Bullet Track

The core of the State’s case is that the bullet passed through Travis Alexander’s brain, and this would have immediately incapacitated him if it was first, contradicting Jodi’s testimony that the gunshot was first. This diagram shows the bullet track:



Dr Horn testified he was able to cut through the brain and pull it apart, but he could not see any damage or any bullet track. From Dr Horn‘s final testimonyDay 54, May 2, 2013, Part 6:

Wilmott: Okay. And so, it wasn’t so pudding-like that you couldn’t see the difference as you’re putting the knife in, see the slices, right?

Horn: They aren’t slices as the best use of that term. I’m able to cut through what is there, pull it apart, and look through it to see if I am missing bullet fragments or hemorrhage, scarring or other things. So what I am saying, is based on the limitations of the exam that I have, I didn’t see any of those things.

Wilmott: So perfect. What you just said, I think helps explain what we’re trying to talk about here. You are able to put a knife through it and pull it apart, right?

Horn: Yes.

Wilmott: And when you can pull it apart, you are able to then take a look at what you are pulling apart, right?

Horn: Yes.

Wilmott: And you do that for several sections, right?

Horn: Yes.

Wilmott: Okay. And so in these several sections, you weren’t able to see any foreign bodies, right?

Horn: That’s right.

Wilmott: There was no evidence of that.

Horn: Right.

Wilmott: So when you talk about this bullet tumbling and deforming, it certainly wasn’t exploding, right?

Horn: Not exploding, no.

Wilmott: And not breaking apart.

Horn: Not fragmented.

Wilmott: And there were no fragments in the rest of the brain, right?

Horn: Not that I found.

Wilmott: So just this one track, or this, well… you couldn’t see a track, right?

Horn: I could not see a track through the brain, that’s correct.

Wilmott: Even though you were able to slice it and pull the slices apart, you were not able to see a track, is that what you are telling us?

Horn: That’s right. Yes.

Wilmott: And you were able to see enough that you couldn’t see any apparent trauma, right?

Horn: I couldn’t see any hemorrhage or a wound track in the brain, yes that’s true.

In fact the bullet must have deflected and not penetrated the brain at all, there are numerous confimations see Other prosecution claims for details, or here for a more detailed article.