Michael Melendez

Transcript of Day 6, Part 2 1 hour 10 minute in:

JW: This is the laptop that was in the den?
Melendez: Yes (…)
Melendez: Yuh, I don’t know what that stands for ?self? usually a product id would be the id number of the operating system.
JW: So if it says “VIRUS ALERT” there does that mean there was a virus going on?
Melendez: It could be that that’s just what is written in there. I don’t know.
JW: Ok.
JW: Did you do any further investigation about it?
Melendez: I did not see any signs of viruses on the computer, no.
JW: Ok
JW: But if you didn’t investigate any further as to what that meant “Product Id Virus Alert”
Melendez: By looking at the computer and checking for viruses, which I did, I did not see anything.

1 hour 16 minutes into part 2 Juan Martinez throws the camera on the ground, the defense object and the jury is sent out.


It is a virus : see http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20080821035531AA5WGbc