Scene summary

Most people agree that the prosecution theory that the gunshot was last cannot be true. The reasons are explained here.

But what about other theories? Is it even possible that Jodi murdered Travis? It is very implausible and contrary to evidence at the scene, based on several circumstances.

1. The gunshot angle, combined with no gunshot residue, suggests Travis had his head down (also turned left, and looking back) when he was shot.  The lack of gunshot residue implies it was not point blank range (at least two or three feet away), so how could Jodi have shot Travis at that angle unless he was charging at her?

2. The photograph of the shower ceiling suggests Jodi was trying to catch the camera, and in doing so took a picture after the camera had rotated to face the ceiling. It’s almost impossible to account for this photo if Jodi is creeping up on  Travis with a gun, with him sitting in the shower. Surely he would look up as Jodi dropped and attempted to catch the camera. And why would she attempt to catch it if she is bent on murder?

3. After Travis is shot, he stands at the sink, and turns the taps on and off. Why is he not afraid Jodi will shoot him again, unless the shot was accidental? We know she didn’t leave, because soon after there is a photo with Jodi standing near Travis in the hallway. It’s also improbable (not impossible) that the gun would jam after one shot, and that Jodi, intent on murder, would be unable to clear the jam.

4. If Travis was shot in the shower, why is there no blood evidence that supports that? There is no blood on the shower walls, or anywhere from the shower over to the pool of blood near the toilet entrance. It overwhelmingly more likely that Travis was shot in the middle of the bathroom as Jodi describes.

5. The distinct large pools of blood indicate there were quite long periods of time after Travis was shot, but before he was dead, when he did nothing for quite a long period of time. This is not consistent with a continuous attack. Why does Travis not attempt to escape?

6. There is a trail of blood leaving the pool of blood on the carpet. Why would Travis turn back towards the bathroom? There appears to be blood spatter inside the linen closet, but in Exh. 162 the linen closet door is shut. So it appears someone opened the line closet after Exh. 162 ( or perhaps that spatter got there before Exh. 162 and the door was subsequently shut ).

7. Why doesn’t Travis attempt to escape after being shot? He cannot be entirely helpless and dying from the gunshot as Jodi would not need to risk attacking with a knife in that case, and the “defensive” wounds, and the generally chaotic nature of the wounds indicate a desperate struggle for the knife consistent with Travis fighting hard. Instead, the scene is compatible with Jodi waiting anxiously for Travis to calm down.

See also What happened after Travis was shot? for a possible explanation of the above evidence.

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