Darryl Brewer

Notes on testimony:

Testimony starts at 7:32

Lives in Carmel California.
Divorced. Age 52. One son. 14 years old.
Identifies Jodi, “we were in love”.

Met Jodi Fall 2001.
Employed as food and beverage manager at Ventana, Big Sur.
Jodi applied for job as a server.
How did she present herself at interview? Outstanding.
She was on time, interviewed well. Dressed appropriately.
Did you hire Jodi? Yes.
Darryl had worked there “just about a year” at the time.

Describes Ventana : 63 room boutique hotel.
Restaurant, room service, banquests, cafe.
Jodi was a server.
One main restaurant, breakfast service.
Jodi was at main restaurant. High end, four star.

Brewer was Jodi’s direct supervisor.
There were other managers.
Was Jodi’s supervisor for about a year.
90-day probation period. Then annual evaluation.
Jodi was excelling at 90 days.

Any problems with Jodi? No.
Not dating during this period.

Changes in management, Darryl stepped down from management.
No longer Jodi’s boss.
Darryl was working as a server at banquets, weddings.
Was now a co-worker.

Romantic relationship then developed.
Began to spend more time together.
Fell in love. Living in staff housing at the resort, so was Jodi.

Who was Jodi then?
Jodi was a very responsible, caring, loving person.
She knew about his son.
They dated for 4 years.

Lived in employee housing until 2003, moved to Monterey, 32 miles

Moved to Monterey to be out of staff housing.
Jodi did not move with him.
Relationship continued.
Saw each other 2-3 times a week.
Exclusive relationship, before he moved to town, continued.

Decision was made to live together, purchased a house together in
2005, in Palm Desert. Both on the mortgage. Stable relationship.


Palm Desert, mother of his son had plans to re-marry, and move to that
area, so to be close to his son. Shared custody of son. Son would live
there part of the time.

After separation, was wary of having anyone around his son, shared
custody, didn’t date before Jodi.

Jodi met son gradually. Jodi’s relationshiop with son was outstanding,
close. Spent time together on their own. They all went out together.

A friendly role to Jack ( his son ).

Purchase of Palm Desert home was June 2005.
Not married to Jodi, marriage not planned. Unsure.
Had been together a few years.
Was marriage discussed? Occassionally. Coming out of divorce, not
ready to be married again.

Happy with relationship when bought house. Plan about house was
uncertain. Hoped to stay in house for at leaast 2 years, maybe re-sell.

Not a business venture, but looked at home as an investment, hoped to
gain. Mortgage payment monthly $1,700-$1,800. Split down the middle,
shared expenses.

DIfficult to pay? No.

Looking for work in Palm Desert.
Jodi worked in Pizza Restaurant, and Jodi had second job at “Quisto”.


Darryl got a job after 2.5 months. Happy relationship.

Lived in home till Deember 2006. 3 bedrooms.

Seperate bedrooms, slept together quite often.

Not for appearances, amount of things they had.

Summer 2006. Still living with Jodi. 3.5 years together, still in love.

Did you ever see Jodi be jealous with other women? No.

Did Jodi ever act jealous at Ventana? No.
Was Jodi ever violent or had a temper? No.

Early 2006, March/April. Pre-paid legal.
Doesn’t recall how Jodi learned abotu it, but shared it with Darryl.
Remembers Jodi went to Las Vegas convention.
Was Jodi still working two jobs : yes, until fall 2006.
Fall 2006, mother of Darryl’s son decided to move back to Monterey,
took son, started school. 9 to 10 hour drive away. Darryl wanted to follow
Jack. Trying to find work back in Monterey to follow Jack.

How was relationship? Deteriorating over Summer 2006.
By the fall, clear they would not be living together.
Jodi had changed, became a different way.

As Jodi got more involved with Pre-Paid Legal, Jodi was less
responsible with household bills. She continued to work two jobs until
Summer 2006.

In fall 2006, Jodi continued to pay mortgage, but was getting into debt,
was unable to pay after fall 2006. Was a change.

Jodi thought she would be prosperous in Pre-paid legal. Not as logical,
magical thinking. Spirituality?

Jodi was spiritual. Belief in god. Non-denominational.
Fall of 2006, Jodi became actively religious with Mormon church.

Mormon visitors to home, prayer sessions.

Behaviour change, no longer intimate, Jodi saving herself for husband.
Fall 2006, intimate relationshio ended.


Visitors to home : before convention.
Fall 2006, Darryl was not aware of relationship with Travis Alexander.
Relationship ended: in December 2006, Darryl found employment in
Monterrey, they parted.

No formal break-up conversation. Things were left open.

Jodi was not clinging on.

House eventually foreclosed. Feb 2007, could not support payments.

Relationship was only an occasional phone call. Learned Jodi moved to
Mesa. Remained friends.

Continued to be friends. Continued friends into 2007 and 2008.
Sporadic contact. Had each other’s numbers. In May 2008, Darryl had
telephone call. Remembers Jodi called and asked for gas cans : yes.

JM: Well, isn’t it true that during that telephone call she was asking you for a favour, do you remember that?
DB: No
JM: Do you remember that during that favour, she was asking you for gas cans, in May of 2008, at the very end, so that she could make a trip to Mesa, Arizona? You remember that?
DB: Yes
JM: And she made more than one call asking you for these gas cans to make a trip to Arizona, didn’t she?
DB: Yes.


She made more than one call asking for gas cans? Yes.

In June 2008 Jodi called again.

Asked her why? Not testy, she needed them for a long trip.

Jodi visited Darryl.

46:00 Objection, sidebar ( Juan trying to claim Jodi was “testy” )

47:15 Juan shows Darryl pre-trial interview, asks him if it confirms his recollection about Jodi being “testy” or Jodi said she was going to Mesa. Darryl says “No” to both.
Darryl did have a conversation.
She said she wanted the gas cans for a trip.
She came by on June 2008.
Had breakfast. Son was there 7am.
Allowed Jodi to use computer to check email.
Luggage? No.
When she left, she called between 9 and 10 ( but Darryl doesn’t remember ).
50:30 Sidebar, re call.
Asks Darryl for his telephone number. He writes it down.
Jodi returned. Doesn’t remember.
Gave remote control back to Darryl: I do recall that, yes.
Wanted to visit sister, Laura Mahoney.
Living in Pacific Grove, Monterey.
6-8 hours drive to LA.
Gave Jodi two gas cans before Jodi left.
Cans were red.
Did not ask at the time what Jodi was using them for.
Exhibits shown to Darryl.

Says invoice, June 3, 2008.
8:42pm. Pasadena. Ample time.
Pump #2, gallons, 8.301
Military time?
8:46pm. Four minutes later.
9.594 gallons.
37 East Foothills Boulevard
8:53pm. Seven minutes later.
2.77 gallons.

Exhibit 237.0??
Winnemucca, June 6, 2008
Pump #11, 12.175 gallons.
Assume capacity of 12 gallons.
30 miles per gallon, 360 miles.

Los Angeles to Mesa? Has never been in Phoenix before.
Later Jodi returned to CA and called Darryl.

1:02:51 Photo of Travis bleeding.
June 4, 2008.

Jodi did not return the gas cans.
Doesn’t recall asking Jodi about the gas cans.

Met at Ventana, fall 2001.
Started dating 2003.
First time they had sex. Was very aggressive?
They both were.
They were both enthusiastic, comfortable.
Possibly once anal sex. Not sure about twice.

Home price was $360,000. Payment was actually $2,800 a month.
$1,400 each.

May 2006, Jodi had breast implants ($300).

[ Juan says the implants were $300, Darryl says he has no idea what the expense was. Darryl is asked if he remembers telling that to an investigator, he says no. He doesn’t remember his ex-wife getting implants. ]

Jodi said “no more cursing” in Summer 2006.
“No more sex”, Fall 2006.
Jodi saving herself for marriage.
Mormons talking to Jodi.
Darryl was there during “bible study”.
How often? Darryl cannot recall.
Jodi stopped paying her half of bills, Summer 2006.
Jodi had interest in photographs.
Jodi took a couple of photos of Darryl sleeping.
One picture of Darryl nude in the shower.
Pictures of Darryl shaving.
Darryl didn’t ask Jodi to delete the nude.

Telephone call, after Travis died.
Jodi was sad, upset. Very upset.
Her friend had been killed. Nothing about an alibi.
Jodi said she ran out of gas, somewhere in the desert.
Sometime after Jodi was arrested,  Darryl had conversation with Jodi.
Talked about interview re Jonathon Leach: no.
Had dinner with Leach.
Jodi wanted publicity to get money? No.


Did sex life involve wearing boys underwear?
Pigtails, bending over desks, Ejaculating on face.
Calling whore, slut, three-holed wonder. No.

June 3, 2008.

Spent time with Darryl and son.
Everything seemed fine and normal.
Darryl’s sister had a new baby.
Understood Jodi was going to see sister.

Gas cans.
Jodi told me she was going on long trip.
Jodi said Arizona, not Mesa.

Darryl didn’t approve the notes.

No jury questions.