She has reviewed the instant message. 16 pages. She needs to review it.
12:50 Specific words are important, they make a difference.
13:15 Asks for example of character assassination. “What a freakin whore” Objection, sidebar.
14:15 ALV cannot read. Calls her a “cheap whore” etc. “Hitler”.
15:30 More phrases from the texts. ALV has to look up when speaking.
16:50 Still reading from texts ( but looking up ).
17:20 Some repeats, more of the same, repeated names. 16 pages. Not all name calling.
18:00 TA is typing. 16 pages, single-spaced. She doesn’t know how long it is.
18:35 Problem with video ( screen black )
22:27 What about his mother? Objection, sidebar.
24:17 TA talks about suffering from verbal abuse by his mother as a child.
25:10 Family of origin issue, is consistent risk marker, children learn from how they are raised.
25:40 Hard for them to learn another way. Almost 100% of people ALV works with have this background.
26:30 JA talks about sexual contact they have had.
27:00 For JA the sex made the relationship special. The more sex, the closer she felt to TA.
27:50 Is there a difference between men and women on how they view sex.
28:00 Women want cuddling, kissing. Men want the sex act itself.
28:50 Women are seen as sluts, men are seen as “a stud”, more positive. Some change but that is society view.
29:30 After May 26, Jodi journal entries.
30:00 Exh. 592. May 26. JA writes about tirade, she minimises it. She does not give detail, just says “classic ??”.
32:00 That is part of promise not to write about negative things in her journal.
32:50 JA refers to tirades as being part of a pattern where he goes off then they make up.
JA understands there is a pattern. JA says every few days there is a blow-up.
34:20 There is an escalation, seen in text messages, also physical incidents.
34:50 JA compares TA to her own father. Similar, athletic, opinionated, Republican.
They both make rude statements then find ways to make-up for it.
35:30 JA says she lets him “get it out of his system” in 2 hour tirade.
37:00 May 27 journal entry. JA talks about meeting Ryan Burns, trip to Utah.
Evidence she is leaving TA, she says “great news”. Talks about making plans to go to Utah.
38:00 May 30 journal entry. JA making a full plan to go to Utah the following week.
Hoping to see some national parks along the way.
39:00 Jun 1, speaking about itinerary. Visiting Darryl and Matt. She is still friendly with both.
39:50 Talks about bringing up Utah trip with TA. TA is not thrilled about Utah trip.
40:30 She doesn’t want to tell TA about Utah. She talked to a friend, saying not to tell TA.
She doesn’t want to hurt TA.
41:00 Still Jun 1 entry. TA is guilting her to come and see him. JA says she stood her ground. If it wasn’t for looking forward to seeing Ryan, she may not have been able to stand her ground. She is able to say no to TA.
42:30 TA sounded bothered. JA reminded TA that he is going to be coming to CA to visit her.
43:00 JA is struggling with whether they are still going to have sexual relationship.
44:00 Timing of communication of TA with other women.
44:50 The deception by TA is significant. Between December and June, communications are late in evening or at night.
46:00 Communications with Denise. What type of woman was Denise? Objection, sidebar.
47:00 Is she in a vulnerable position? Yes. TA is flirtatious, makes sexual innuendos.
47:55 Nicole : was in a relationship with another man. TA is insulting her about the relationship, in other conversations he is flirtatious.
48:30 Lisa : age difference of 11 years.
49:00 Deanna : long time girlfriend. TA is still in contact with Deanna.
49:27 Crishelle. Vulnerable position. Graphic sexual content by TA.
50:05 Reagan. TA is flirtatious. Asking her for close to naked pictures.
50:41 TA complains about having an ex-gf stalking him. Objection. Sustained. Approach.
58:25 Complained of stalker : yes. 3 days after phone sex with JA. And after sending lovely text messages.
59:00 Shaitanea. Also vulnerable. TA gives her book of Mormon. Similar to Jodi. Graphic sex talk.
TA talks about having his head between her legs. Talking about something that occurred.
Conversations in late May. TA was manipulative with Shaitanea. TA alluded to suicide because she wouldn’t come over, three times.
Shaitanea says no. TA texts her, she does not respond.
March TA lost Lisa. April lost Jodi, physically.
In journal TA is missing Lisa Andrews.
1:03 Communications with Maria (LDS). In spite of being LDS sexual talk.
Pushing sexual boundaries. Asking her how far they can go before seeing the Bishop.
He gives her examples. Gets to a point where she doesn’t want to talk about it.
1:04:50 TA pushes sexual boundaries, pattern in the way he treats women in a sexual way. TA doesn’t tend to have long relationships, texting, some in person. Not long term relationships. In several he is trying to encourage women to join PPL or to give him leads. He consistently puts himself out as a virgin. Timing is late spring of 2008. Signs of desperation?  TA seems to be more desperate when women pull away. Also with Lisa.
TA was continually trying to make up with Lisa. Lisa said TA’s financial situation was no good.
1:08 End of session.


“I have rarely heard words strung together as they are in this instant message.”

Around 15 minutes in.

16 pages of abuse.
Specific words are important. Name calling versus character assassination.

In the 16 pages:
What a freakin whore.
He accuses her of going on to the next dick.
He tells her her words are worthless.
He hates her.
She’s caused him more pain than the death of his father.
She’s a rotten lunatic.
He’s never dealt with a more solid form of evil.
She’s nothing but a liar.
She lives a life identical to satan.
She’s a three hole wonder.
She ought to get tips for giving bjs.
She never loved him.
She’s got a slut’s job.
Who freaking cares about you you’re worthless. You’re a bitch.
You’re lies make your life worthless.
You’re taking up people’s air.
You don’t care. You don’t know what horror you’ve caused me.
You’re a laughing stock.
You don’t care about anything but Jodi.
He blames her for a lot of the pain he feels in his own life.
He tells her he was nothing more than a dildo with a heartbeat to her.
You’re demented.

“They certainly are tearing her character apart.”