Recovered Photos

Photos records from  camera found in washing machine.

5:22:24 Neck down of Travis- he’s facing the right
5:22:36 Travis’ back-neck down (exhibit 142)
5:22:54 Travis’ back in the shower—very dark image (exhibit 140)
5:24:30 Right side of Travis’ head, he’s looking down (exhibit 147)
5:24:48 Left side of Travis’ head, he’s looking up (exhibit 148)
5:24:52 Wider shot of left side of Travis’ head/looking up (exhibit 149)
5:24:56 Shot looking up at Travis/left side of his head (exhibit 150)
5:25:00 Darker shot of Travis, looks like left side of his body with his arms above his head (exhibit 151)
5:26:56 (exhibit 153)
5:27:12 (exhibit 154)
5:27:18 (exhibit 155) Left side of Travis
5:27:28 (exhibit 156) NOT SHOWN
5:28:54 (exhibit 157) NOT SHOWN
5:29:12 (exhibit 158 NOT SHOWN
5:29:20 Travis looking at the camera –see his face(exhibit 159)
5:30:30 Travis sitting down in the shower (exhibit 160)
5:31:14 bathroom ceiling (exhibit 161)
5:32:16 Travis on the floor bleeding (exhibit 162)
5:33:32 Baseboard with blood on it (exhibit 163) [Timestamp source:DC P3  46:52]

  1. This picture shows the top of the shower door and the shower ceiling. Jodi Arias testified it was taken just after she lost her grip on the camera as she attempted to catch the camera.

Exhibit 161, timestamp 5:31:14, Shower Ceiling

2. This photo was taken 62 seconds after the shower ceiling photo. It shows Alexander lying on his back. His right foot is visible. See here for testimony. His right foot is pointing into the bathroom, roughly in the direction of  the sink units.


Exhbit 162, timesteamp 5:32:16, 62 seconds after shower ceiling photo

3. This photo was taken a further 76 seconds after the 62 second photo. It is unclear what it shows.


Exhibit 163, timestamp 5:33:32, 76 seconds after Exhibit 162



Another photo – from Nancy Grace launch of Juan Martinez book, 16 Feb, 2016

[ Source: ]

Video on location of Exh. 162. It explains that the linen cupboard door is shut.


In this version ( first seen Spring 2016 ) it appears that Jodi’s hair is visible at the top of the photo.