Desiree Freeman

Desiree and her brother Daniel “hung out” with Travis and Jodi on many occasions in 2007 (sometimes as part of a larger group). They also made two trips together. She testifies how they were an affectionate couple (13 minutes in). After the Grand Canyon trip, “it was more that she was someone in the background”. Travis was flirtatious with other women (15:43). The Grand Canyon/Sidona trip was June 2007, Jodi and Travis got on very well, they were affectionate. The other trip was to Haversu  Pike, 13-15 September 2007 (two nights). Jodi and Travis still acted like they were dating, they were together. Desiree thought (correctly) that Travis was dating Lisa. Travis travelling with Jodi would be frowned on within the Mormon church (temptation of pre-marital sex). Travis claimed to be a virgin and made jokes about it. He seemed proud (of being a virgin) (20  minutes in). They fell out, after Jodi got out of the car to take pictures, Travis was driving off when Jodi went to get back in, Jodi was upset, thought it wasn’t funny, Travis’ response was “stark” and “a little over the top”, he raised his voice. Desiree was shocked. After that Jodi just stayed quiet and stared out of the window.

Daniel Freeman called 31:44, testimony starts 33:18.