Day 21

( First day of Jodi cross-exam )

Part 1

Part 2

Part  3 ( The Magazine message )

Mostly sidebar from 6:27 to 24:53.

11:40 Juan says Jodi tried to get someone to lie at a hearing on Aug 8, 2011. Jodi denies it, “No”.

About 25 minutes in, Jodi agrees Ann Campbell visited her. Juan says conversation with Campbell lasted an hour, Jodi agrees it was a long time. Jodi was giving two magazines to Campbell. Juan raises interview by prosecutor of Matt McCartney.

27:20 Dates of visits by Mark Stanich (ABC news) (sp?).

39:03 Exh 469, the re-ordered magaine message is put on the screen, it reads:
“You f***ed up what you told my attorney the next day / directly contradicts what I’ve been saying for over a year / get down here ASAP and see me before you talk to them again and before / you testify so / we can fix this / interview was excellent! Must talk ASAP”.

39:30 Jodi testifies she doesn’t know when the message was written. She agrees the magazines were in her possession on Aug 4, 2011.

31:50 Matt McCartney is mentioned.

This was 2 weeks after Matt McCartney was interviewed by the Prosecutor, and 4 days before a hearing on August 8, 2011 ( where Jodi went pro-se, see minutes entries for 08/08/2011).