Anonymous email sent to Lisa Andrews

Excerpt from the Investigation Report:

I had asked Lisa about an email she had received after she and Travis both had their tires slashed by an unknown person. She said the tire slashing had occurred back in November or December of 2007, while they were still dating.

The next day, 12-8-08 at 0852 hours Lisa said she received an email from a John Doe. The mail was extremely hostile and talks about her relationship with Travis. Lisa saved the email, which she was able to send to me. The following is an excerpt of that email:

“You are a shameful whore. Your Heavenly Father must be deeply ashamed of the whoredoms you’ve committed with that insidious man. If you let him stay in your bed one more time or even sleep under the same roof as him, you will be giving the appearance of evil. You are driving away the Holy Ghost, and you are wasting your time. You are also compromising your salvation and breaking your baptismal convenants. Of all the commandments to break, committing acts of whoredom is one of the most displeasing in the eyes of the Lord. You cannot be ashamed enough of yourself. You are filthy, and you need to repent and become clean in the eyes of God. Think about your future husband, and how you disprespect[sic] not only yourself, but him, as well as the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Is that what you want for yourself? Your future, your salvation, and your posterity is resting on your choices and actions. You are a daughter of God, and you have been a shameful example. Be thou clean, sin no more. Heavenly Father loves you and wants you to make the right choices. I know you are strong enough to choose the right. Your Father in Heaven is pulling for you. Don’t ignore the prompting you receive, because they are vital to your spiritual well-being.”

Lisa said she was never able to prove that Jodi was the one who sent this email to her, but she was the one person that came to mind.

Comment: based on the language and content, this was written by a Mormon  who believed that Lisa had slept with Travis, to persuade Lisa to follow the tenets of the Mormon church and break off her relationship with Travis.

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