Lisa Daidone (Andrews)


Cross, Redirect, Juror questions at 32 minutes.

Summary From Huffington Post report:

Jodi Arias’ lawyers attacked the character of murder victim Travis Alexander, calling to the stand an ex-girlfriend who said she felt cheated and lied to after they dated.

During questioning by defense attorney Jennifer Willmott, Daidone said she met Alexander at a church function and they dated on and off beginning in July 2007. Daidone said she was 18 and Alexander was 29 when they met.

The first time she broke up with Alexander, Daidone said she believed he was cheating on her with Arias. A former roommate of his told Daidone’s sister he was cheating, and she shared the information with Daidone, she testified.

Following the breakup, Alexander emailed and texted Daidone, and they got back together when she felt she could trust him again, she testified. However, they again broke up, Daidone said, because she felt Alexander was pressuring her to get married and she did not feel ready.

Daidone testified she never had sexual intercourse with Alexander. Willmott then questioned Daidone about an email she sent to Alexander on Sept. 23, 2007.

In the email, Daidone told Alexander she did not want him to text or email her anymore. It says when they were together, they would make out “for too long” and that Daidone felt Alexander wanted her just for her body. She felt Alexander had a lot of sexual tension, which made her feel used and dirty, the email says.

Daidone wrote in the lengthy email that she had asked Alexander not to “grab her butt,” especially in public, but she did not feel he was really listening to her. She said she also asked him not to talk about sex so much “but he did anyway,” and she did not feel like he cared how she felt.

Alexander, according to Daidone’s email, asked for compliments often and did not share the same values that she embraced. She also said he overreacted a lot.

Daidone testified that she later discussed the email with Alexander, who said he wanted to show Daidone that he cared about her and to address the issues in the email. Daidone said Wednesday that she had written the email in anger, and that the couple soon felt the issues were resolved and began dating a third time.

The reunion, however, did not last long and the couple’s last breakup -– a mutual one according to Daidone -– was in February 2008.

Willmott asked Daidone if she was shocked to discover after Alexander died that he was not a virgin, to which she replied, “Yes.”

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