The Prosecution lied about the Letters

From a Huffington Post report, by David Lohr, 29 December 2011

Jodi Arias is also claiming that Alexander admitted in the letters that he was a pedophile. But, according to Cobb, the prosecutor’s office was able to show the letters were not all they were alleged to be.

“They did a scientific examination of the letters and concluded they had been forged,” Cobb told The Huffington Post.

However, it emerged during the penalty retrial that this was untrue. From a report dated October 16, 2014 by Michael Kiefer

“His own expert did not say those letters were forged,” Nurmi said. Instead, Nurmi claimed, the expert only said they could not be authenticated because they were copies.

NOT what Cobb told David Lohr. Why was the prosecution lying? How could Jodi have forged the letters anyway, she was locked up in jail.

See Travis Letter to see one of the letters.

As an aside, Joe Arpaio claimed President Obama’s birth certificate was a forgery. Some people will believe anything, however unlikely it may be.