Letter April 2014

Dear George,

Hello there my dear friend & supporter. I just want to say thank you for bravely standing up for me. I know you were heavily criticized by both friend and foe. I didn’t agree with it only because I dislike the idea of enhancing any of ‘Hateline News’ programs, but I’m definitely not your boss and anyway I heard you did very well. Maria De La Rosa said the Facebook hate group was quite vocal about it so that is an indication you did well. So hurray! I just wanted to make sure you knew I wasn’t mad at you in case anyone indicated I was. I feel blessed to have someone so level-headed in my corner. Of course, you were asked if you had a crush on me! Stupid show host. If you were a woman, you probably still would have been asked that. Also I was told that my drawing (your drawing) was hanging up behind you during the interview. Is that true? If so I’m very flattered. Someone said it was “Legacy”, but I thought you owned “Wistful”. Please don’t listen to your retractors try to tell you that b/c you are a Briton you couldn’t possibly make meaningful commentary on the American (in)justice system. That is a small minded thing to say and simply untrue. That’s like saying a marine biologist knows nothing about dolphins because he doesn’t live in the ocean, or the UCLA professor of anthropology knows nothing about the Dogan tribe b/c he’s not African or the world history major with a focus on 20th century Europe knows nothing about the Nazi occupation b/c he’s American. Nonsense. You know more about the U.S. criminal justice system than most Americans. So tune out the garbage and pat yourself on the back. You did well. Be proud of yourself. I’m grateful. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you are doing on my behalf and others! Please take care and write me soon through Jodispage.com

Deep & Sincere Gratitude – Jodi Arias

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