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Journal entries just before trip

Some notes about the testimony of Alyce LaViolette about entries in Jodi’s journal just before her road trip.

37:00 May 27 journal entry. JA talks about meeting Ryan Burns, trip to Utah.
Evidence she is leaving TA, she says “great news”. Talks about making plans to go to Utah.
38:00 May 30 journal entry. JA making a full plan to go to Utah the following week.
Hoping to see some national parks along the way.
39:00 Jun 1, speaking about itinerary. Visiting Darryl and Matt. She is still friendly with both.
39:50 Talks about bringing up Utah trip with TA. TA is not thrilled about Utah trip.
40:30 She doesn’t want to tell TA about Utah. She talked to a friend, saying not to tell TA.
She doesn’t want to hurt TA.
41:00 Still Jun 1 entry. TA is guilting her to come and see him. JA says she stood her ground. If it wasn’t for looking forward to seeing Ryan, she may not have been able to stand her ground. She is able to say no to TA.
42:30 TA sounded bothered. JA reminded TA that he is going to be coming to CA to visit her.

These journal entries, taken at face value, confirm Travis was “guilting” Jodi to come and see him, and she was resistant, standing her ground, moving on to see Ryan Burns, as she testified.

But what if they were fake, perhaps after Jodi got back from her trip even? The problem with that is Jodi was telling everyone at the time, including police, that she never went to Mesa. So why in that case would she write journal entries suggesting Travis was “guilting” her to go to Mesa? This fits perfectly with her testimony, but goes totally against her claim at that time that she never went to Mesa. As soon as her journal was read by police, or perhaps her mother, the truth would be obvious.

So the truth has to be that there was no “secret murder mission”, and the reason she went to Mesa is Travis succeeded in “guilting” her to go visit him.

The actual journal entry: “He also began to sweet talk/guilt me that I was making this road trip to Utah to visit friends, etc. when I could come instead out to AZ to see him……I stood firm” June 1, 2008.


Why do women kill

Interesting article on why women kill. “Of the 532 offenders identified from those incidents, 453 (85 per cent) were male and 79 (15 per cent) were female, which are figures typical of what we observe both in Australia and internationally. ” “In particular, homicides driven by concealment and jealousy were all committed by males” “So […]

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Boyfriend Slaying

This is a reflective post on how when Jodi tried to defend herself or to improve the situation, no matter what she did, things got worse.

Jodi is attacked by Travis.

She runs away, but runs into a room with a gun, that makes the situation worse.

She grabs the gun, that makes things worse ( an escalation ).

She points the gun, making things even worse.

Now Travis is shot, this makes the situation much worse, and she decides to stay instead of calling for help. This makes things worse.

She further escalates the situation by picking up a knife (“to be safe”). This makes things worse.

Now Travis grabs her, and she starts to stab him. This makes the situation even worse.

Now they fight, and she slashes his throat. He’s dead, situation is even worse.

Now she decides not to call 911, making things worse again.

She leaves the camera behind, and takes the rope and gun, and throws them away where they cannot be found ( making things even worse ).

Now she lies to police, making things worse again.

Now she goes on TV and lies, even worse….

It’s a nightmare! At every step, she is trying to improve the situation, to defend herself, but it only gets worse!

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Evaluating competing theories

The key where you have inconclusive circumstantial evidence, and competing theories of guilt and innocence, is to consider whether it all adds up and makes sense.

Is there a credible motive, for example?

Does it fit a common pattern of behaviour, such as domestic violence? What is the likely explanation?

And does all of the evidence fit, or are there puzzling problems that are unexplained.