Alyce Laviolette Day 41 Part 2

Direct finishes at 32:37

Alyce LaViolette concludes that Jodi was abused.


Woman named Kushelle(sp?), was married.

June 1st, last journal entry, Travis is guilting Jodi about not seeing him.

June 3rd, another conversation where Travis is guilting her, this time she cannot say no.

0:45 ALV gives her understanding of events on June 4.

Jodi uses sex to quell TA’s anger about CD that will not play.

Jodi drops the camera, etc.

3:30 ALV’s evaluation is about relationship leading up to June 4.

3:58 ALV clarifies why she was retained : to look at whether there was DV in the relationship.

4:27 Coping with trauma. Victims can repress painful things, minimise, deny, find things to distract themselves.

Every survivor is different. Victims empathise with abuser.

Apprehension goes up.

5:48 Detachment. When they tell their stories, a lot of emotion, as they talk, they begin to detach from the feeling, because it’s too painful.

6:45 Jodi at the end of the relationship, was feeling bad about herself, shame. Conversation with Travis about that.

Jodi wrote things she thought nobody would ever see, took photos.

ALV is not sure how someone holds up without becoming detached.

8:10 TA being full of rage. Does that correlate with events leading up to June 8:20 Objection, sidebar.

11:45 All the escalation, does that correlate for TA to be rageful : yes?

12:25 Men talk about feeling powerless. Men losing power produces rage.

13:48 In an abusive relationship, can “tango” with one person.

As ALV reads text messages, doesn’t matter what the other person does, can be quiet, say something, doesn’t matter.

14:55 ALV believes Jodi was in an abusive relationship, was battered.

16:00 ALV looks at patterns. Asked to explain why. Nobody fits in one column.

Different things happen, putting down friends and family. Minimal destruction of property.

Jodi is generally happy, sweet in previous relationships. Can be a pain in the butt.

Jodi moves to more depression, self-blame. Jodi pulls away from othere relationships, Jodi changes.

Threats of abandonment. Character assassination.

Jodi sees world through his eyes. TA is manipulative.

ALV sees psychological and emotional abuse.

Escalation in physical abuse. Lower level abuse does not have choking.

Choking is considered high end. Kicking also, breaking a finger.

Manipulation, deception, chronic infidelity. Family of origin.

21:15 Is this something Jodi could have seen from the beginning. ALV:No.

21:40 Relationship starts well, over time someone who is abusive cannot maintain it.

A child who grows up in abusive household, becomes scared in an intimate relationship.

23:40 You the a person become abusive even when they don’t want to be.

23:49 Is all the info coming from Jodi? No. What she reviewed.

25:00 Can be provocation in healthy relationship. More likelihood of abuse in a sexual relationship.

26:00 Lisa was only with TA for a short period. Broke up 3 times in 8 months, some physical contact, but not sex, not a long time.

Not surprising TA was not physically abusive to Lisa. She did complain about TA putting her down.

27:50 Change in Jodi’s personality. What info shows that. Interviews with previous boyfriends, Matt and Darryl.

Darryl says Jodi changed from happy person. Jodi maintained relationship with Matt and Darryl.

29:15 Jodi became “bipolar”, (not an accurate diagnosis), extremes of moods.

30:00 Depression, suicidal tendencies. Neither Matt or Darryl said Jodi as depressed, she was generally happy.

Jodi could still cry when she got upset. Jodi was not described as a liar by Matt and Darryl.

31:15 ALV sent Jodi 4 books and a magazine subscription. ALV does not have a memeory problem.

31:52 ALV never heard of any pattern where Jodi was aggressive, abusive.

No evidence of Jodi being jealous.

32:45 Cross-exam


Partial transcript:

Willmott: Alright, let’s talk about that plethora of information, what is it that you have reviewed?

LaViolette: I’ve reviewed seven hours of unedited footage that was done by CBS 48 Hours, and the edited version, I have reviewed journals that were written by Ms. Arias from the time that she was with Mr. Alexander until his death, I was uh, I reviewed IM instant messages, text messages, emails, from Ms. Arias, Mr. Alexander, Sky and Chris Hughes; emails, instant messages and text messages from Mr. Alexander to numerous women. I reviewed collateral interviews that were done before I came on the case. There were approximately, I think, around twenty collateral interviews that were done with Ms. Arias’ family and extended family, prior boyfriends, um employers, a couple of friends. I spent approximately forty-four hours in jail interviewing Ms. Arias. I went over Dr. Samuels’ report. I went over Dr. DeMarte’s report. I saw the crime scene and autopsy photos. I saw other photos that were taken on the day of the homicide and some family photos, as well.