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The video was admitted into evidence by the state after prosecutors called Kevin Friedman, a police officer with the Yreka, Calif. Police Department to the stand. Friedman had investigated the reported theft of a .25 caliber gun, $30 in cash, a stereo and a DVD player from Arias’ grandparents on May 28, 2008.

During his testimony, Friedman noted that several other guns, stored in the same cabinet as the .25 caliber gun that was stolen, were left untouched, as well as a large amount of quarters that were on top of the cabinet.

“I believed it was unusual that small items worth money, for instance the change, was not taken,” Friedman testified. “I also felt it was strange that only one of the firearms was taken from the cabinet.”

During cross-examination by the defense, Friedman was asked if other burglaries had been committed in the community around the time the handgun and other items were stolen.

“There had been a rash of burglaries in our town … around that time,” Friedman testified.

Minute entry for the day

Note: there does not seem to be any video of Kevin Friedman’s testimony in the first trial.

Friedman’s retrial testimony ( 47 minutes 40 seconds in )

Note: Friedman testifies  Jodi told him she checked to see if her laptop was missing, whereas Jodi testified she took it with her. There is nothing in his report about this.

Possibly Friedman had a false impression or memory of what Jodi told him about the laptop. Perhaps he saw it in the hamper, and that Jodi showed him it was there and Friedman misunderstood. Perhaps he didn’t hear or remember everything she said, or perhaps she didn’t explain clearly. It doesn’t make any sense for Jodi to falsely testify she took it with her.

See Day 24, 2:49:30 for Jodi’s testimony that she took the laptop with her.