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Day 8 of Jodi’s testimony, Wednesday Feb 20

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HLN Report

On her last day under direct examination by the defense, Jodi Arias wrapped up her testimony on the witness stand Wednesday, explaining why she killed her ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander.

“I remember I was in the bathroom, I remember dropping the knife and it clinged to the tile and it made a big noise. And I just remember screaming,” said Arias.

On Wednesday, the climax of the trial so far, Arias revealed several bombshells along the way, including that she bought a gun after Alexander’s death … to kill herself. “I just wanted to die,” she said. She also revealed that she took care to cover her tracks as the slaying drew national attention. “I wanted the world to believe that I loved him and I didn’t have anything against him. I wanted the world to perceive me as a normal person,” said Arias