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Boyfriend Slaying

This is a reflective post on how when Jodi tried to defend herself or to improve the situation, no matter what she did, things got worse.

Jodi is attacked by Travis.

She runs away, but runs into a room with a gun, that makes the situation worse.

She grabs the gun, that makes things worse ( an escalation ).

She points the gun, making things even worse.

Now Travis is shot, this makes the situation much worse, and she decides to stay instead of calling for help. This makes things worse.

She further escalates the situation by picking up a knife (“to be safe”). This makes things worse.

Now Travis grabs her, and she starts to stab him. This makes the situation even worse.

Now they fight, and she slashes his throat. He’s dead, situation is even worse.

Now she decides not to call 911, making things worse again.

She leaves the camera behind, and takes the rope and gun, and throws them away where they cannot be found ( making things even worse ).

Now she lies to police, making things worse again.

Now she goes on TV and lies, even worse….

It’s a nightmare! At every step, she is trying to improve the situation, to defend herself, but it only gets worse!

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