Day 19 Part 2

Kirk says he got his notes jumbled before lunch.

Texts on 11th. Exh. 449.

Asks Jodi to review them to herself.


Nurmi: Do you see the day and time?

Jodi: May 11, 2am in the morning until 3am.

About two days after text messages before lunch.

Before or after recorded phone call?
Would be day after.
Recorded call was May 10, early hours.
This is about 24 hours later.
Nurmi: Do you regonise them as message from TA?
Jodi: yes.

Nurmi: Moves to exhibit Exh. 449.
Juan objects.
Nurmi: Do you recognise all the messages?
Juan: Objection, hearsay. Sidebar.
JSS looking at texts.
KN: Did he say nice things? Did they make you feel good about yourself?
Jodi: Yes.
Kirk moves again.
Juan: No longer objects.
Kirk asks Jodi to read text 6631:
Jodi: “Honey you look beautiful in all your pics”.
Next one:
Jodi: “Plus I just got your other pics and you are smoking hot in them”
Jodi’s text response: “Yeah :)”
KN: Were you happy you had TA’s approval?
Juan: objection, leading.
JSS: You may answer.
Jodi: Yes
KN: The feeling made you feel good?
Jodi: It was preferable to the alternative.
KN: The alternative being what?
Jodi: How I felt when he was not being nice.
KN: And that goes to the shaking and the fear?
Jodi: Yes ( Juan objects, leading )
KN: What’s the alternative?
Jodi: Just the horrible feeling when he’s coming down on me and feeling like I have to cower.
KN: You still felt you had to cower 1000 miles away?
Jodi: I did.
KN shows Jodi exhibit 450. Take a look at all those messages.
Jodi: Yes, I remember these very well.
KN: Why?
Jodi: Because I remember that whole night pretty well.
KN: What day was this?
Jodi: It started night of May 25, moved into May 26.
KN: Have you looked at all of the exhibit, maam?
Jodi: Yes.
KN: Is that the intereaction between you and TA that day?
Jodi: Yes, during this part of the day.
KN: Ok.
KN: And you said your remembered that day well. Without going into what’s in the text messages for the moment, what was going on May 25/26 between you and Mr. Alexander?
Jodi: I called him. This is the time period when I sent him another pamphlet with those phone numbers on it, for some kind of counselling or mental health services. And he got upset, it started this night, basically.
KN: Ok. And despite, did it take place, we heard earlier about the IM interaction when he called you slut, three-holed-wonder.
KN: Were there phone conversations that day as well?
Jodi: Yes.
KN: And these messages
Jodi: These were the start of the fight.
KN moves to admit Exh. 450.
Juan: same objection as before, lack of foundation, impact on the defenant.
JSS: Sustained.
KN: Did you feel good when he was saying those things to you in these text messages?
Jodi: No.
KN: Is that the “wrath” that yoiu feared?
Jodi: Yes, that would be the beginning of it.
KN: Did it make you shake?
Jodi: At first it did, well I was asleep, actually when some of it started.
KN: When you read them, did it make you shake?
Jodi: Yes. It came through, and each time the phone would beep, it made my anxiety build because I knew it was going to be, or I assumed it was going to be something not nice.
KN: Moves to admit 450. JSS: Admitted.
KN: I wanna speak with you about some of the things that were included in his “wrath”.
KN: Asks Jodi to read text message 14829.
Jodi: “I sent you a response to your dire conversation that I hope you read because you need to read it. Maybe it will spark human emotion in you something that only seems to exist when it comes to your own problems but everyone else is just part of your sick agenda. By the way your pic comment to Danny Jones makes you look like a pure whore, even more to the people who know you. You should be embarassed by it. But if he knew what I know about you he’s spit in your face. Sow ould everyone else, I have never never in my life been hurt so bad by someone. But why do I even say it because you don’t care, it doesn’t serve your evilness.”


KN: Re “your dire conversation” Was that something that happened verbally?
Jodi: It was verbal. He wanted me to text it, but I didn’t want to talk about his issues in the text messages.
KN: What do you mean his issues?
Jodi: His sexual attraction to children.
KN: Asks about pic comment. Was that about man boobs, the anchorman reference you were speaking of last week?
Jodi: Yes, that was a joke.
KN: Ok. Drawing your attention the next message, number 14830. Can your read that to us?

Jodi: “You couldn’t get off your lazy butt to read it could you. That’s the sociopath I know so well it freakin figures.”


KN: To your understanding, what’s that a reference to?
Jodi: Well that’s because the text message above that came through, and that time would be around 1 o’clock in the morning, so it woke me up, and I was asleep, well first he called me, he sent that and he called me, and so when I answered the phone I tried to read through the text messages but I was very groggy and disoriented..

[ Jodi explains Travis was mad because she didn’t get up and read it ]


Kirk asks about Jodi living at grandparents home in Yreka in May 2008. She had her own room. She thinks she was working at Caso Ramos by then, a Mexican family restaurant. She didn’t refer to it as Maragaritaville ( she though that was from a song ).

Status of photography business : was taking flight, juniors going into senior year wanted photograpahy. Had a wedding.

Kirk: Why the need to still interact with Alexander, solving his issues?
Jodi: Travis was very sweet and nice in-between the abuse.

Kirk: What is interest in Ryan Burns?
Jodi: Wanted to get to know him better. Had seen a few photos of him in Africa on his mission.
Jodi: She was to meet Burns during trip in June.
Jodi: I had a lot of destinations.
Kirk: What was your first destination?
Jodi: Monterrey. Plan to drive there on Monday morning 2nd June.
Jodi: After text conversation, online chat conversation, then phone conversation.
They had phone sex, determining when “Little Red Riding Hood” sex would happen.
Jodi testifies about Yreka burglary on May 28.
Who called to advise Jodi about burglary?
Someone called Jodi’s sister. They were in Hilt, near Oregon border, out of cell phone range. 15-20 minutes from Yreka. She went straight home when they got the messae.
Kirk: Did you break in to your grandparents home to steal this gun?
Jodi: No
Kirk: Did you orchestrate someone else to steal the gun?
Jodi: No I did not.
Kirk: We saw testimony  and pictures of home on burglary day. COuld you have taken the gun?
Jodi: I didn’t know grandfather had a handgun.
Kirk: Did you learn a handgun had been stolen?
Jodi: Eventually.
Jodi: Her grandmother told her the gun had been stolen.
Kirk: FIrst destination was Monterrey. How far was iot?
Jodi: Seven, 7.5 hours.
Kirk: Purpose?
Jodi: Friends Matt and Darryl were in Monterrey.
Kirk: How were you planning it.
Jodi: Then Los Angeles. Was thinking of going to San Diego, John Dixon.
Was going to cut up through Nevada. Death Valley mentioned.
Kirk: How were you intending to go?
Jodi: Driving.
Kirk: Did you own a car?
Jodi: Yes, an “infinity”.
Jodi: I was broke, infinity was not in good shape, was a gas hog.
Jodi decided to rent a car. From Redding airport.
How did you come to rent from Redding?
Jodi: I went to it was either Priceline, Expedia, Travelocity, Orbitz, one of those things. One of those travel websites where you put in your information to rent a car. The only near cities that were coming up were Medford, Oregon, or Redding, California, so I was going South, Medford is 50 miles North, Redding 50 miles South, I had family in both places so I thought I could drive my car to either location, park it, and get on the road.

Kirk puts up picture of Jodi with Jewel. Says Columbo said Jodi had blonde hair.
Jodi says picture was in May, but is not sure. It was May 15.
Kirk asks was her hair similar when she rented the case. Jodi: Yes.

Jodi: I went back to brother’s house to take a nap. Got on road, late morning.
Jodi: Did not have a gun or knife with her. She did have a cellphone and charger.
Kirk: What happens next.
Jodi: Took IS5 South. Didn’t see Gus Searchy. Pulled over somewhere near Sacramento, slept in Macdonalds parking lot. Met Matt in Santa Cruz close to Monterrey.

[44:20] Early morning 2nd June, talked to Travis about Gordon Hinkley. No phone sex. Travis knew Jodi was on way to Utah. Was Monterrey secret? No.

[45:51] She met Matt in Santa Cruz, evening, not late. Bar/lounge restuarant called the Red Room. Sat around, had appetisers, went to Karaoke bar. Not romantic, none for years.

[47:19] Followed Matt back to his apartment. Spent the night there.

[48:08] Asks  about Washington Mutual bank accounts.Jodi had a business checking account, in addition to personal account. Jodi knew where banks were in Monterrey. Purpose of moving money was to claim expenses, for tax organisation.

[50:13] Jodi had several hundred dollars in the accounts.

[50:36] How was she planning to pay for trip? Cash or debit. Cash was $100 or maybe $150.

[51:12] Visited Darryl and Jack next morning. Pacific Grove.  Had breakfast, omelettes. Half-an hour, Jack was getting ready to go to school.

[52:25] Borrowed two gas cans from Darryl. Gas in Yreka is $4.75, she wanted to buy cheap gas in Utah.

[53:25] Did she tell Darryl she was going to Mesa? No, she wouldn’t have.

[53:50] Plan was to go to Salinas to get nails done to look good for Ryan.

[54:14] Salinas is 20 miles East from Monterrey. Towards highway 101.

[54:50] Jodi went to Salinas, was wait at nail salon. Then she went to Pasadena, wnated to hook up with Darryl’s sister.

[55:45] Jodi cannot remember what else she did in Salinas. She mentions she didn’t sleep well.

[56:20] Didn’t meet Darryl’s sister. But she didn’t return the calls till next day. Called her several times. Laura.

[57:15] She was going to drive up towards Utah. San Diego was out, it got late, was not realistic, much farther south.

[58:10] In Pasadena, she went to Starbucks, went to Arco, filled gas cans. Describes Starbucks, noticed skaters when she came out.

[59:20] She had called Ryan Burns and said she was going to Utah, before she got on freeway. That was her intent, maybe death valley first.

[1:00:16] Had been talking to Travis, he said “why are you going to Utah”… objection.

[1:00:50] Doesn’t know how Travis felt about Utah, but she felt he was suspcious. Wanted to come and see him.

[1:01:35] Periodic conversations, prior to road trip and during. Spoke on 2nd and 3rd.

[1:02:05] Last time she called Travis, he was sweet, had been guilting her, on big trip. He wanted Jodi to come to Mesa. Once he got angry. Baby talk, he sounded sweet, Jodi thought, alright, I’m going.

[1:03:26] She called Burns to say she was going to turn her phone off.

[1:04:23] She told Travis she was coming to Mesa.

[1:04:37] Was car charger with you? She couldn’t find it, she called Matt and Darryl, no answer. Battery was getting low.

[1:05:25] No gun, no knife with her. Hari was auburn/brown. Didn’t stop to dye it.

[1:06:04] What time did she tell Travis she was coming. Somewhere after 8pm, before 10pm.

[1:06:35] Was he expecting you? Yes, he said he would wait up.

[1:07:00] Drive to Mesa she estimated as 6 hours.

[1:07:30] Gas seems to go really fast. She stopped twice for gas. She bought gas at Desert Centre and Buckeye (Shell). Doesn’t remember how she paid.

[1:08:25] Arrived in Mesa, still dark, around 4-ish. On 4th June 2008.

[1:09:05] Where did she park? Same spot, center spot in the driveway.

[1:09:32] Doesn’t remmeber if other cars were parked there.

[1:09:50] Came into house through garage, laundry room. Had small suitcase, backpack, purse, laptop.

[1:10:35] Travis brought things in.

[1:11:20] Front door was locked, she didn’t have key. Why not knock on front door. Jodi had always come and gone.

[1:12:00] Came into house, left laundry room, went left, light was on, Travis was in study. Travis was on laptop, watching music videos on youtube. He didn’t see her initially.

[1:13:3o] Travis was with Napoleon, his dog. Jodi thought he looked cute, stood for a minute, looking, after 30 seconds, Napoleon noticed her.

[1:14:40] Video was people with boxes on their heads.

[1:15:00] He got out of his chair, came over. He kissed Jodi on the lips. A romantic kiss. Maybe sexual, based on body language. Hands around her waist, pulling her close.

[1:16:00] Watched more youtube videos, similar. Went to see punching bag in living room.

[1:17:50] Was proud of it, punching it, showing off.

[1:18:05] Did it frighten her? Not really, but in back of her mind, he was very strong, but had been very nice. Porbably a little apprehensive, but she brushed it off.

[1:19:00] Went to kitchen, after a few minutes, he was disappointed Jodi wanted to sleep. Travis insinuated he wanted sex.

[1:20:00] Travis bought Jodi’s luggage in before they slept.

[1:20:22] Slept together in his bedroom. She asked Travis if room-mates were home. Somebody else was home, but not all.

[1:21:25] Went to sleep 5am, 5:30am. Was starting to get light. Both slept on his bed.

[1:22:00] Jodi woke up first around 12, 12:30.

[1:22:30] Jodi’s bags were in bedroom.

[1:23:00] Travis woke up around 1. Jodi was awake for 20 or 30 minutes before Travis woke up. Napoleon was there.

[1:24:00] When he woke up, they had sex. Travis wanted sex, after he brushed his teeth. Jodi had expectation of having sex with Travis, because they were in a sexual relationship. Something she was used to. Was expected.







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