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Note 1 – Faucet turned on and off

“I noticed the inside of the sink had a combination of both deluded[sic] blood with heavy spatter on top of it. This indicated the faucet had been running initially, then turned off as the person continued bleeding for a few seconds afterward.” from the Investigation Report

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Note 2 – Heavy arterial spurting

bathroomsink“Once in the bathroom area, I noticed large amounts of blood on the most northern sink and mirror. Some of the blood appeared deluded[sic] as though water had been spilled on it for a short period of time, while other sections of the blood spatter appeared to resemble heavy arterial spurting.” from the Investigation Report

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Note 3 – Forceful sex

“You’re pretty, you’re so attractive,” Alexander said later. “I’ve never seen you look bad in my life. There are times when you’ve looked miserable and I’ve still, like, raped you.”

Source: ABC News Report, Feb 12, 2013

[ This note is referenced in Intimate Partner Violence ]

Note 4 – Travis called Jodi for about an hour on June 2, 2008

On June 2, Travis made two long phone calls to Jodi, around 3am. The first lasted 18 minutes, the second 41 minutes. Source

Note 5 – No gunshot residue

” Lack of stippling or gunshot residue or soot around the gunshot wound indicated the gunshot was taken no closer than two to three feet away.” from the Investigation Report.