Day 23


First 19 minutes is on Jodi using backspace button to find out Bobby Juarez was cheating on her. After finding out, she didn’t go to work, went and removed her belongings from where they were living, and handed him printouts of him talking to another woman. After a few days staying at her grandmother, she returned to Juarez.

Next is testimony on incident when Jodi found out Matt was seeing Bianca, and drove 1.5 hours to see her at Crater Lake.

Around 23 minutes, Jodi says she wasn’t allowed to be confrontational with Travis, and some testimony on leaving Mesa. Juan points out Jodi acted immediately with regard to getting out of relationships ( around 24 minutes in, although with Brewer it was four days later ).

Something about Jodi’s mother around 25 minutes in. Juan suggesting Jodi can act quickly. Some discussion of anal sex with Juarez and whether she reported that to Dr Samuels, and baby-oil versus KY jelly.

33:23 Exhibit 479 Played ( Jodi on 48 hours, clip is played, Jodi says relationship was not perfect ). Nurmi objects (sidebar @ 35-36 minutes ). Jodi did love Travis, he was an “amazing person”. Jodi knew Travis was being unfaithful, looked at his telephone. Jodi saw inappropriate text messages, referencing sexual body parts, other sexual talk. Jodi was offended, hurt, but still went on vacation with Travis.

40 minutes : Jodi says Juan makes her brain scramble. The way Juan is asking questions gives her problems. 45:20 objection re Juan badgering sustained. 46:30 Nurmi objects again. Juan is repeatedly suggesting his posture prevents Jodi testifying truthfully, which mis-characterises her testimony. At 51 minutes, meta-debate about Jodi’s ability to testify is still going on. 52:20, back on normal testimony.

Jodi broke up after looking at texts on TA’s telephone. She did have permission to look at his phone generally, but not explicitly that day. But she still went on vacation with Travis to New York, and to a PPL retreat at Hunnington Beach, and engaged in sex, even though she knew about the texts.

56 minutes: questions about whose fault the break-up was. Jodi agrees she was to blame for looking at TA’s telephone. Jodi says looking at Bobby’s email was dishonest, but not going to see Bianca.

60 minutes : Jodi looked at TA’s MySpace email. Saw emails between TA and two females, one a New Year’s Eve meeting. Was before Jodi and Travis were officially dating. What bothered Jodi is Travis lied about what it was about before she saw the messages. Jodi was checking up on Travis. Jodi was offended by TA’s interaction with another woman who was married ( Jodi didn’t want to say the name in court, but Juan forces her to say it ). Travis claimed they were joking about it, Jodi is not sure if that was the case.

Jodi went to see Rachel in August 2008, to ask about what sexual contact was allowed. Lots of questioning about what sexual contact is allowed by Mormons. End part 1.

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