Day 16

Day 4 of Jodi’s testimony, Monday Feb 11, 2013

Jodi describes how her finger was damaged after Travis kicked it. She says she believes it was broken.

HLN Report

It was a shocking day in court Monday as Jodi Arias described how her ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander physically assaulted her and how she still bears an injury from one of those violent incidents.

She also testified that she caught Alexander masturbating to a photograph of a young boy in January 2008. Arias said she didn’t cut Alexander out of her life after the disturbing incident because she loved him and believed he wanted to change.

Some notes on part 2 :

–Jury not present. Judge telling Jodi that she is to answer the question she is being asked. There was a number of times last week where her answers were non responsive.
–Jury is brought in.
–Nurmi asking Jodi about staying in Big Sur or moving on. She had said there were compelling reasons to move on. Jodi asks if Nurmi meant
–Jodi planned to move to Mesa but changed her mind when she found out Travis was cheating on her. Planned on staying in Big Sur to fulfill her committments there and then move to Mesa. Committments would take two months to fulfill.
–jodi had two choices of where to move. Decided to move to Mesa because Travis said that there were a lot of single women looking for roommates. She could sock away more money if she moved there.
–Travis told her they could hang out more and figure things out.
–Hanging out involved sexual activity.
–Jodi moved to Mesa and moved about 15-20 minutes away from Travis. Depending on traffic.
–Was not in the same ward as Travis. Became an issue because they weren’t in the same ward. As soon as Jodi moved in with Rachel, Rachel approached her, objection…hearsay, question is rephrased. Jodi moved in with Rachel and her boyfriend. Lived with them for 2.5 weeks. The couple eloped so it was time for Jodi to find a new place to live.
–It became imperative that Jodi move out as soon as possible as the couple were going to have a civil wedding ceremony. Jodi looked for new places to stay. Checked Called a few within her price range. Brenda called her back, lived in Gilbert, but hadn’t moved in yet. House was brand new. Brenda showed Jodi the house. Took too long for Brenda to get her keys. Went to again. Found a new place to rent.
–Found another place to rent, didn’t want to rent in the same ward as Travis because he had ignored her in church when he was her boyfriend.
–Says that her and Travis talked about living in the same ward. To her understanding she says they discussed going to different wards.
–This new house was a lot closer, it was a 10 minute or less drive depending on the route.
–Moves into new place in the middle of August 2007.
–Jodi had ended her relationship with Travis but he was telling her all these loving things but was not his girlfriend in August 2007.
–Moved to Mesa and says the sexual relationship was ongoing but they weren’t aciting like a couple in public. They were more clandestine.
–Sexual encounters were happening at Travis’ house.
–Cycle began to develop where they would fight and make up and then it would turn sexual.
–One time of penile/vaginal intercouse, also other sex.
–Upon moving to Mesa, found a job, not right away, got a job at PF Changs. Other source of income…Travis offered to pay her to clean his house. Was going to pay her $200 extra a month to come over 2x a week, worked out to be $12.50 an hour. Was also having a sexual relationship at that time.
Exhibit #395, email Travis sent Jodi regarding a joke about her uniform for cleaning his house. Wanted her to wear a french maid outfit. Email was sent sometime in early August. Martinez objects to the written comment on the exhibit. Judge asks counsel to approach.

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