Investigation Report

Incident/Investigation Supplement Report

Case Number: 2008-1610844

Original Case Officer: (16350) PEPPER, D.

Supplement Date: 08/27/2008 16:29:47

Supplement Type: Investigation

Officer: (10477) FLORES, E

Approving Officer: (10477) FLORES, E

Date/Time: 08/28/2008 14:00:53

Approving Supervisor: (10005) MCBRIDE, D

Date/Time: 09/03/2008 09:15:21

Others Involved
HUGHES, Chris Age: 00 Race: W Non Hispanic Murieta CA Prepaid Legal Services

HUGHES, Sky Age: 00 Race: W Non Hispanic Murieta CA Prepaid Legal Services

TALBOT, Clancy Age: 35 Race: W Non Hispanic Salt Lake City UT

BURNS, Ryan S Age: 24 Race: W Non Hispanic West Jordan, UT

THOMPSON, D Age: 26 Race: W Apache Junction, AZ

THOMPSON, A Age: 26 Race: W Mesa, AZ


On 6-9-08 at 2312 hours, I was called and asked to respond to 11428 E. Queensborough Ave. in Mesa in reference to a death investigation. The initial information given to me, was that Officers had been called to this address after friends of the Homeowner had found him deceased in his bathroom. It was unknown how long the decedent had been in the house.

I arrived on scene at 2350 hours and noticed the residence was secured with yellow police tape and was under police guard. No one was allowed to enter the perimeter and a crime scene log had been established. Once fellow Detectives arrived we received a case briefing from Officer D. Pepper #16350. He stated officers had responded and contacted several people standing outside of the residence. Officers and responding Mesa Fire Department Paramedics were told that the homeowner was found in the master bathroom and appeared deceased. Officers entered with paramedics and located the body of a deceased person lying in the master

bathroom shower. The deceased body appeared as though he had been in the bathroom for at least a day or two and had what appeared to be wounds to the neck and the chest area.

Mesa Fire paramedics from Engine Company 217 C-shift called the time of death at 2237 hours.

Officers began to contact the people involved. These people included the reporting party Michelle Lowery, her boyfriend Dallin Forrest, Marie Hall, Enrique Cortez, Zachary Billings and Amanda McBrien.

The information they received was that the homeowner and possible victim, Travis V. Alexander, had not been seen since the following week. The two roommates, Zachary Billings and Enrique Cortez both stated they last saw and spoke to Travis approximately four to five days prior. They knew Travis had a trip to Mexico scheduled and just assumed he had already left. They stated it wasn’t unusual for Travis to leave town without telling them. They didn’t suspect anything was wrong, until Travis’ friends arrived and advised them they hadn’t heard from Travis in several days. They mentioned his Mexico trip was scheduled for the following morning, but no one had been able to contact him.

The person he was going to Mexico with was identified as Marie Hall. Marie had spoken to officers at the scene and told them she was concerned about Travis’ welfare since they were scheduled to leave for Mexico in the morning, but he was not answering his phone and not returning voicemail messages. Since she couldn’t contact him on the phone, she decided to drive over and contact him in person. She knocked on the door, but no one answered. She decided to call two other friends identified as Michelle Lowery and Michelle’s boyfriend Dallin Forrest. She told them what was happening and they came right over to help. They were able to gain entry into the house through the garage using a keypad code obtained from another friend. While in the house, they contacted Travis’ roommate, Zachary and his girlfriend Amanda McBrien, who were in one of the other upstairs bedrooms. They asked Zachary if they had seen Travis and he responded by saying he thought Travis had gone to Mexico and hadn’t seen him in several days.

Marie Hall mentioned that she was also concerned, because she and Travis had recently had a discussion regarding their relationship. Travis had invited her to go on this Cancun vacation in hopes they would get to know each other better. About two weeks ago, she informed him she only wanted to be friends and didn’t want to go any further than that. She told him she wouldn’t mind if he decided to take someone else with him instead. Marie also mentioned Travis had recently broke up with another one of his girlfriends named Lisa. She knew he was still upset about that break-up, but didn’t think he would hurt himself over it. They checked Travis’ bedroom door and found it locked. They were able to find a key to the bedroom door and opened it only to discover what appeared to be blood on the carpet leading into the master bathroom. They also discovered large amounts of dried blood throughout the bathroom floor and walls. After a closer look in the bathroom, they found a body of a deceased male sitting in the shower with the door open. It appeared that the deceased was Travis, so they exited and called the authorities. The other roommate, Enrique Cortez, had been asleep in his room so they informed of the situation and he also exited the house.

Before we could determine what had happened to Travis, the subjects on scene had begun to mention the name, Jodi Arias. They told officers that if someone had done harm to Travis, we needed to look at Jodi Arias as an investigative lead. The initial Information given to me about this Jodi Arias was that she was Travis’ ex-girlfriend. They had lived together for a while in this house and had just recently broke up. Since the break up, Travis and his knew [sic] girlfriend had their tires slashed. Jodi had apparently stolen Travis’ personal journals, had his e-mail passwords and let Travis know she knew about the other girls he was currently dating. They had broken up several months ago and she moved back to California to be with her family. As far as everyone knew she was still in California.

As we waited for other detectives to arrive to assist with the investigation, I received information from Travis’ friends at the scene, that Jodi Arias had called them and wanted to know what was going on. She had also mentioned she wanted to talk to the Investigating Officers.

Initial scene observations:
A closer and more careful look at the scene was needed to assess the situation and determine if a crime had been committed. We were told the victim was lying in the shower of his master bathroom with what appeared to be an injury to his neck. The injury was described to us as a large cut from one side of the neck to the other. Although uncommon, I have knowledge of subjects committing suicide in this manner. A closer look at the scene and the body was needed to make that determination.

Detective B. Cooper #10926, Sergeant D. McBride #10005, Commander V. Myers #18089 and I entered the residence at 0054 hours. We entered through the front door of the home after dawning protective footwear and gloves. The home appeared clean and in good order. There was a strong odor associated with a decomposing body all over the home. This odor was evident as soon as we entered the front door.

Nothing downstairs appeared out of the ordinary, accept [sic] for a stand-up floor cleaner in the middle of the living room floor. We slowly and carefully moved up the stairs into the master bedroom at the top of the stairs. The master bedroom had double doors, but only the east door was open. At the top of the stairs to the south was a large game room/media room. I noticed there was a black camera bag on the floor near a beanbag chair. I noted that the camera bag was open and the camera was missing. I then focused my attention back towards the master bedroom. Once in the bedroom, I noticed a large reddish brown stain on the carpet just to the east of the door. This large stain continued down a long tiled hallway, which led into the master bathroom. I also noticed the bed in the room did not have any linens and the pillows were sitting on the west side of the bed on a chair.

Paralleling the bathroom hallway to the east was a large walk-in closet with another door leading into the bathroom area. Instead of walking through the bloody hallway I walked through the closet to get a look at the main part of the bathroom. Once in the bathroom, I noticed the body of the deceased in the stand-alone shower. The body was in somewhat of a sitting position with his feet to the north and his head to the south. I noticed his body had clear signs of decomposition, which included discoloration, marbling and some skin slippage. A closer look revealed a large laceration on his neck, which began on the far left side of his neck and traveled all the way across to the right side. I couldn’t determine where the laceration ended without moving the body. I also noticed a small puncture to the center of his chest, which still had small amounts of fluids flowing out of it. I noticed other laceration and puncture wounds on his chest, but they appeared clear of any blood or fluid flow. This indicated to me his body might have been washed off post mortem. Next to the body in the shower was a clear plastic cup, which appeared out of place.

There were no signs of any weapons on or near the body, but without moving the body, we couldn’t determine if there was anything under it. A quick examination of the bathroom revealed large amounts of blood all over the northern most sink and mirror. There were also signs of blood spatter and castoff throughout the rest of the bathroom indicating some type of struggle. I made the determination to exit the home and obtain a search warrant from a magistrate before continuing any further investigation in the home. We exited the home by going down the stairs then through the laundry room and out of the open garage. While walking by the washer and dryer in the laundry room, I noticed what appeared to be a small reddish brown stain on the tope front portions of the washing machine. The stain appeared to be consistent with a bloodstain. I noted the stain and continued to exit the home.

At least one officer was stationed in front of the home for security at all times until we were able to obtain a search warrant.

Initial interviews:
I made arrangements to have the original friends and roommates who were at the scene taken to the Mesa Police Station at 130 N. Robson for official statements. They were all asked if they would voluntarily go with us and they all agreed. These people are listed as follows:

Zachary Billings
Amanda McBrien
Karl Brinton Hiatt
Dallin Forrest
Michelle Lowery
Marie Hall
Interview with Marie Hall:
The first person I interviewed was Marie (Mimi) Francoise Hall. Marie was the person who was going to Cancun Mexico with Travis the following morning. I started my interview with Marie at 0230 hours. Marie stated she has known Travis for about one year now. They knew each other from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Singles Ward they both attend. They have been hanging out together since about February or March. She had seen him around church and church activities, but it wasn’t until recently they really started to hang out and got to know each other.

She knew he worked out of his home selling some legal insurance or something and was some type of public speaker. She knew he was from California and his family was still there. About one month ago he had asked her if she would go on a business trip to Cancun Mexico with him. She agreed and they started to make plans. About two weeks ago, she told him she didn’t want to be anything more than just friends and would understand if he wanted to take someone else with him to Mexico. It was too late to change the plans, and they agreed to just go as friends.

The trip was scheduled from June 10th at 0925 hours. She said she saw him on Monday, June 2nd at a church activity, but didn’t see him at church on Sunday June 8th. Monday the 2nd was the last time she spoke to him. When she couldn’t get a hold of him all week she began to get worried. She decided to go over in person at about 2200 hours to see if he was all right [sic]. She didn’t get an answer at the door, but noticed that Travis’s dog, Napoleon, was running around downstairs. She left the house and went back home, but soon called two of her friends, Michelle Lowery and Dallin Forrest. She told them what happened and they also thought Travis had gone to Cancun Mexico. She went back to Travis’ house and met up with Michelle and Dallin. There was a white car in the driveway so they believed someone had to be home. They knocked on the door, but no one answered. This was not unusual since Travis’ roommates didn’t answer the door, if they weren’t expecting someone. Michelle was able to call someone to get the garage keypad code and they went in. Once inside, they noticed that Travis’ laptop computer and cellular phone were sitting on the desk in the den. They went upstairs and made contact with Travis’ roommate, Zachary Billings who was in his own bedroom with his girlfriend, Amanda McBrien. Zachary stated he hadn’t seen Travis for several days, and thought he had gone on a business trip out of town. They checked Travis’ bedroom door and noticed It was locked. Zachary went downstairs and came back up with a set of keys and began attempting to unlock the bedroom door. Zachary managed to get the door unlocked he went in, calling for Travis. Zachary and Dallin walked in, while she and the others stayed near the entrance. Zachary and Dallin told them they could see a lot of blood and Travis was dead. They all exited the house and called 911.

I asked her about the two roommates, Zachary and Enrique. She said Zachary has lived there since January while Enrique has only been in the home for about two weeks or so. Travis had told her that he rarely sees Zachary, because he was constantly at his girlfriend’s house. She said they don’t really talk to each other too much and don’t socialize. They all basically stick to themselves.

I asked about Travis’ former girlfriend, Jodi Arias. She didn’t know too much about Jodi, other than what she learned tonight. She heard that she was kind of obsessive and that she had manipulated Travis’ facebook account. She also mentioned hearing that Jodi would get into the house through the doggie door without being invited. She described Jodi as a “stalker ex-girlfriend”. She had moved here from California to be near him. Travis had actually baptized Jodi into the LDS church. Marie said she was actually kind of worried about her, because she was obsessive. She had also heard that Jodi had stolen some of his personal journals and they had recently taken some pages of his new book he was writing. She knew Travis spoke to Jodi sometime last week. Travis called Jodi, because he caught her hacking into one of his email or Facebook accounts and confronted her about it. Other than this she knew very little about Jodi Arias.

Interview with Zachary J. Billings:
I began my interview with Zach Billings at 0350 hours. Zach stated he had known Travis for a few years now. He met him while they both attended the same church ward. He moved in and started renting a room from Travis about four months ago on 1-29-08. Travis charges him $450.00 a month to rent one room out, but he has full access to the house. The other roommate is name, Enrique Cortez. Enrique just recently moved in a few weeks ago. He doesn’t know Enrique very well, but knows the [sic] he and Travis attend the same church ward and that is how they met. They all just keep to themselves. Zach stated they don’t hang out with each other at all. During the time he has lived there, they haven’t even had dinner together. Zach mentioned he spends most of his time with his girlfriend Amanda.

The last time he remembered seeing Travis was Thursday Morning. Zach said he was leaving the house about 1130 hours that morning on his way to pick up his girlfriend Amanda. He just saw him in passing as he walked out of the house. He didn’t remember seeing Travis a few hours later when he returned. When asked where he thought Travis was, Zach said Travis was always leaving town on business trips and rarely tells them. He also knew that Travis was scheduled to go on the Cancun trip, and thought that is where he was.

When asked what he did over the weekend, Zach stated he spend the entire day Thursday the 5th with his girlfriend Amanda. They ate lunch and returned home about 1330 or 1400 hours and watched some movies. They left and went to do some shopping and ate dinner in Tempe. He got back home at around midnight that night. The following day he spent at work from about 0800 to about 2000 hours. He stated he works at a restaurant called McGrath’s Fish House located at Stapley and the U.S. 60 freeway.

Zach mentioned Travis had been talking about this girl he liked named Mimi. Travis told him he really liked Mimi and mentioned he was taking her to Cancun Mexico on this business trip. After work he went to Amanda’s again and spent about an hour at her house, because it was her mother’s birthday. They returned to the Queensborough house after 2100 that evening and watched movies then dropped her off at about midnight.

On Saturday he had the day off, but had to attend a few meetings throughout the day. He also ran a few errands throughout the day and thinks he did laundry. The meetings he went to were in the morning and another one at 1430 hours. He left the last meeting at 1600 hours then had dinner with Amanda’s family until about 2100 hours. After dinner he and Amanda hung out at his house again to watch another movie until about midnight again.

On Sunday of that week, Zach remembered he was on his way to church, but his car battery was dead. He was looking for a set of jumper cables until he found a neighbor with cables who also helped him jump his battery. He went to church at 0900 hours and then went to Amanda’s house until about 1500 hours. He went to that afternoon and didn’t get back home until approximately 2330 hours.

On Monday morning he went to work at about 0800 hours and was there until 1645 hours. After work he went to dinner with Amanda and ran some errands and didn’t get back home until 2000 hours. He was there with Amanda until Travis’ friends knocked on his door at about 2200 hours.

Zach remembered asking Enrique about where Travis was. Enrique said he believed he had gone on a business trip. Zach said Travis normally drives to his out of town business meetings, but since he was going to Cancun Mexico, he didn’t think it was out of the ordinary that his car was still in the garage. Zach stated he sent Travis a few text messages one of which was about a mailbox key, but Travis never responded. These text messages were sent on Saturday and one on Sunday.

When asked about Jodi Arias, Zach said he had met her when he moved in and she would come around and hang out all the time when he first moved in. She used to clean Travis’ house on occasion and he would pay her. He knew she moved to Arizona from California soon after they broke up. She moved into a nearby neighborhood to be close to Travis.

He knew they had issues and argued about her showing up and being in the house unannounced. He would argue with her and asked her why she was in the house. They would have arguments about her moving down to Mesa after they were already broken up. She would call at inappropriate times and ask for advice about different things. When asked how she got into the house, Zach said she would just let herself in sometimes, because the door was never locked. Zach said he felt Travis was just trying to help Jodi out since she didn’t have anyone else here in town. He said Jodi had moved back to California recently. He believed she moved about one to two months ago. He remembered the day she moved, because she showed up to the house with a U-haul truck. Just prior to her moving, Travis and her got into an argument about her moving away. On the day of her move, she showed up with the U-Haul truck they got into another argument.

At the time he moved in, Travis already dating another girl. He couldn’t remember the new girlfriend’s name. He broke up with this last girlfriend in mid February. Jodi was the reason their relationship didn’t work. The new girlfriend didn’t like the fact; Jodi was always hanging around. He told her that until he dealt with Jodi they would just have to end the relationship.

Going back to the laundry, I asked Zach about the last time he did laundry. He had mentioned at the beginning of his interview that he had done laundry on Saturday the 7th of June. He clarified he did laundry on Wednesday the 4th of June and had cleaned his room on Saturday the 7th of June. He uses the washer and dryer at the house when doing laundry.

I asked about Travis’ bedroom, specifically his bedding. He mentioned Travis has a brown comforter and light color sheets. He has about four to five pillows with brown pillowcases. He said he had been in his bedroom before so I asked if he noticed anything different or unusual about his bedroom. The only thing he noticed was the bed looked like it had been “tossed”.

I asked Zach about any cameras Travis might have owned. He said Travis had just purchased a very nice black digital SLR type camera. He said it was a Sony brand. Zach mentioned he was a photographer and Travis asked for his advice about what kind of camera he should buy. He suggested that style of camera to him.

When asked about any medical problems or illnesses Travis might have had. Zach mentioned he wasn’t aware of any and said Travis was in pretty good shape. He would exercise regularly and was into kickboxing. He would run and ride his bike quite regularly and he was very health conscious and wouldn’t even drink soda.

When asked if he noticed anything unusual or out of the ordinary during the past week, the only thing Zach remembered was on Wednesday or Thursday. He said when he came home; he noticed the furniture on the tile floor downstairs had been moved. Travis had purchased a floor cleaner a few weeks prior and it had been sitting downstairs the entire time. He thought that maybe Travis had been preparing to clean the floor or had cleaned it. The following day the items were still in the same position, which he felt was kind of odd. It stayed that way for a few more days, until some of the stuff was eventually put back. Zach said he wasn’t sure, but he believed Enrique might have put some of the items back. He also remembered going downstairs and feeling the banister and thinking it was a little slick as though it had been cleaned. He didn’t think anything about it, because he thought Travis had just been cleaning and might have also cleaned the banister.

When asked about the house security, Zach said there really wasn’t any. The door was usually always unlocked when Travis was home and he mentioned he didn’t even have a key. He had the Garage door opener and knew the garage keypad code.

I asked about the cleaning duties. Zach said there were no set cleaning duties in the house. They just cleaned up after themselves. They did their own dishes and laundry. He and Enrique used and cleaned the upstairs bathroom by their bedrooms. Travis would take care of the guest bathroom downstairs along with his own bathroom. I asked if he had access into Travis’ bedroom or bathroom. Zach said he has been in there, but only if he needed to get something. Travis would allow him to get medications and stuff like that from his medicine cabinet.

Once the interview was finished, I asked Zach is he would supply a buccal swab for a DNA sample. He agreed to give a buccal swab. That swab was obtained and submitted into Evidence.

Detectives B. Cooper #10925 and S. Molander #14367 interviewed the remaining individuals. They were able to brief me regarding their interviews with Amanda McBrien, Karl Hiatt, Dallin Forrest and Enrique Cortez. All of them had similar accounts of what happened over the past few days leading up to the discovery of Travis’ death. See their supplemental reports for details.

Search warrant information:
On the morning of June 10th, 2008 a search warrant was obtained for the incident address of 11428 E. Queensborough. The search warrant was executed at 0953 hours.

Mesa Police latent Print examiners H. Conner #16166 and M. Schreel #16918 were on scene to assit with documenting photographing and collecting of evidence. Entry photos were taken prior to the search for evidence. Forensic Chemists L. Perry #15298 and E. Sapinoso #17981, were also at the scene to assist with any biological evidence.

Once the entry photos were completed, fellow detectives and I entered to begin documenting the scene and to begin the search for evidence. The initial focus was placed on the body of the victim and the surrounding area, such as the master bedroom and master bathroom. All who entered the house for investigative reasons wore protective footwear and gloves, which were regularly changed out to minimize contamination.

The master bedroom suite consisted of a main bedroom area, a large walk-in closet, a long tiled hallway, a main bathroom area with double sinks, tub and stand alone shower and a toilet room. The bedroom suite was located up stairs at the northeast end of the home. The entryway to the room was at the top of the staircase and consisted of a double door.

At first glance inside of the master bedroom, I could see large stained area on the carpet at the entryway of the bathroom hallway. The stain appeared to be consistent with a bloodstain, which was several days old. Looking down the hallway I noticed large amounts of what appeared to be blood on the tile floor and entire length of both walls. A closer look revealed a slight void of blood down the center of the tile which could not be initially explained.

Since the hallway into the bathroom area was covered in blood, we made entry into the bathroom through the walk-in closet, which had a door on the opposite end. Once in the bathroom area, I noticed large amounts of blood on the most northern sink and mirror. Some of the blood appeared deluded[sic] as though water had been spilled on it for a short period of time, while other sections of the blood spatter appeared to resemble heavy arterial spurting. I noticed the inside of the sink had a combination of both deluded[sic] blood with heavy spatter on top of it. This indicated the faucet had been running initially, then turned off as the person continued bleeding for a few seconds afterward.

There were areas with large thick puddles of dried blood all over the floor with a combination of light deluded[sic] areas throughout the majority of the floor. A closer look at a cardboard box in the linen closet next to the sink revealed a reddish color watermark a few inches up from the floor. This indicated to me that the floor, at some time after the incident, had a large amounts of water on it.

Further initial observations revealed several areas throughout the bathroom had signs of cast-off blood spatter. On the far southern part of the bathroom there was a spatter on both window blinds. Some of these droplets were at below waist level all the way to the very top slat over six feet up. Other spatter could be seen very low on the wall near the towel rack in the same area and all over the door jam leading into the toilet room and on the bottom of the toilet itself.

The large amount of blood throughout the bathroom and bedroom area indicated to me there was either a struggle or the victim was attempting to flee his attacker.

The victim’s body:
The victim’s body was not moved until the Maricopa County Medical Examiner’s Office (OME) was on scene. Prior to their arrival, he was photographed in the shower as he was found. I noticed he had several visible wounds to his torso, head, neck and one of his hands. I did not notice any signs of weapons in his immediate vicinity. As I was looking at his wounds, in particular a wound to the center of his chest, I noticed the blood flow was traveling in one single direction. The blood flow was consistent with the position he was currently in. This was true with the other major wound to this[sic] neck. The other unusual thing I noticed about the other wounds to his torso and hands was the fact they had no blood flow. This would indicate they were rinsed off with water after this death. Another unusual item visible on the shower floor was a clear plastic cup. This plastic cup was fairly clean with very little blood on it.

As we waited for the investigators from the Maricopa County Medical Examiner’s Office (OME), I located a spent shell casing on the floor near the north sink of the bathroom. The spent casing was lying in a pool of dried blood and not easily visible. It was a small caliber between a .22 or .32 Caliber. The spent casing was photographed and marked for collection. Once collected the spent shell casing was discovered to be a Winchester .25 caliber. No gun was ever located in the home during the search.

Other items in the immediate area surrounding the shower were photographed and collected prior to allowing the OME investigators to examine and recover the body. This was done knowing the potential of scene contamination once the body was moved into those areas.

Investigators from the Maricopa County Medical Examiner’s Office arrived to assist with the investigation at 1100 hours. The investigators were S. Seitz #46 and Willadson. Travis’ body was removed from the shower after being photographed, which revealed the extent of all his injuries. He had numerous injuries and trauma to his body, which indicated he had attempted to defend himself. The initial examination at the scene showed he had injuries consistent with multiple stab wounds to his torso, hands, upper back and head. The most prominent wound was to his throat, which had been cut open almost from ear to ear. The other prominent injury clearly visible was to the center of his chest. This wound was clearly visible because of its location and the fact it was still seeping bodily fluids. All of his injuries could not be accurately documented at the scene, because of the amount of trauma, dried blood and decomposition to his body. The OME case number was 08-3532. The Post was scheduled for Thursday morning, 6-12-08, with Dr. Horn. Travis’ body was sealed in a body bag with seal number 0282712.

During the search, I noted that Travis’ bedding was missing from his bed. A search of the entire bedroom and closets was done, but no bedding was located. A search of the washer and dryer in the downstairs laundry room revealed Travis’ bedding was in the dryer.

The reddish stain appearing to be blood on the washer was tested and found to be blood. A sample of that blood was taken for later testing. A digital camera was also found in the washing machine in the downstairs laundry room. The camera appeared as though it had been run through a wash cycle with several articles of clothing in the machine. The camera had severe water damage, but the digital card was intact. Both camera and digital card were seized for evidence so they could be analyzed at a later time by the police computer forensics unit.

The clothing found in the washing machine was later identified as Travis’. The clothing consisted of under garments, sweat pants, shorts, towels and t-shirts. The camera was later identified as belonging to Travis. This camera appeared to be the same type of camera Travis’ roommate Zachary had described. Zachary said he had consulted him on the purchase of the camera just a few months ago. The box and camera bag were also located in the home. The box was in the downstairs office and the camera bag was located in the upstairs loft near the master bedroom door.

Travis’ cellular phone was located in the downstairs office of the home. The last outgoing or incoming call was made at 1213 hours on 6-5-08. There were other incoming calls and text messages into the phone after that, but none were ever answered.

A laptop computer identified as belonging to Travis was found in the same office. The Mesa Police Computer Forensic Unit determined the last activity on that laptop was on 6-4-08 at 1619 hours. This consisted of email activity.

Several items of evidence were collected from the home during the service of the search warrant. Some of these items of evidence included blood samples for DNA typing, fingerprints and hair samples were found in the dried blood on the bathroom floor and baseboards. During the search for fingerprints, a latent print was found at the entrance of the bathroom hall at waist level. The print was in blood and was near several blood swipe marks in that same general area. The section of the wall containing the latent blood print was cut out and seized so it could be analyzed in the controlled environment of the police identification and crime laboratories.

For an exact list of items seized during the search warrant see the search warrant return forms. Detective L. Barrientos #9221 was assigned to document the scene and prepare the search warrant return forms. See her supplemental report for further details. Also see LPE Connor’s technical report for details regarding the photographing and collecting of evidence.

The search warrant was concluded on 6-13-08 at 0430 hours. The home was secured and turned over to Travis’ family at that time.

Next of Kin:
We were able to locate Travis’ next of kin out of CA. I was given information from one of our investigators to contact an Officer Eppel out of Carlsbad CA. I called Officer Eppel at 1406 hours on 6-10-08. He was able to give me information on Travis’ sister, Samantha Turbeville, who was also a police officer with the Carlsbad Police Department. I informed Officer Eppel of Travis’ death and of the ongoing investigation. He stated they would make the next of kin notification and provide Travis’ family with my phone number if they needed more information.

First interview with Jodi Arias:
On 6-10-08, while still at the scene conducting the search warrant, I received another message that Jodi Arias had called and was waiting for detectives to call her. I broke from the scene temporarily and called her for a telephonic interview. The interview was recorded.

Jodi stated that she did know Travis Alexander and had dated him for five months.

They did have a sexual relationship.

They officially broke up on 6-29-07, but had stayed friends since then.

She was currently in Yreka California near the Oregon border and had not returned to Mesa AZ since she moved in early April of this year.

The last time she spoke to Travis was on Tuesday 6-4-08 between 2000 and 2130 hours.

They had plans on seeing each other in May of this year but the trip kept getting postponed.

He was supposed to come up and see her last week, but it didn’t happen.

She had also taken a trip to Utah last week.

She mentioned Travis had a Cancun trip scheduled this week and she had emailed him asking if she could stay at his home while he was gone. This email had been sent to Travis on 6-7-08 but he never responded.

The reason they broke up was, because of jealousy. The jealousy went both ways.

She found out about Travis’ death from a mutual friend named Dan Freeman. Dan had called her late last night on 6-9-09 to tell her about what was going on.

On 6-11-08, I met with Travis’ brothers, Greg Alexander and Gary Alexander. They had traveled from Riverside CA to Mesa after hearing of their brother’s death. I provided them with the little information I could at the time without compromising the investigation. They both said they hadn’t been very close to Travis ever since he moved to Mesa. They had no idea who could have done this to him.

Telephone tip:
On 6-11-08, I received a tip through the Apache Junction Police Department. They had received an anonymous phone call from a female who stated we needed to look at a person named Dustin Thompson as someone who might have something to do with or might have information regarding the death of Travis Alexander. The message was short, but they were able to trace the phone number. Utilizing the phone number provided by A.J.P.D. we were able to get subscriber information on that number, which returned to a cellular phone owned by Dustin Thompson.

A records check revealed that Dustin Thompson was married to a female named Ashley Thompson who worked at the Dillard’s distribution center located in Gilbert AZ. On 6-12-08 at 1530 hours, Detective D. KLaufman #11674 and I met with Ashley at her work for a brief interview. Ashley had a cellular phone with her during the interview. We asked for her cell phone number and confirmed it was the same number that had called in the tip to A.J.P.D. We did not confront her about the phone tip, because we were still in the process of gathering intelligence on her husband, Dustin.

Ashley confirmed she and Travis were close friends and mentioned they had known each other for about three years. She said her husband also knew Travis. During the interview, she kept referring to her husband, Dustin, as her ex-husband. She explained that they were currently in the process of a divorce and is currently living separately from him. She said they were having financial issues and it was causing stress in their marriage.

Ashley gave us basic information regarding her relationship with Travis saying they were just friends and nothing else. The last time she actually saw him or talked with him was at his last UFC (Ultimate Fighting Champion) party about three weeks ago. She said Travis would have UFC parties about every Wednesday where they would watch the fights. She said she tried to call him on Monday the 9th of June, but she didn’t get an answer. She stated that she first heard about Travis’ death the day after he was found. She heard from another mutual friend named Deanna. Ashley said her husband, Dustin found out about Travis that first night. When she talked to Dustin, he told her he found out that first night and went over to see what was going on. Ashley gave us information about her husband, Dustin, including his work address and work schedule. She never mentioned during the entire interview that she was the one who called in with the anonymous phone tip. We finished the interview and asked if we could contact her again if we had any additional questions. She said that was fine.

I received a CD copy of the phone recording from Sergeant Jeff Robinson of the A.J.P.D. The original CD and a Copy were later placed into Mesa Police evidence.

I attended the autopsy on 6-12-08 at 0935 hours. Dr. Horn found that Travis had multiple lacerations and punctures and one gunshot wound. The wounds are listed as follows:

Eleven punctures to his upper back between the shoulder blades.
Two large lacerations to the top and back of his head.
One puncture to the back of his neck and ear.
Four punctures and lacerations to chest.
Three lacerations to belly.
One laceration across throat, which severed the right carotid artery and airway.
Four incised lacerations to the left hand (defensive wounds).
One incised laceration to right thumb (defensive wound).
One single gunshot wound to right brow. Projectile recovered in left cheek of victim.
The lacerations and puncture wounds are consistent with a single edged weapon at least 5 inches in length. Lack of stippling or gunshot residue or soot around the gunshot wound indicated the gunshot was taken no closer than two to three feet away.

The initial report from Dr. Horn was that the gunshot wound to Travis’ head would not have been fatal. The gunshot would have possibly disabled him temporarily. The knife wounds to his back did not enter the chest cavity; therefore they were not fatal either. He also had obvious defensive wounds to his hands tending to show he did attempt to protect himself during the attack. The fatal wounds consisted of a single stab wound to the center of his chest, which punctured his superior vena cava. This wound along with the final throat slicing were the cause of death. Manner of death would be listed as homicide.

Initial interview with Chris and Skylar Hughes:
On 6-12-08, I conducted a telephonic interview with Travis’ closest friend and business partner, Chris Hughes and his wife Sky Hughes. Chris stated he last had contact with Travis on Wednesday 6-4-08 at around noon. This was via phone text message. Travis had a very important telephone conference call on Wednesday 6-4-08 at 1900 hours, which he missed. Travis was supposed to be hosting the conference call, but no one was able to get a hold of him. This information matched what we had found on Travis’ phone on the day of the search warrant. The last outgoing text by Travis was to Chris Hughes and that was the last known contact he had with anyone.

They had been scheduled [sic] meet in Cancun, Mexico on 6-10-08 for a Prepaid Legal paid seminar/vacation. He tried to contact Travis on several occasions, but his cell phone messages were full. Chris figured he was just busy. While in[sic] route to Mexico, they heard about what happened and thought of Jodi Arias immediately. They knew both Jodi and Travis very well and stated that Jodi had been extremely obsessed with Travis even after their break up. They believed she was very capable of doing harm to him. When asked if Travis might have any other enemies, they said he did not. They said Travis was liked by everyone and could not think of anyone else who would do anything to him.

Interview with Clancy Talbot:
On 6-16-08, I returned a phone message left in my office. The message was from a woman named Clancy Talbot that I received on 6-11-08. Clancy stated she lived in Salt Lake City Utah and saw Jodi Arias during a Prepaid Legal seminar on 6-5-08. She stated that Jodi had been in contact with a person by the name of Ryan Byrnes[sic] while she was on the road from northern CA to Utah for the conference. She mentioned that Ryan had told her during a conversation that Jodi had left CA on Tuesday the 3rd of June, but didn’t get to Utah until Thursday the 5th of June.

Ryan told her that he had lost contact with Jodi for over twenty hours during the trip, which Jodi explained by saying she got lost and had pulled over on the side of the road to sleep for a while. Jodi wasn’t scheduled to be part of the seminar, but told Ryan that she was just passing through. Clancy said she had heard from other people that Jodi had told them she was going there specifically to see Ryan. People tried to call Jodi while she was on the road, since they were expecting her on Wednesday, but her phone was shut off. When she finally showed up on Thursday, she seemed to be acting a little odd. She thought maybe it was because she was tired or something.

Clancy said she was concerned, because the trip from northern CA to Salt Lake City only takes about ten hours or so. She thought maybe Jodi might have taken a trip to Mesa to see Travis beforehand and not told anyone. Clancy also mentioned that Jodi showed up with brown hair, when normally she had blonde hair.

I asked Clancy about Travis and Jodi’s relationship. Clancy said that ever since Travis told Jodi no longer wanted to be with her, she has been “very clingy”. She described her as acting very “Fatal attraction”. Clancy thought I might need to talk to Ryan about what he knew o she provided me with his phone number.

Interview with Lisa Andrews:
On 6-16-08, I contacted Travis’ former girlfriend, Lisa Andrews, via phone. Lisa explained she was Travis’ last girlfriend and had begun dating him after he and Jodi had broken up. I had asked Lisa about an email she had received after she and Travis both had their tires slashed by an unknown person. She said the tire slashing had occurred back in November or December of 2007, while they were still dating. Travis was at her house late one night and they had received a knock at the door. They went out and didn’t see anyone. Later they discovered that Travis’ tires had been slashed. They thought it was possibly just a random act until the very next night when he was over again and they received another knock at the door. Travis ran out and found his tires had been slashed again. They made a call to the Mes[sic] Police Department for a report. They waited for officers to respond to take a criminal damage report, but after several hours of waiting for an officer they couldn’t wait any longer and left. An official report was never taken, but a call for service at the address detailing the reason for call, was documented under incident number 20080420471.

The next day, 12-8-08 at 0852 hours Lisa said she received an email from a John Doe. The mail was extremely hostile and talks about her relationship with Travis. Lisa saved the email, which she was able to send to me. The following is an excerpt of that email:

“You are a shameful whore. Your Heavenly Father must be deeply ashamed of the whoredoms you’ve committed with that insidious man. If you let him stay in your bed one more time or even sleep under the same roof as him, you will be giving the appearance of evil. You are driving away the Holy Ghost, and you are wasting your time. You are also compromising your salvation and breaking your baptismal convenants. Of all the commandments to break, committing acts of whoredom is one of the most displeasing in the eyes of the Lord. You cannot be ashamed enough of yourself. You are filthy, and you need to repent and become clean in the eyes of God. Think about your future husband, and how you disprespect[sic] not only yourself, but him, as well as the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Is that what you want for yourself? Your future, your salvation, and your posterity is resting on your choices and actions. You are a daughter of God, and you have been a shameful example. Be thou clean, sin no more. Heavenly Father loves you and wants you to make the right choices. I know you are strong enough to choose the right. Your Father in Heaven is pulling for you. Don’t ignore the prompting you receive, because they are vital to your spiritual well-being.”

Lisa said she was never able to prove that Jodi was the one who sent this email to her, but she was the one person that came to mind. I told her I was following several leads in this case, and wanted to know if anyone else, besides Jodi Arias came to mind as a possible suspect. I asked about any one[sic] else he might have had problems with or any former roommates of his that might have had it in for him. She did not think anyone else could have done this to Travis, but mentioned I could always look into talking to some of Travis’ old roommates. She mentioned the name of one of his old roommates named John Hepworth. She knew Travis and John didn’t see eye to eye, on a lot of things, but he did move out suddenly one night without telling Travis about it. John lived with Travis from July or August of 2007, to December of that same year. She knew they didn’t get along, but she can’t see any reason why he would want to do harm to Travis.

Follow-up interviews:
On 16-6-08, I contacted Marie (Mimi) Hall, Dallin Forrest and Michelle Lowery and asked if they could come in for follow-up interviews and to give fingerprint and DNA samples for exclusionary purposes. They all agreed and the interviews were scheduled for the evening of 6-17-08.

On 6-16-08, I was able to contact Jodi Arias via phone. She said she was in town for Travis’ memorial service and asked if she had a chance to come in for an interview the following day. I explained to her I had three other people coming in on 6-17-08 for interviews and to give fingerprint and DNA samples for exclusionary purposes. She said she was leaving the following day, but would make an attempt to come in for an interview.

On 6-17-08 at approximately 1800 hours, Jodi Arias along with Dallin Forrest, Michelle Lowery and Marie Hall, came to the Mesa Police headquarters Building at 130 N. Robson to be voluntarily fingerprinted. They also gave a voluntary sample of saliva (buccal swab) for DNA typing.

Dallin, Michelle and Marie all gave follow-up interviews, but Jodi stated she no longer wanted too[sic]. Jodi said she had been talking to a close friend who convinced her that many people had been talking about her being involved in Travis’ death. After that friend talked to her she felt uncomfortable talking to me without consulting an attorney first. No interview was done with Jodi on that day. No knew[sic] information was obtained from the interviewes[sic] with Dallin, Michelle of[sic] Marie. All interviewes[sic] were recorded and submitted for evidence.

On the following day, 6-18-08 at 1600 hours, Enrique Cortez came in for a follow-up interview. Also in that evening around the same time were Ashley Thompson and her husband Dustin Thompson. All three also agreed to be voluntarily fingerprinted and gave buccal swabs for DNA typing.

Enrique Cortez:
I conducted the follow-up interview with Enrique while Detective Kaufman re-interviewed Ashley. I had Enrique go over what was going on at the house the week of June 2nd. He remembered only five people had been in the house that week. These people were Travis, Zachary, Amanda, him and his girlfriend, Kim. The last time he remembered seeing Travis was on Wednesday 6-4-08. He remembered talking to Travis that morning and he told him he had a conference call scheduled that day. Travis also told him he hadn’t slept very much, only getting about 45 minutes of sleep that night.

The last time he thinks he remembered seeing Travis was on Wednesday evening, after he got home from work. Enrique said he normally gets home from work at 1800 to 1830 hours. He remembered Travis on the phone, possibly on a conference call.

Wednesday seemed to be the last day things were somewhat normal.

Thursday was the first day things seemed a little odd. The morning was normal, but when he got home at around 1800 hours, the front door was locked. This was unusual, because Travis normally keeps the door unlocked. He had to gain entry into the home through the garage. He then noticed the downstairs furniture had been moved and pushed off of the tile floor. He noticed the floor cleaner was out in the middle of the living room floor. Before that, Travis hadn’t finished assembling it. He assured Travis was getting ready to clean the tile floor.

Enrique said he remembered he and his girlfriend Kim were going to the Temple that evening. He just hung out in his bedroom watching television and playing a video game until his girlfriend showed up. He also remembered his girlfriend, Kim, saying something about Travis’ CTR ring and watch sitting on the kitchen counter. This was unusual, because he normally doesn’t go anywhere without them.

Another unusual thing he noticed was the dog fence that Travis had for his dog, Napoleon, was on the stairs restricting access to the upstairs. That was unusual, because Travis never restricted the dog’s access to any part of the house. The dog was allowed to roam the entire house.

When asked if he talked to Zachary that week, he said he remembered talking to him on Saturday 6-7-08. Zach had asked him if he had seen Travis that week. Zach was expecting some mail and asked if he knew where the mail key was. Zach also asked him if he had some jumper cables, because he was having problems starting his car.

Enrique said nothing seemed odd until Sunday, when Travis missed church. He just assumed he was out of town or something. Also both Travis’ bedroom and office doors were closed.

Regarding the laundry, Enrique said he did laundry early that week, but didn’t notice anything odd. I explained that we had found certain clothing items such as religious under garments and other men’s clothing. Enrique identified the clothing as belonging to Travis. He said Travis is the only other person in the house that wears religious garments.

I asked Enrique when he thought this happened to Travis. He said it was possibly on Thursday, while he was at work. Thursday was the day things were moved around downstairs and his ring and his watch were on the kitchen counter. I told Enrique that Travis had missed a scheduled conference call on Wednesday evening that week. Enrique seemed a little confused, because he remembered being in the kitchen on Wednesday evening eating, when he saw Travis walking downstairs on the phone doing a conference call. Enrique said he could not be certain what day it was he last saw Travis.

Enrique’s girlfriend, Kim, was not interviewed at this time. She was contacted and asked if she would be willing to come in for an official interview. She agreed to give an official statement, with enough notice.

Ashley Thompson:
After his interview with Ashley Thompson, Detective Kaufman briefed me of his findings. He said Ashley did confirm that she was the one who called A.J.P.D. and left the anonymous information about her husband. She explained that she and her husband were having a lot of difficulties and he was just acting strange during that time. She and Travis were very close and she had even asked Travis about moving in with him as a roommate after her separation from her husband, Dustin. Both she and Travis agreed it was not a good idea she move in, because of the way it might look. They were just good friends and they didn’t want people to think something inappropriate was going on. After Travis was found she thought about how strange Dustin had been acting. It was during the few weeks leading up to Travis’ death that she moved out to her own apartment and they were both dealing with the possible foreclosure of their house. Since the day she made the anonymous call, her suspicions of Dustin have gone away.

See detective Kaufman’s supplemental report for the full details of the interview with Ashley. Dustin Thompson was not interviewed that day, because of time constraints. He did agree to come in on another day for an interview if needed.

On 6-19-08 I had both Zachary Bililngs and his girlfriend Amanda McBrien come back in for their follow-up interviews. They also came in to be voluntarily fingerprinted. Amanda also gave buccal swabs for DNA typing. Zach gave buccal swabs the first day he was interviewed.

Zachary Billings:
On the follow-up interview with Zach, I wanted to pinpoint his schedule on the week of June 2nd 2008. The following is a breakdown of what he did that week:

Monday the 2nd he was house sitting for his girlfriend Mandy and her parents. They were out of town on a cruise.

Tuesday the 3rd he went back home and got ready for work. He went to work at 1500 hours that afternoon.

Wednesday the 4th, was his day off. He got up and returned the rental car he had been using. His car was being repaired after being in an accident.

He returned home at about 1500 hours for about an hour before going back to Mandy’s house at about 1600 hours. It was either Tuesday or Wednesday that he remembered the furniture being moved or pushed off of the tile and the floor cleaner out.

He also remembered the banister had been cleaned. After cleaning Mandy’s house on Wednesday, he returned home at 2100 hours. His girlfriend Mandy and her parents were returning the following day from their cruise.

The rest of his schedule that week had been covered in his original interview. I asked about the laundry he said he did that week. He was not positive if he had done laundry on Tuesday morning. I explained we had found some clothing in the washing machine, which included some white religious garments. He confirmed that clothing was either Travis’ or Enrique’s. He also said that Travis was very neat and would never wash his whites with colors.

Zach said nothing seemed unusual that week. He didn’t remember anyone at the house and didn’t see any unusual cars parked in the neighborhood that week. Enrique’s girlfriend was feeding Travis’ dog Napoleon, so he assumed Travis was out of town that week again.

Photos from camera:
On 6-19-08 I was contacted by Detective M. Melendez #11714 about images he located on the memory card found in the digital camera, which was found in the washing machine. The digital card had several pictures on it, including some, which had been deleted. Det. Melendez recovered these deleted pictures. The deleted pictures were of Travis naked in the shower, just before his death. The first one was time stamped on 6-4-08 at 1722 hours. There were several pictures of Travis as he was clearly posing for the camera.

The last picture taken of Travis alive was at 1730 hours as he was sitting in the shower with his right side exposed to the person taking the pictures. The photo that followed was taken at 1731, which was a photo of the ceiling above the shower. This photo was out of focus as though the camera was moving at the time it was taken.

The next photo was taken at 1733 hours. This photo was dark and the image was unclear. Once it was enhanced it was clear it had been taken while the camera was upside down and possibly by accident. The photo was of a nude male lying on his back with large amounts of blood around his neck and shoulders. This amount of blood is consistent with the type of neck wound Travis sustained. The photo also revealed someone standing over the body possibly reaching down to move it. The only thing visible of the second person was the person’s right pants leg and a foot. It appeared as though the person was wearing a dark colored sock or shoe with striped sweat pants, which have a zipper on the back of the cuff. It was difficult to tell the color of the pants the suspect was wearing, but it appeared to be blue. This picture showed this incident occurred at the north end of the bathroom hall, where the largest amount of blood was located at the scene.

The last picture taken also appeared to have been taken by accident. This picture was too dark as well and had to be enhanced. Once enhanced, it was clearly a picture of the bathroom hallway floor and baseboard. The main object was not clearly visible, but it appeared it was covered in a blood like or dark liquid substance. The baseboard and floor also had signs of the same colored substance.

Detective Melendez stated there were other unallocated photos on the digital card that he would have to work on to retrieve. He was able to retrieve these photos, which were time stamped starting on 6-4-08 at 1340 hours. The first retrieved photo was of Jodi Arias lying nude on Travis’ bed posing for a picture. There were eight pictures total, six of Jodi Arias and two of the victim Travis Alexander. All were nude pictures and some in provocative sexual poses.

The date and time of these photos is consistent with the date and time of Travis’ death. This also indicates Jodi was lying about not seeing Travis since April of 2008. This also proves that Jodi was the last person I can prove had contact with Travis prior to his death.

Phone call from Jodi initiating contact:
On Saturday 6-21-08, I received a call on my cellular phone from Jodi Arias. The call went directly to voicemail and she did leave a message. She left me a message to give her a call back when I had a chance. She left her name and her phone number.

On Monday 6-24-08, I called Jodi back asking her what I could do for her. Jodi said she called me on Saturday, because she was having a bad day. She mentioned she missed Travis’ funeral in southern California, because she got a flat tire on the way to the airport. Another reason for her call was to check on any updates to the case.

She also mentioned the fact of wanting to talk to an attorney before giving an official statement. She said she regretted saying that and was now willing to give a statement. I told her it was still up to her if she wanted to give a statement. Jodi said she was possibly going to Tucson in a few weeks and cold possibly stop by to give her statement while on the way. She also said she could give a statement over the phone if I needed.

She didn’t have time to talk this day and asked if we could make an appointment for a telephonic interview the following day. We agreed to talk on the phone for an official interview on 6-25-08 between 1000 and 1100 hours.

Before ending this conversation, I asked her one question. I asked if she had sent Travis and email about coming down to visit him. She said she had sent him that email just a week or so before he was found. She said he did not respond so she assumed he was probably off in California. She was planning on staying in his home while he was away and visiting her friends. She said Travis had an open door policy and used to let her stay on occasion to watch his dog, while he was out of town. She didn’t do the trip, because her budget didn’t allow it at that time. She did however take a trip to southern California and to Utah.

At the end of the conversation she asked how she would go about getting some of her belongings she left at Travis’ house. She apparently left some of her clothing behind. She said it wasn’t anything very valuable so she wouldn’t bother anyone about it.

Follow-up interview with Jodi Arias:
On 6-25-08, I contacted Jodi Arias via phone for interview. She stated she left her home in northern CA on Tuesday 6-3-08 en route to Salt Lake City Utah for a Pre Paid Legal (PPL) conference. On Wednesday and Thursday of that same week she said she rented a car in Redding CA and drove first to the Los Angeles area (Monterey) to see a friend. She never met up with the friend and continued onto Utah via Los Vegas Nevada. When she left Los Angeles CA her phone battery died and lost all contact with friends waiting for her in Utah. She was finally able to find her cellular phone charger while reaching Las Vegas NV and finally made contact with her friends. She said she got lost and pulled over to the side of the road to sleep for a while. By the time she reached Salt Lake City Utah, it was late morning on Thursday 6-5-08. She participated in the last day of the conference then drove back home to Yreka CA late that night while in Salt Lake City she spent time with a person she identified as Ryan Byrnes.[sic]

According to Jodi and another source I spoke to, Ryan Byrnes, her trip from Yreka to Salt Lake City Utah via Los Angeles CA and Las Vegas NV, took her about 48 hours. I calculated the trip using her route with a stop of 10 hours to rest. This trip should not take any more than 29 hours to complete. A similar trip down through Los Angeles then to Mesa AZ and back up to Salt Lake City with 10 hours of rest would take approximately 37 hours to drive. This still leaves 10 to 11 hours of additional time for other activities.

Interview with Ryan Byrnes[sic]:
I called Ryan Byrnes[sic] on 6-25-08 and interviewed him via phone. I had called and spoke to Ryan earlier in the day, but caught him at a bad time. I asked him a few questions about Jodi’s trip and told him I would call him later to get more details. That first phone interview with Ryan was done prior to talking to Jodi that same day. During the second interview, Ryan confirmed the following:

He’s only known Jodi for a couple of months now. They met in Oklahoma at another PPL seminar.

Jodi called him and said she left L.A. (Monterey area) on Tuesday the 3rd of June at about 2300 hours. Her plan was to meet him on Wednesday for the PPL meeting.

The trip had been planned for about two weeks.

She told him that she forgot her phone car charger so she said she had to turn her phone off to save the battery.

At 2300 hours on Wednesday night, she finally called him and said she had gotten lost and driven in the wrong direction. She also said she had run out of gas.

At the time of that phone call, she said she was near Las Vegas Nevada. She told him she had just passed a sign that said she was 100 miles or so from Las Vegas.

She finally showed up at 1100 hours on Thursday June 5th. She stayed in town with him for only a few hours. They hung out at the meeting, had dinner with him and other friends then watched a movie at his place. She took a nap and left town at around 0200 or 0300 hours the next morning.

He wasn’t sure what kind of car she was driving at that time. He thinks she was driving a white Ford Focus. He had never seen the car she owned, and thinks it was possibly a rental car.

Jodi sent him a text on that next Sunday or Monday night. He called her back and she told him that Travis had passed away.

He knew about Travis, because she had mentioned him several times in the past.

After Travis was found, a lot of mutual friends in Utah were pointing fingers at Jodi as being responsible for his death.

Another rumor circulating was that Travis had been shot with a .25 Caliber handgun.

He also heard that there was a struggle possibly involving one or two people and he was both shot and stabbed.

Forensic evidence results:

On 6-26-08, I received a call from the Mesa Police Identification section. I spoke to Senior Print Analyst, H. Baxter, who informed me that the latent print left on the bathroom wall in blood had been identified. She had individualized the latent print to Jodi Arias’ left palm. This was conclusive evidence that Jodi was present at the time of Travis’ death. The print was left by Jodi touching the wall with a bloody left hand.

On 7-3-08, the Mesa Police Crime Lab contacted me with some initial DNA typing results. The initial results of the DNA test surrounding the bloody palm print indicated it was in fact blood. The DNA typing indicated it was a mixture of DNA from two individuals. One was from the victim, Travis and the other was from Jodi Arias.

A long hair found in the same hallway, stuck to the wall with blood, was also identified as Jodi’s. This long hair was identified as number six (6) on the search warrant returns.

Forensic Chemist J. Legg #15933 submitted the final report detailing these findings on 8-5-08. See her Forensic Services report for all the details.

Investigation continued.

Copy of Scanned Report: jodi-arias-flores-investigation-report-8-27-2008