Hallway trails

This page is about the trails of blood visible on each side of the hallway, and the trail of blood connected to the pool of blood on the carpet.

Some photos:


The view from the bedroom. Note the trail of blood from the pool on the carpet, which then goes onto the tiles.

Hallway Blood Trail

This shows the trail of blood, there seems to be a gap between markers 8 and 9, then it continues back up the hallway. Note this photo also shows a complex blood pattern near marker 7, suggesting activity near here, perhaps the final fight between Jodi and Travis where she was armed with a knife.

Note: near marker 9 you can see the trail is made up of a sequence of drops, meaning it must be blood dripping down from the gunshot wound.


Shows trails on boath sides of the hallway and trail away from the pool on the carpet.



The view looking towards the bedroom.

HallFromBathroom With Rotate Arrows

Part of the same image, with arrows added to show an apparent rotation, perhaps due to Travis’ body being rotated here prior to being dragged to the shower.



This photo has some red arrows to indicate the likely path Travis took, based on the trail of blood.


The same photo without the red arrows.


An overhead view of the stain on carpet. Note the multiple trails connected to the pool, this suggests these trails were made by a movement away from the pool, not towards it.


This shows a “swoosh” mark on the wall, indicating motion, and perhaps that as Travis came down the hallway some part of his body (head,head,arm perhaps)  contacted the wall before he reached the carpet.


Another view of the swoosh mark and the trail of blood on this side of the hallway, just before it reaches the carpet.

It might be tempting to think that Travis died on the carpet, and the return trail was made by Jodi dragging Travis back towards the shower. However the return trail after crossing the carpet diagonally (which is inconsistent with dragging), is close to the wall, and appears to have been made by blood dripping down. Also there is no smearing, again, this is not consistent with dragging.

More points:

  • A significant amount of blood was deposited on the carpet, but Travis was bleeding heavily from the gunshot.
  • There are no signs of smearing or dragging at all, and the trail of blood is blood dripping down – you can see many individual droplets, as well as a continuous stream.
  • The trail also runs very close to the wall, and starts diagnonally across the carpet.
  • It also resembles the trail on the other side.
  • A dead body will not bleed rapidly.
  • In addition, where the trail terminates, there is a large undisturbed pool of blood.

For all these reasons, the blood trail was made by Travis moving himself before he was dead.

The conclusion : there are trails of blood on both sides of the hallway, Travis came down the hallway, bled on the carpet for some time, then turned and went back towards the linen cupboard.