Photo – Toilet Entrance

Pool of blood

This photo shows a pool of blood near the toilet entrance.

Travis must have been stationary for some time for this pool to form here.

There is a trail of blood leaving this pool going towards the sinks, but no incoming trail, suggesting this is where Travis first bled, indicating he was shot somewhere near this location ( consistent with Jodi’s testimony but not consistent with being shot in the shower ).

See also Toilet Photo which shows blood spatter on the toilet.

This photo is annotated with an explanation:

These photos show the continuation of the trail of blood towards the sinks :128SinksAndLinenCupboardbathroom_8_-_qp10

This photo shows the side of the bath, note no sign of blood except on the extreme right hand side, the spatter towards the toilet ( see photo of toilet here ):



The toilet entrance spatter


Part of the same photo. The circled spot has dribbled down, is lighter in color and appears to be a mixture of blood and water (likely saliva), indicating coughed blood and not impact spatter as suggested by a prosecution witness.

The coughed spatter here can be compared with the spatter at the back of the sink, which shows a similar mixture of small and large drops:bathroomsink

See also Forensic Analysis of Expirated blood a thesis by Andrea Donaldson.