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Linda Ballard Boss

Linda Ballard Boss was not a witness, nevertheless she had a long term relationship with Travis Alexander, and she gave an interview with Nancy Grace during the trial.

According to the interview ( see transcript below ) Travis bought her an engagement ring. During the trial, Juan Martinez accused Jodi of stealing this ring, however testimony shows it became stuck on her finger and she later returned it ( see opening appeal brief, page 123 “Martinez used this other act evidence in a misleading fashion and against the court order when he argued that Arias stole the ring, when the testimony showed that the ring became stuck on her hand.”).

Boss continued her relationship with Travis long after they broke up in 2002, they continued to date. This seems to have been a pattern of behaviour, as Travis also had continuing relationships with Deanna Read, Lisa Andrews and of course Jodi Arias after they “broke up”.

It’s also interesting that Travis was bad-mouthing Jodi to his women friends in October 2007, when they had only just met. He told Linda that Jodi was a “pathological liar”.

Also note that according to Kirk Nurmi’s book:

To hear the Hughes talk, Ms. Reid was the love of Mr. Alexander’s life but she was not attractive enough for Mr. Alexander to marry. Based on some of the evidence it also appeared as if Ms. Reid was engaged to Mr. Alexander when she went off to her mission, then when she came back he was engaged to someone else, yet Ms. Reid remained in Mr. Alexander’s life. It appeared that they then dated again and still remained friends.

Nurmi, Kirk. Trapped with Ms. Arias: Part 1 of 3 From Getting the File to Being Ready for Trial (pp. 130-131). Kindle Edition

It seems that Linda was the “someone else” in this passage.

Video: Exclusive: The woman Travis planned to marry ( HLN, Published on 25 Apr 2013 )

Interview transcript ( from )

GRACE: Welcome back, everyone. We`re going to take you straight back into the courtroom.

Joining me right now, a very special guest out of Phoenix is Linda Ballard Ross. (sic) She was heavily involved with Travis Alexander. They were in love. And this is the woman that Travis Alexander planned to marry. Linda, thank you for joining us.

LINDA BALLARD BOSS, ALEXANDER`S FORMER GIRLFRIEND: Thank you. Hey, my last name is actually Boss, like who`s the boss.

GRACE: Oh, thank you so much.

BOSS: B as in boy. Yes.

GRACE: Thank you, Linda. Linda, as you are hearing all this testimony and you`re hearing the way things were unfolding in the courtroom, I know it must be extremely disturbing. My question is, do you recall when you first learned Travis was dead?

BOSS: I do. I learned about it just days after they discovered the body. News had traveled through the grapevine of Travis`s friends, and my sister actually called me while I was at work. I was working in an office in Phoenix. And I just started crying there in my cubicle. And my sister had told me that he was found in his shower and that foul play was suspected. And I thought, Who could possibly want to injure Travis?

GRACE: With me is Linda Ballard Boss, who was heavily involved with Travis, very much in love, the two of them were. And this is the woman that Travis actually planned to marry, bought her an engagement ring, the very same ring that Jodi Arias later stole from his home. All this time, Travis had kept that ring, the ring he planned to give to Linda.

Linda, I have so many questions. My first question is to hear your description of Travis Alexander because we`ve heard such horrible, horrible facts or stories about him that I frankly do not believe. I do not believe he was a pedophile. I don`t believe he beat Jodi Arias. I don`t believe he threatened her and mistreated her. I don`t believe any of that.

BOSS: I agree. I don`t believe any of that, either. I think that Jodi has told a lot of lies. And I — the Travis that I knew was kind and loving and he never abused me. And he, in fact, treated me very kindly. He was always doing nice things for me, like, he gave me flowers.

GRACE: Is this true…

BOSS: Sometimes he would pick flowers for me.

GRACE: … he wrote you a beautiful people? He wrote you a poem? Do you have that with you? Do you mind reading it for us?

BOSS: Yes, he wrote this poem. This was right after we — we started to break up, but we were still dating on and off. So he wrote me a poem called “All the Best,” and here it is.

“Although we are uncertain as to what you and I will be, I wish you all the best, and through time I guess we`ll see. Although we don`t know what tomorrow brings, of our future we are unaware, I wish you all the best even if tomorrow I am not there. May your life be filled with happiness and may all of your dreams come true. May your heart never be left — never feel sorrow and may your countenance never be blue.”

“May all of your goals be accomplished, in all that you do, you succeed. May your heart never be left wanting and your soul never left in need. May the strength of the Lord be with you, and the holy ghost always be near. May his love burn from within you and radiate to all you hold dear. Why? Because you deserve it. All this and much more too. I wish you all the best, and only all the best will do.”

“This is the life that I know you will have. I am certain. I know that you can. This is the life that I pray for me, and so I will finish as I have began. Although we are uncertain as to what you and I will be, I wish you all the best and hope all the best is me.”


GRACE: Welcome back, everyone.

Straight back to the woman joining us tonight, that Travis Alexander planned to marry, Linda Ballard Boss.

Linda, what is your reaction when you learned that all this time after you had broken it off with Travis, he kept that ring all this time. And then it was actually stolen by Jodi Arias. And the jury has a misconception, I`m afraid, because it wasn`t clarified in court that it was your engagement ring, intended for you that she stole. They think, I believe, that she stole a ring belonging to Travis, like a man`s ring. They don`t realize that she stole this ring, knowing full well it was the ring he intended to give you.

LINDA BALLARD BOSS, TRAVIS` EX-GIRLFRIEND, PLANNED TO MARRY: Yes, I – – I remember when he bought that ring. I wasn`t there when he bought it. I knew he was planning on proposing to me. We were talking very seriously about marriage. And we thought about getting married in February of 2002. So I think it was January that he bought the ring for me.

And I actually started to have doubts about whether I wanted to continue the relationship. And I broke off our relationship before he had the chance to propose. But that ring —


GRACE: What was your doubt, may I ask? What was your doubts?

BOSS: Yes. Please ask. I actually was very in love with Travis. And so it was the hardest thing, one of the hardest things I ever had to do was to break up with him. But I was praying a lot about whether or not I should marry him. And I just didn`t feel like it was right. I didn`t feel like he was the right man for me. Even though he was a wonderful man and I loved him. I was also very young at the time. I was 20 years old then and I felt —


GRACE: Did it have something to do with Pre-Paid Legal?

BOSS: Well, I know that that was mentioned on your show. And you know, it is true that I was not as gung-ho about Pre-Paid Legal as he was. I was a little uncomfortable with multi-level marketing because I was uncomfortable with trying to sell it to all of my friends. And so I didn`t know if I could be the most supportive wife that he really wanted me to be.

GRACE: You know what, Linda, let me say, Linda — with me is the woman Travis planned to marry.

You`re saying that you didn`t want to try to sell Pre-Paid to your friends. You know what? I`m so glad my whole legal career I was a public servant. I would rather try a murder case, all right, a child molester, you know, arson, bank robbery rather than go and try to solicit business. I don`t know, that`s just — that`s not what I wanted to do. I didn`t want to be an ambulance chaser, I didn`t want to put out an ad. I went to law school specifically to represent crime victims.

I get it. I mean, what do you call your friend and go hey, if you ordered Pre-Paid Legal, I completely get it. I know that that started it between you guys. The issue. But he never really quit loving you, I don`t think — he held onto that ring all these years. And I know even at the end had a very tender spot for you.

As a matter of fact, you two were in touch up until the very end. Didn`t you speak with him after he had begun — begin dating Jodi Arias?

BOSS: Yes. The last time that I remember seeing Travis was in October of 2006. I invited him to go with me to the Arizona State Fair because I knew that he really liked roller coasters. And so do I. And so we rode a lot of rides together. And I think it was on that occasion that he mentioned Jodi to me. He said he dated a girl. He`d been dating a girl named Jodi.

And he mentioned to me that she is a pathological liar, and he actually told me a little story about something that she lied about, and unlike Jodi, I don`t remember a lot of details about the past, but I do remember that it had something to do with an ex-boyfriend of hers and some lies that she had told to Travis regarding her ex-boyfriend.

GRACE: OK, that is so incredibly eerie that he actually told you that Jodi Arias is a pathological liar. And then the defense is asking this jury to believe everything that she`s saying, to bite hook, line and sinker. And just — you know, I never got the opportunity to meet Travis as you did, but from what I do know about him I think it`s a disgrace the way that he has been maligned.

And the picture you painted — and you were with him for a pretty good while. You guys were together a long time to the point that he bought you an engagement ring. And none of this was ever exhibited. These awful things that she`s saying that is true were ever exhibited to you, were they, Linda?

BOSS: No, not at all. He never showed any anger. He didn`t have a big temper. He really did use humor a lot. He laughed, he was a happy go lucky kind of guy. He liked to make me laugh all the time.

ACLU files Amicus brief urging supreme court to hold Martinez accountable

The Arizona Supreme Court will soon consider the misconduct of one of Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery’s top prosecutors: Juan Martinez. Martinez gained national notoriety when he prosecuted Jodi Arias for murder in 2008, but his aggressive and often unethical conduct was well-known in Arizona well before then. It’s time he’s held accountable.

The ACLU of Arizona and the ACLU Capital Punishment Project yesterday filed an amicus brief urging the Court to do just that, and in doing so highlighted the pervasive culture of misconduct at the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office.

Copy of the Brief: 3._2019.04.03_aclu_brief_final

The prosecution case

According to Juan Martinez

Dr Phil:

There were things that you knew, that you kinda kept closer to the vest.

For example, Jodi had borrowed two gas cans a month before the trip, to Mesa, Arizona.

So was she planning this that far in advance?

Juan Martinez:

She was, and with that information, I started to look at some of the receipts that were taken during an execution of a search warrant at her house, and I saw that there was a receipt for a 5 gallon gas can. So now I knew that I had three five gallon gas cans, fifteen gallons.

And I also knew that in an interview of the police with her mother with the police her mother said “well Jodi told me that she wasn’t anywhere in Mesa, and she had the receipts to prove it”.

So it’s clear she was planning to keep certain receipts, but she was also planning not to stop in Arizona for gas, because the fifteen gallons allowed her to go through the state of Arizona without stopping for gas, and there are no receipts to prove that she actually did it.

Even in opening statement, the defense attorney indicated that this was a trip that she hadn’t planned, this was a trip that resulted after she spoke to Mr Alexander, so it was a spur of the moment kind of thing. But the gas cans spoke otherwise.

Dr Phil:

So what is the untold story? Is it that this was not even an impulse thing that she did?

Is it this long premeditation, what is the untold story?

Juan Martinez:

That is the untold story, a lot of things that she did in advance. She rented a car to drive out to Mesa, she didn’t rent it in her home town which is very small. She rented it 90 miles away. When she rented the car she was initially given a red one. ‘I don’t want one of those, because that one stands out”. So she was given a white one. And when she showed up she was blonde-haired. That’s the person who helped her remembers that specifically. But when she killed him, and in the photographs that we see in the camera, she’s dark-haired. So in-between then she changed her hair color.
Another thing that she did is that when she parked the car outside of the house, she took both license plates off so that nobody would be able to identify the car. So she went to great lengths to make sure that no-one could tell she was there. And by-and-large she was successful except for that one mistake, she probably would have gotten away with it.

Wrongful Convictions around the World

Trapped with Ms. Arias

Trial by Media

This blog is some observations about Kirk Nurmi’s performance as a lawyer for Jodi Arias, in light of some of the information he discloses about the pre-trial preparations in the first of three books about the case.

Although being a self-published book, presumably written without the aid of a professional editor, the first thing to say is I found the book to be very readable and engaging. Kirk explains his view of the law, the case and his feelings about Jodi Arias with great clarity. For anyone interested in the case, I would say this book is a “must-buy”.

I would also say this is a very honest book. It pulls no punches in making it very clear that Nurmi, before the trial began, did not like Jodi Arias and did not wish to represent her at trial.

There is a lot of fascinating information in the book, much of…

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