Dr Horn Rebuttal

Around 15 minutes in, Dr Horn testified that if the gunshot were first Travis Alexander would not have been able to go to the sink and later down the hallway.

Transcript of juror questions ( 30 minutes 40 seconds into the video ):

JUDGE SHERRY STEPHENS: Jodi stated she shot Travis in the middle of the bathroom. If that were true and he would have started bleeding from his nose and mouth, wouldn`t there have been blood found in the middle of the bathroom floor?

Dr. Horn: Normally if you`re shot in the brain there`s going to be blood associated with that. There would be bleeding where the injury occurred. I would expect that, yes.

STEPHENS: Is it possible you could be wrong about Travis being able to ambulate for only a few seconds after the gun shot?

Horn: I don`t believe so, no.

STEPHENS: Can you explain what could happen to cause a different outcome?

Horn: I don`t understand the question.

STEPHENS: What could happen that could allow Travis to still move well and for a longer length of time?

Horn: If the bullet had not passed through his brain, that could change the outcome.