Motions and Rulings

This page is for selected filed motions and rulings. More can be found here.

Juan-Martinez-Bar-Complaint-Appeal-1 Feb 2018

Motion to Disqualify 4 Sept 2015 “Ms. Arias asks that the Court of Appeals be disqualified from further consideration of her appeal and that the appeal be transferred to the Arizona Supreme Court.”

Mistrial Motion 26 Jan 2015 “In this motion Ms. Arias takes the position that in violating this Court’s Order not to disclose the name of a corroborating witness, not once, not twice but to date three times and counting as well as their choice to improperly attack Dr. Geffner not only amounts to blatant prosecutorial misconduct but an intentional interference with Ms. Arias’ ability to present mitigating evidence..”

Motion To Dismiss 14 December 2014 “Later in the opinion, the Milke Court went on to discuss how the State’s choice to litigate against Milke’s Subpoena of Saldate’s personnel file was akin to active concealment (citations omitted). Of course in the case at hand, not only did the State actively tamper with evidence but they did not provide Ms. Arias’ expert with the most pristine image of the hard drive. Furthermore, the State offered testimony that no evidence of pornography or viruses was found on the hard drive. It would be hard to fathom how such behavior would not also be deemed “active concealment.””

Motion to To Dismiss October 2014

August 2009 Ruling

Petition For Review Feb 20, 2013