Day 14

Day 2 of Jodi’s testimony, Tuesday Feb 5, 2013

Around 18 minutes in to part 1 Jodi testifies about her break-up with Matt. She went to Crater Lake to find out if it was true Matt had started a relationship with Bianca wihout telling her. She was not angry with Bianca, who didn’t know Matt had a relationship with Jodi. She then went to see Matt to break up, meeting was emotional but not heated, September 2009. Jodi then moved to the resort where she met Darryl Brewer.

Matt was also looking for work, also applied for a job there, Jodi maintained a relationship with Matt. Matt was ashamed of his behaviour. Eventually they talked again. Matt lived with Jodi in a tent, they had sex once after the break-up. They were then just friends.

26 minutes in, Jodi describes her work at the resort.