Deanna Reid

At 7 minutes 20 seconds, Deanna is asked (in a pre-trial interview):

“Would it then surprise you that it wasn’t just Jodi that he had sexual relationships with? ”

She pauses, then says “I don’t know”.

She later testified she did have sex with Travis.


28:40 Deanna wrote to Travis saying she was coming home, and they were going to get married.

There were issues with Deanna’s family not liking Travis (per letters Travis wrote?).

Travis then writes he is hurt that Deanna made her family a priority.

Summer 2001, Travis is dating Linda, and eventually he tells Deanna.

31:55 Deanna testifies November 2001 was the only time she came home from her mission.
She says her passport and customs and imigration records would confirm that.

Q: And when you came home from November 2001, is that the only time you ever came home from your mission?
A: Yes
Q: And so your passport would bear that out, right?
Q: And the customs and immigration forms, that would also show that you never came home?

[ Note: this is contrary to the testimony of Marc McGee that he saw Deanna in Jan 2001 at the Bishop’s home.
Did Deanna forget that trip?
Perhaps she is not counting that as “home”. ]

January 2002, Deanna and Travis are dating again.

Up to 2004, Deanna wanted to get married to Travis.

In 2004, Travis moved to Mesa, and Deanna followed him.

Break-ups and getting back together happened a couple of times.

Final break-up was 2005, although Deanna is a little uncertain.

They then were still in contact, as friends only, with one occasion when they kissed passionately.

At some point Deanna moved back to California.

They were still in contact by phone calls, texts, and Travis visited her.

Deanna knew about Jodi, but not that Travis was in a sexual realtionship with Jodi. She had to ask questions, Travis would reluctantly make some disclosures.

Travis didn’t like to hear about Deanna being with other men, made him uncomfortable.

Notes end 44 minutes in.


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