Linda Ballard Boss

Linda Ballard Boss was not a witness, nevertheless she had a long term relationship with Travis Alexander, and she gave an interview with Nancy Grace during the trial.

According to the interview ( see transcript below ) Travis bought her an engagement ring. During the trial, Juan Martinez accused Jodi of stealing this ring, however testimony shows it became stuck on her finger and she later returned it ( see opening appeal brief, page 123 “Martinez used this other act evidence in a misleading fashion and against the court order when he argued that Arias stole the ring, when the testimony showed that the ring became stuck on her hand.”).

Boss continued her relationship with Travis long after they broke up in 2002, they continued to date. This seems to have been a pattern of behaviour, as Travis also had continuing relationships with Deanna Read, Lisa Andrews and of course Jodi Arias after they “broke up”.

It’s also interesting that Travis was bad-mouthing Jodi to his women friends in October 2007, when they had only just met. He told Linda that Jodi was a “pathological liar”.

Also note that according to Kirk Nurmi’s book:

To hear the Hughes talk, Ms. Reid was the love of Mr. Alexander’s life but she was not attractive enough for Mr. Alexander to marry. Based on some of the evidence it also appeared as if Ms. Reid was engaged to Mr. Alexander when she went off to her mission, then when she came back he was engaged to someone else, yet Ms. Reid remained in Mr. Alexander’s life. It appeared that they then dated again and still remained friends.

Nurmi, Kirk. Trapped with Ms. Arias: Part 1 of 3 From Getting the File to Being Ready for Trial (pp. 130-131). Kindle Edition

It seems that Linda was the “someone else” in this passage.

Video: Exclusive: The woman Travis planned to marry ( HLN, Published on 25 Apr 2013 )

Interview transcript ( from )

GRACE: Welcome back, everyone. We`re going to take you straight back into the courtroom.

Joining me right now, a very special guest out of Phoenix is Linda Ballard Ross. (sic) She was heavily involved with Travis Alexander. They were in love. And this is the woman that Travis Alexander planned to marry. Linda, thank you for joining us.

LINDA BALLARD BOSS, ALEXANDER`S FORMER GIRLFRIEND: Thank you. Hey, my last name is actually Boss, like who`s the boss.

GRACE: Oh, thank you so much.

BOSS: B as in boy. Yes.

GRACE: Thank you, Linda. Linda, as you are hearing all this testimony and you`re hearing the way things were unfolding in the courtroom, I know it must be extremely disturbing. My question is, do you recall when you first learned Travis was dead?

BOSS: I do. I learned about it just days after they discovered the body. News had traveled through the grapevine of Travis`s friends, and my sister actually called me while I was at work. I was working in an office in Phoenix. And I just started crying there in my cubicle. And my sister had told me that he was found in his shower and that foul play was suspected. And I thought, Who could possibly want to injure Travis?

GRACE: With me is Linda Ballard Boss, who was heavily involved with Travis, very much in love, the two of them were. And this is the woman that Travis actually planned to marry, bought her an engagement ring, the very same ring that Jodi Arias later stole from his home. All this time, Travis had kept that ring, the ring he planned to give to Linda.

Linda, I have so many questions. My first question is to hear your description of Travis Alexander because we`ve heard such horrible, horrible facts or stories about him that I frankly do not believe. I do not believe he was a pedophile. I don`t believe he beat Jodi Arias. I don`t believe he threatened her and mistreated her. I don`t believe any of that.

BOSS: I agree. I don`t believe any of that, either. I think that Jodi has told a lot of lies. And I — the Travis that I knew was kind and loving and he never abused me. And he, in fact, treated me very kindly. He was always doing nice things for me, like, he gave me flowers.

GRACE: Is this true…

BOSS: Sometimes he would pick flowers for me.

GRACE: … he wrote you a beautiful people? He wrote you a poem? Do you have that with you? Do you mind reading it for us?

BOSS: Yes, he wrote this poem. This was right after we — we started to break up, but we were still dating on and off. So he wrote me a poem called “All the Best,” and here it is.

“Although we are uncertain as to what you and I will be, I wish you all the best, and through time I guess we`ll see. Although we don`t know what tomorrow brings, of our future we are unaware, I wish you all the best even if tomorrow I am not there. May your life be filled with happiness and may all of your dreams come true. May your heart never be left — never feel sorrow and may your countenance never be blue.”

“May all of your goals be accomplished, in all that you do, you succeed. May your heart never be left wanting and your soul never left in need. May the strength of the Lord be with you, and the holy ghost always be near. May his love burn from within you and radiate to all you hold dear. Why? Because you deserve it. All this and much more too. I wish you all the best, and only all the best will do.”

“This is the life that I know you will have. I am certain. I know that you can. This is the life that I pray for me, and so I will finish as I have began. Although we are uncertain as to what you and I will be, I wish you all the best and hope all the best is me.”


GRACE: Welcome back, everyone.

Straight back to the woman joining us tonight, that Travis Alexander planned to marry, Linda Ballard Boss.

Linda, what is your reaction when you learned that all this time after you had broken it off with Travis, he kept that ring all this time. And then it was actually stolen by Jodi Arias. And the jury has a misconception, I`m afraid, because it wasn`t clarified in court that it was your engagement ring, intended for you that she stole. They think, I believe, that she stole a ring belonging to Travis, like a man`s ring. They don`t realize that she stole this ring, knowing full well it was the ring he intended to give you.

LINDA BALLARD BOSS, TRAVIS` EX-GIRLFRIEND, PLANNED TO MARRY: Yes, I – – I remember when he bought that ring. I wasn`t there when he bought it. I knew he was planning on proposing to me. We were talking very seriously about marriage. And we thought about getting married in February of 2002. So I think it was January that he bought the ring for me.

And I actually started to have doubts about whether I wanted to continue the relationship. And I broke off our relationship before he had the chance to propose. But that ring —


GRACE: What was your doubt, may I ask? What was your doubts?

BOSS: Yes. Please ask. I actually was very in love with Travis. And so it was the hardest thing, one of the hardest things I ever had to do was to break up with him. But I was praying a lot about whether or not I should marry him. And I just didn`t feel like it was right. I didn`t feel like he was the right man for me. Even though he was a wonderful man and I loved him. I was also very young at the time. I was 20 years old then and I felt —


GRACE: Did it have something to do with Pre-Paid Legal?

BOSS: Well, I know that that was mentioned on your show. And you know, it is true that I was not as gung-ho about Pre-Paid Legal as he was. I was a little uncomfortable with multi-level marketing because I was uncomfortable with trying to sell it to all of my friends. And so I didn`t know if I could be the most supportive wife that he really wanted me to be.

GRACE: You know what, Linda, let me say, Linda — with me is the woman Travis planned to marry.

You`re saying that you didn`t want to try to sell Pre-Paid to your friends. You know what? I`m so glad my whole legal career I was a public servant. I would rather try a murder case, all right, a child molester, you know, arson, bank robbery rather than go and try to solicit business. I don`t know, that`s just — that`s not what I wanted to do. I didn`t want to be an ambulance chaser, I didn`t want to put out an ad. I went to law school specifically to represent crime victims.

I get it. I mean, what do you call your friend and go hey, if you ordered Pre-Paid Legal, I completely get it. I know that that started it between you guys. The issue. But he never really quit loving you, I don`t think — he held onto that ring all these years. And I know even at the end had a very tender spot for you.

As a matter of fact, you two were in touch up until the very end. Didn`t you speak with him after he had begun — begin dating Jodi Arias?

BOSS: Yes. The last time that I remember seeing Travis was in October of 2006. I invited him to go with me to the Arizona State Fair because I knew that he really liked roller coasters. And so do I. And so we rode a lot of rides together. And I think it was on that occasion that he mentioned Jodi to me. He said he dated a girl. He`d been dating a girl named Jodi.

And he mentioned to me that she is a pathological liar, and he actually told me a little story about something that she lied about, and unlike Jodi, I don`t remember a lot of details about the past, but I do remember that it had something to do with an ex-boyfriend of hers and some lies that she had told to Travis regarding her ex-boyfriend.

GRACE: OK, that is so incredibly eerie that he actually told you that Jodi Arias is a pathological liar. And then the defense is asking this jury to believe everything that she`s saying, to bite hook, line and sinker. And just — you know, I never got the opportunity to meet Travis as you did, but from what I do know about him I think it`s a disgrace the way that he has been maligned.

And the picture you painted — and you were with him for a pretty good while. You guys were together a long time to the point that he bought you an engagement ring. And none of this was ever exhibited. These awful things that she`s saying that is true were ever exhibited to you, were they, Linda?

BOSS: No, not at all. He never showed any anger. He didn`t have a big temper. He really did use humor a lot. He laughed, he was a happy go lucky kind of guy. He liked to make me laugh all the time.


ACLU files Amicus brief urging supreme court to hold Martinez accountable

The Arizona Supreme Court will soon consider the misconduct of one of Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery’s top prosecutors: Juan Martinez. Martinez gained national notoriety when he prosecuted Jodi Arias for murder in 2008, but his aggressive and often unethical conduct was well-known in Arizona well before then. It’s time he’s held accountable.

The ACLU of Arizona and the ACLU Capital Punishment Project yesterday filed an amicus brief urging the Court to do just that, and in doing so highlighted the pervasive culture of misconduct at the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office.

Copy of the Brief: 3._2019.04.03_aclu_brief_final

Bar Complaint Against Jodi Arias Prosecutor Alleges Widespread Sexual Harassment, Affair with Blogger

“A complaint against Juan Martinez, the prosecutor in the high-profile Jodi Arias murder case, has been filed at the State Bar of Arizona. The complaint details an array of allegations related to a pattern of sexual harassment in the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office, including: leaking a juror’s identity to a trial blogger with whom he allegedly had an affair; inappropriate communications with another juror; and false statements at a deposition.”

Complaint was filed by Craig D. Henley, Senior Bar Counsel on 1st March, 2019.

Complete article, including the complaint here.

Note especially this ( from page 9 ):


and this ( from page 10 ):


Was Jodi Arias a stalker?

This is a PDF titled “Guidance for Professionals on Identifying and Responding to Stalking and Stalking Clinic Protocol” :
Within it are details of a tool to triage whether there is a serious case of stalking, known as S-DASH. These are the questions:

1. Is the victim very frightened?
2. Is there previous domestic abuse or stalking/harassment history?
3. Has (insert name if known of the stalker) vandalised or destroyed your property?
4. Have they turned up unannounced more than three times a week?
5. Have they followed or loitered near your home or workplace?
6. Have they made threats of a physical or sexual violence nature?
7. Have they harassed or stalked any third party since the harassment began?
8. Have they acted violently towards anyone else during the stalking incident?
9. Have they engaged other people to help with their activities?
10. Have they had problems in the past year with drugs, alcohol or mental health?
11. Have they ever been in trouble with the police or do they have a criminal

Let’s consider whether there was any evidence that Jodi was a stalker, according to these criteria.

Point 1 : Is the victim very frightened?
The answer has to be a resounding “no”. Jodi had spent the night in Travis’ home, there are graphic sexual photos of Jodi in Travis’ bedroom, and moments before the homicide occurred Jodi was taking photos of Travis naked in the shower. Moreover, Jodi’s journal entry on June 1 states that Travis was “guilting” her to come and visit him on her road trip ( see testimony of Alyce LaViolette  41:00).

Point 2 : Is there previous domestic abuse or stalking/harassment history?
No. There is no evidence that Jodi ever abused or harassed Travis. It is the case that Travis told his friends that Jodi was a stalker, but that was clearly a lie designed to conceal the truth – that Jodi was a secret ex-girlfriend with whom Travis continued to have a sexual relationship. The prosecution did bring up various incidents, but none were proven to be stalking or harassment.

Point 3: Has the stalker vandalised or destroyed your property?
Travis did have his tires slashed, but there is no evidence that it was Jodi that did it. The prosecution claimed (contrary to the judge’s ruling) that Jodi stole a ring belonging to Travis, but in fact it became stuck on her finger and she later returned it ( see the appeal brief ).

Point 4 : Have they turned up unannounced more than three times a week?
No, there is no evidence of that. There is no evidence that Travis ever told Jodi not to come round to his home.

Point 5 : Have they followed or loitered near your home or workplace?
There is no evidence of that. Jodi did see Travis with another woman in his home, but Jodi explained it was accidental when she went round to retrieve a social security card from Travis’ garage that she needed.

Point 6 : Have they made threats of a physical or sexual violence nature?
There is no evidence of that. The closest would be this incident ( from the appeal brief): “During an argument, T.A. threatened to reveal Arias’s secrets, and she responded by threatening to reveal his sexual attraction to children. After a calmer discussion of their disagreement, Arias apologised to T.A. for threatening to reveal his shameful secret.”

Point 7 : Have they harassed or stalked any third party since the harassment began?
No. There is no evidence Jodi ever stalked or harassed anyone.

Point 8 : Have they acted violently towards anyone else during the stalking incident?
No. There is no evidence Jodi was ever violent towards anyone else during her relationship with Travis.

Point 9 : Have they engaged other people to help with their activities?
No. ( Presumably “activities” means stalking or harassing activities ).

Point 10. Have they had problems in the past year with drugs, alcohol or mental health?
No problems with drugs or alcohol. Jodi may have had mental health issues, such as mood swings, this would be due to being emotionally abused by Travis.

Point 11. Have they ever been in trouble with the police or do they have a criminal history?
No, Jodi had never been in trouble with police, and has no criminal history. Although when she was a child, her parents reportedly told police she had grown a plant or two of marijuana.

In summary, there is no evidence that Jodi was stalking Travis, and the known circumstances on June 4 show that Travis was not very frightened of Jodi. This was definitely not a stalking relationship. Instead, this was an ongoing relationship with an ex-girlfriend, but there was no stalking element, it was consensual.

[ Sometimes an incident involving Jodi falling asleep at a Christmas party is cited as evidence of stalking, see here for discussion on that ]

Jodi Arias : pieces that do not fit

Sometimes when you do a large jigsaw puzzle, you make a mistake, and you find you have a piece that doesn’t fit. That tells you that you made a mistake. You have to go back and find out where you went wrong, and undo the mistake, before you can solve the puzzle correctly.

The same thing can happen when you analyse the evidence in a criminal case. You have a prosecution case, and it needs to be checked to see if all the pieces of evidence can be neatly fitted in. If something doesn’t fit, it means there is something wrong, the prosecution case is not the truth.

The prosecution case, in brief, according to Juan Martinez, is that

1. Jodi Arias murdered Travis Alexander on June 4, 2008 so that “no other women could have him”, in other words jealousy.

2. On May 28, 2008 she staged a burglary at her grandparent’s home in Yreka where she was living, and took a 0.25 gun that her grandfather owned.

3. She used three gas cans, in order to avoid buying gas when she drove to Mesa, to keep her trip secret. She lied about returning the 3rd gas can to the store where she purchased it.

4. She turned off her mobile phone to avoid being detected in Arizona.

5. She changed her hair color to brown instead of blond, to avoid being recognised.

6. After arriving at his home, when he was in the shower, she attacked him with a knife, eventually inflicting nearly 30 wounds. She then shot him after he was dead.

7. A defense witness, Dr Richard Samuels, could not in fact tell if Jodi was lying to him, as he claimed.

The evidence to support this theory seemed quite solid. The burglary on May 28 certainly happened, there is a police report, and Jodi was the last person in the house before it happened, so she had the opportunity to stage the burglary. Darryl Brewer testified that he lent Jodi two gas cans, and a receipt was recovered from her home showing she bought a third gas can. A Walmart employee testified that she could not find any record that Jodi returned the 3rd gas can. The person who rented her a car testified her hair was lighter than in her booking photo, describing it as “blond”. Dr Horn, the Medical Examiner testified that Travis was stabbed nearly 30 times, that a bullet passed through the brain, but there was no hemorrhaging, and this was an indication that he may have been dead when he was shot. In addition, although Jodi eventually admitted killing Travis, she did not call 911 and denied killing Travis when questioned by police. Jodi told Dr Samuels that there were pictures of women’s breasts on Travis’ laptop computer, but a police expert witness testified there was no pornography on the laptop.

Based on this evidence, it would be tempting to conclude that Jodi was guilty of premeditated murder. But let’s consider first if there is anything wrong with the prosecution case. Note: the points below are numbered to correspond to the points of the prosecution case above.

1. Jodi had left Travis in early April, and moved back to her grandparents house in Yreka, more than 1,000 miles away. She had also gone on LDS dating sites, and had started a relationship with Ryan Burns, who testified he was talking to Jodi 4 or 5 times a week and exchanging text messages through the day sometimes. Moreover although Travis was pursuing a relationship with other women, it appears that he had been rebuffed, and did not have a girlfriend on June 4, 2008. Given this, it’s hard to see how Jodi could have been so jealous that she planned to secretly murder him.

2. Although Jodi had the opportunity to stage the burglary, there is no proof that she actually did stage it. Moreover, the stolen bullets were hollow point, but the bullet recovered from Travis’ cheek was not. In addition, Jodi wrote in her journal on June 1 that “He also began to sweet talk/guilt me that I was making this road trip to Utah to visit friends, etc. when I could come instead out to AZ to see him……I stood firm”. This is not consistent with the prosecution theory that she was planning to go to Mesa and murder him.

3. Jodi bought the 3rd gas can with cash, and kept the receipt. Why would she do that if it was part of a secret murder plan? In addition, during the penalty retrial, the Walmart witness testified that she did not know if the records she checked were complete after the store relocated in 2010.

4. While Jodi admitted turning her phone off to conserve the battery, she turned it on again before leaving Arizona.

5. Jodi actually changed her hair to brown many weeks earlier, on March 20. She had blonde highlights, which might account for her hair appearing lighter than in her booking photo.

6. The autopsy report stated that the Dura Mater was intact, which means the bullet could not have passed through the brain (this would of course also account for the lack of hemorrhaging). The Medical Examiner said this “must” be a typo, but that seems unreasonable, if the Dura Mater were damaged, there would be a description of the damage. Instead, the bullet must have deflected off the second layer of bone that forms the sinus cavity. In addition, does it make any sense for Jodi to steal a gun, then attack Travis with a knife, and only shoot him after he was dead? Bear in mind that Travis was larger and more powerful than Jodi. In addition, the trail of blood that Travis left does not start at the shower, it starts near the toilet entrance, suggesting the shower is not where Travis was first injured.

7. During the penalty retrial, it emerged that there was pornography on Travis’ laptop – it was hard to find as he had installed programs to delete it, but eventually videos were found in the disk free space.

So it turns out that every part of the prosecution case is contradicted by evidence or argument. There are many pieces of evidence that do not fit. The prosecution case cannot be the correct solution to the puzzle.

Journal entries just before trip

Some notes about the testimony of Alyce LaViolette about entries in Jodi’s journal just before her road trip.

37:00 May 27 journal entry. JA talks about meeting Ryan Burns, trip to Utah.
Evidence she is leaving TA, she says “great news”. Talks about making plans to go to Utah.
38:00 May 30 journal entry. JA making a full plan to go to Utah the following week.
Hoping to see some national parks along the way.
39:00 Jun 1, speaking about itinerary. Visiting Darryl and Matt. She is still friendly with both.
39:50 Talks about bringing up Utah trip with TA. TA is not thrilled about Utah trip.
40:30 She doesn’t want to tell TA about Utah. She talked to a friend, saying not to tell TA.
She doesn’t want to hurt TA.
41:00 Still Jun 1 entry. TA is guilting her to come and see him. JA says she stood her ground. If it wasn’t for looking forward to seeing Ryan, she may not have been able to stand her ground. She is able to say no to TA.
42:30 TA sounded bothered. JA reminded TA that he is going to be coming to CA to visit her.

These journal entries, taken at face value, confirm Travis was “guilting” Jodi to come and see him, and she was resistant, standing her ground, moving on to see Ryan Burns, as she testified.

But what if they were fake, perhaps after Jodi got back from her trip even? The problem with that is Jodi was telling everyone at the time, including police, that she never went to Mesa. So why in that case would she write journal entries suggesting Travis was “guilting” her to go to Mesa? This fits perfectly with her testimony, but goes totally against her claim at that time that she never went to Mesa. As soon as her journal was read by police, or perhaps her mother, the truth would be obvious.

So the truth has to be that there was no “secret murder mission”, and the reason she went to Mesa is Travis succeeded in “guilting” her to go visit him.

The actual journal entry: “He also began to sweet talk/guilt me that I was making this road trip to Utah to visit friends, etc. when I could come instead out to AZ to see him……I stood firm” June 1, 2008.