Gas to Mesquite

Consider the journey from Pasadena to Travis’ house in Mesa, then to Mesquite. Per google maps:

  • Pasadena to Mesa, E Queensborough Ave is 389 miles.
  • E. Queensborough Ave to Mesquite is 412 miles.

The total is 801 miles. Assuming 29 miles per gallon*, that needs 27.62 gallons of gas.

Jodi’s previous gas stop before Pasadena was King City, 258 miles before.

At 29mpg, that means she used about 8.9 gallons for that leg, so the maximum she had left in her tank before buying gas was 4.6 gallons ( her gas tank was 13.5 gallons ).

At Pasadena, Jodi bought a total of 20.7 gallons of gas.

So the maximum gas she had leaving Pasadena was 20.7 + 4.6 gallons = 25.3 gallons, assuming the gas cans she borrowed were empty.

This is not enough gas to get to Mesquite.

Conclusion: either Jodi bought gas between Pasadena and Mesquite (defense case), or (prosecution case) the gas cans she borrowed from Darryl were not empty, and would need to have had at least 2.5 gallons of gas in them before the fill-up at Pasadena.

That seems rather unlikely. Gas does not keep well for long in gas cans, so it is advisable to use the gas up at the end of a desert trip.

*  The Ford Focus got no more than 29 MPG based on the assumption that all gas capacity was utilised when leaving Salt Lake City on the way to Winnemucca.

1880 W Winnemucca Bl
Winnemucca, NV 9844

Quantity 12.175 Gallons ( 353 miles from SLC to Winnemucca per google maps )
Price 4.099
Amount 49.91
Mastercard #2015 ( Jodi Arias )

353 Miles / 12.175 Gallons = 29 MPG.

See also The Gas Cans.

An alternative look at the fill-up at Pasadena

Jodi buys:

  • 8.301 gallons Price $4.169 Value $35.06 (Inc. fee $0.45) Mastercard Time 08:42pm.
  • 9.59 gallons Price $4.169 Value $40.00 (Cash Prepaid $40) Time 20:46:30 – 20:53:24
  • 2.77 gallons Price $4.169 Value $11.56 (Cash Prepaid $20)  Time 20:53:31 – 20:54:52
  • Total 20.661 gallons.

Additional facts:

  • The distance from her previous gas stop (King City) is about 261 miles.
  • At 29 MPG, that means there is space for at least 9 gallons in the main tank.
  • It can be more, gas at King City is relatively expensive, Jodi might not fill right up there.

So how can this be filling three gas cans?
To fill the main tank and three gas cans needs at least 9 + 3×5 = 24 gallons of gas.
The only solution would be if you suppose the gas cans borrowed from Darryl already had about 3.4 gallons of gas in them.

If that is the State’s theory, why was Darryl Brewer not asked if the gas cans were empty or not?

It would be unusual to lend someone gas cans with gas already in them. The testimony is that these were gas cans used for desert travel. Normal practice would be to use the gas up at the end of a desert trip, so that it doesn’t go “off”. Without special chemical treatment, modern gasoline can start to go stale in about 6 weeks to 2 months, see