Kirk Nurmi closing


Starts 6 minutes in.

Fear, love, sex, lies and dirty little secrets.

Relationshipwith TA

What happened.between
exh. 159 5:29:20
exh 162 5:32:16
Three minutes.
Culmination of a plan to kill TA?
Or an act of self defense forced on Jodi.
Aspects of fear. Jury may have fear.
Other jurors may not agree.


You may fear how your verdict will be recvd.
Objective analysis of facts – not by sympathy or fear.
Verdict to be based on evidence. Look at the evidence.
What this case i not about. Not Snow White or Seven Dwarves.
Not about whether you like Jodi. Nine days out of ten I don’t like Jodi Arias.
Not about no jury will convict her.
What happened in 3 minutes.
Talks about felony murder…decided to steal his gun….
Shows fear.
She was unwelcome. No other feliony. Silly. Makes no sense.
EIther plot began in May or she wasn’t.
States says in May 2008, Jodi came up with plan. May19 – conversation – TA fearful.
May 10 – phone sex.
May 26 – TA calls Jodi names.
Plan makes no sense. Couldn’t live without TA, motive.
Jodi had moved back to Yreka to get away from TA.
Had account on LDS dating site. She wasn’t locked in on TA.
Started reltaionship with Ryan Burns.
Exh 325, 326. Gun cabinet. .25 is a very weak gun. Covert mission. She could have just taken it.
No police report. Nothing.
Father had more powerful, unregistered guns. Why stage a burglary.
Jodi Arias smart – creating police record, start covert mission by making a trail. Why?
Two nonsensical propositions. Why kill TA? Why stage a burglary?
Jodi owned a car. She could have driven it.She could have used her sisters or mother’s or father’s car.
None of those would create a paper record.
Rents car in Redding airport. Covert? No, creates a paper trail.
Exh 235, initials, signs her name. Paper trail. Not at all covert.
Got the car in June. June 2. Returns car June 9.
Budget rental. State says Jodi lied. Air fare and car rental are different.
Reserve car, oay for it when you are done. Priceline not getting money.
House of cards. Jodi wasn’t lying about budget/priceline.
Mr Columbo said her hair was blonde, but it wasn’t. Driving license.
Shows photo of Jodi with her sister. Exh 415, May 10.Exh 414 May 15, Jodi with dog.
Jodi wanted a white car. Speeding tickets myth. Not a big deal.
Did she srive to Mesa. No, she stops in Monterrey CA. visits former boyfriends.
Matt and Darryl.Alerted world to gun, car rental, location.
Would she say to Darryl – borrow two gas cans. tell him dhe is going to Mesa.
Could buy gas cans.
Receipts for gas, gas can,
Jodi went to bank, gas two WM accounts. Business and checking.
She deposits money into $400 in one, $300 in other. $100 into another. 237.005, 237.006, 237.007.
Transfer of money between accounts. She had balanced of $500, $200, $750 bucks total.
Why do banking transactions on covert mission?
When you buy gas with cash, you don’t create a trail.
Jodi had $750. Could have gone into Walmart, bought gas cans with cash, no witness.
Salinas. Exh 237.008
Buys extra gas can, shows receipt. Why did she keep the receipt?
Kirk claims Jodi didn’t say she returned it to the same Walmart.

Jury is not asked to convict Jodi of lying.
Crime is premeditated murder, not lying.

License plates makes no sense – will draw atteention of law enforcement.
Jodi bought gas. 237.001 002 003
June 3, 2008 Goes to ARCO, 8:42.
Not covert. Keeps receipts.
No evidence on how much Ford Focus holds.
Spoke with Ryan Burns. Around 9, 9:30 Ryan said Jodi was expected in about 12 hours.
10 or 11 next morning, June 4.
Jodi doesn’t set up an alibi.
Jodi switched her phone off. Back on near Hoover dam.
Jodi was speaking with TA.
Exh 36. TA’s office.
Morning of June 4, 4am arrives.TA on computer watching youtube videos, dancing with boxes.
TA was not scared of Jodi, he slept with her.
Jodi expected in Utah 6 hours later.
Jodi has prepared, does she shoot him? No, it makes no sense. They sleep.
TA is asleep. Ideal opportunity. No better time.
They had sex. Took pictures. Jodi naked on the bed.
State says Jodi is there to kill Travis. Why let him take pictures of you at scene. Makes no sense,
Jodi took elfie on June 3, 2008? Why take picture of yourself with secret hair color? Makes no sense.
Last thing you would want is to hvae pictures of yourself taken.