Redding Car Rental

This page is about the prosecution claim that Jodi lied on the stand about how she booked the Redding rental car.

Jodi’s testimony ( source ), 35 minutes  15 seconds in.

Kirk Nurmi: “How did you come to wind up renting a car at this location as opposed to somewhere that might be closer to you?”

Jodi: “Well I think there are car rentals in Yreka, but I went to it was either Priceline, Expedia or Travelocity or Orbitz, one of those things. One of those travel websites where you put in your information to rent a car. The only near cities that were coming up were Medford, Oregon, or Redding, California, so I was going South, Medford is 50 miles North, Redding 50 miles is South, I had family in both places so I thought I could drive my car to either location, park it, and get on the road. Going South made more sense because I was headed that way.”


Kirk Nurmi: “When you made the reservation on the car, do you recall going to Redding to rent the car?”
Jodi: “Yes.”

Kirk Nurmi: “Do you remember what sort of information you had to provide be it Orbitz or Priceline or whoever you garnered the car through.”

Jodi: “To the best of my recollection, I needed to give my name, probably a phone number, and payment information.”

Juan Martinez’s closing argument ( source ), 1 hour 13 minutes 15 seconds in.

“The other thing that we need to talk about in terms of what she told you that is not true is why she rented the car in Redding. She said that’s the place that Priceline would give her the best deal but the receipts, the statement from Washington mutual that indicated that hey, she paid directly to Budget, but that wasn’t a Priceline thing, she looked at each and every one of you and that’s what she told you, well that’s because of course she’s innocent and you as a jury are not going to convict her, right.”

also from prosecution closing part 1:

And so she says that’s the reason why she goes to Redding, California. Except that the documents show something else, exhibit 523, is the statement from Washington Mutual from June 1st, of 2008 to June 30th, 2008. And this is the statement that she, the defendant, authenticated on the witness stand. And in fact, what we have here, is the Budget Rent-A-Car, you see it June 9th Budget Rent-A-Car in Redding, California. That’s what we’re talking about. But if you also remember, after she killed Mr. Alexander she came to the memorial and she flew down here. And if you take a look at down here, there it is, see that, she paid two hundred forty-six dollars and ninety-nine cents and that was to and it says air. Hmm, this Priceline, they have to get their act together here, yeah, yeah, at one point when it comes down to the flight, yeah, yeah, they … I pay them, but when it comes to the car even though I go through Priceline, I’ve got to pay for the car, then how is Priceline ever going to get paid if they don’t take their money upfront for the rental car? That’s how it works. They get their money up front.

Nurmi: Objection, arguing facts not in evidence.

Stephens: Overruled.

They get their money up front, and that’s how it’s solicited in these documents, so that we know whose getting the money. Otherwise, if it were left to Budget then you’re imposing upon Budget, if Priceline is involved, another accounting step for them to pay Priceline and it may be a situation where Priceline never pays them. So by this document right here, when the defendant tells that, hmm the reason that I went to Redding was because of the Priceline connection, she lied to you, unless of course, Washington Mutual made this up. Maybe Washington Mutual also subscribes to the Law of Attraction, and they don’t want to put anything negative here. Maybe, it could happen that way, right? That’s what they want you to believe. Don’t believe what’s written down, believe what I say. That’s the same situation here as it is with those diaries. They want to believe not what the diary says, what she tells you. They don’t want to believe what that document says, they want you believe you says.


Jodi didn’t say she used Priceline, she named FOUR different companies.

When booking with Travelocity, customers do not have to pay up-front, instead they can pay when they pick the car up.


Note it says “Reserve now, pay later”.


The next screen after selecting a car. Note “Due today: $0.00… Due at pick-up £228.25”.

Conclusion: the prosecution claim that Jodi lied on the stand has no foundation.

In addition, from Mr. Columbo’s testimony

KN: Owner, manager
RC: He is Budget contractor. He doesn’t work for them.
KN: Asks about websites.
KN: Do you known the source?
RC: Would be on the reservation, which he doesn’t have.
RC: Doesn’t know if there was a reservation before Jodi called him.

So in fact it seems uncertain if Jodi actually reserved the car online.

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