Raphael Colombo

Rents vehicles at Redding airport
June 2, 2008
JM: How does renting work?
RC: May walk up, or call in, or go on website
JM: What is required? Identification.
RC: 21 and over, major credit card, drivers license, under 25..
JM: Did you have occasion to rent a car. Exh. 235
RC: He says document is accurate, it is original.
Exh. 235 admitted.
JM: Three sheets.
RC: Name is Jodi Arias. RC identifies Jodi.
JM: What was Jodi’s demeanour
RC: Very pleasant, she called in more than once
JM: What sort of car did she ask for
RC: Somehting dependable.
JM: Was she alone
RC: Was with a gentleman
JM: She was going to take a small trip. Did not want a car loud in color.
RC: Jodi wanted a lighter car
RC: Asked Jodi who she was. She was pleasant to speak to, friendly.
JM: Do you remember her hair color back then?
RC: It was blonde.
[21:50] Rental document on screen
Car was due back June 6.
Unlimited miles.
Explains he asks where poeple are going in case oil change may be due
Conversation took about 15 minutes
Rented a white Ford Focus.
He was there when the car was returned, he checked it in.
JM: Anything unusual
RC: Car had more miles than he was expecting.
RC: Miles driven 2,834
RC: Talked to her about it. Did she take a longer trip. Jodi did not respond.
RC: Detailers clean the vehicle. He looked at it first, looking for chips/scratches.
RC: Noticed stains on the back seat. Appeared to be cool-aid.
RC: Cleaned it.
RC: Front seat : same cool-aid stain. Passenger and back in the middle.
RC: Floor-mats were all missing
KN: Owner, manager
RC: He is Budget contractor. He doesn’t work for them.
KN: Asks about websites.
KN: Do you known the source?
RC: Would be on the reservation, which he doesn’t have.
RC: Doesn’t know if there was a reservation before Jodi called him.
RC: Doesn’t accept cash. Need driver’s licence, major credit card.
RC: Credit card is swiped. Verified whether it has funds.
RC: Nowadays $200 or the amount of the rental.
RC: Doesn’t recall if Jodi showed insurance.
RC: Jodi was not hesitant about giving her details.
RC: He usually offers different vehicles. Jodi was not evasive,.
JM: Drivers license was verified? RC: Yes
JM: Let’s look at Exh. 235
RC: Has drivers license.
JM shows RC Exh 241. Jodi’s drivers license. Checks last 4 digits 7131. Name is Jodi Arias.
Exh 241 admitted.
JM asks RC to look at it.
[34:29] Shown on projector
JM says it shows a PO box.
JM is PO box ok? RC: back then they were accepted.
JM: Do they have a front and back license plates
End testimony

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