Day 22

Monday Feb 25, 2013. 2nd day of cross.

HLN Live Blog

Notes ( from the HLN live blog )

She tried to kill herself with a razor when she was in jail.
Testifies she lied. About meeting with Ryan Burns ( “full of crap” ).
Testimony re incident in March 2008 when she claims Alexander hit her while they were driving down a freeway in Arizona. Not imentioned n her journal entry for the day.

Martinez asked Arias why she called Alexander “the best” after he allegedly hit her. She said Alexander had apologized by that time, and they had made up from the fight.

Martinez asked, “So your prior statements indicate that this injury to your finger didn’t happen on January 21 of 2008 it happened on June 4th of 2008, right?” “Yes,” replied Arias.

Martinez asks Arias about an episode where Alexander allegedly banged his head against his closet door.

Martinez is asking about how Alexander choked her until she passed out in April 2008. Arias said she told Matt McCartney about the incident a few days, when he called her out on her bruises. Martinez asked Arias if she knew what McCartney said when he was interviewed about this claim. The defense objected and now the attorneys are at a sidebar.

Arias testified earlier that she was grounded for three months, and that’s why she moved out of the house. Arias just said the reason why her father grounded her was because she wasn’t studying for a test.