Sexual attraction to children

This is a summary of the evidence corroborating Jodi’s testimony that Travis Alexander had a sexual attraction to children. There is an appeal issue here as well, from a news report ( 13 Feb 2015 ):

“During the first trial in 2013 and earlier in this trial, Mesa police experts testified that there was no porn and or viruses on the computer. Martinez had used that testimony to impeach Arias’ claims that there were both, and it furthered his portrayal of Arias as a liar. But defense experts subsequently found porn and the viruses associated with the device. Mesa police have since admitted it was there all along.”

Evidence points

1. In the sex tape, Travis references a 12 year old girl in a sexual way.

2. “Spiderman” underwear that Travis gave Jodi as a Valentine present ( note : the existence of this was corroborated by a text message 5 minutes 40 seconds in. Nurmi: “Now on that day.. the second message down, you talk about a schoolgirl outfit, and then you reference this “Spiderman undies”. Was that a reference to the underwear you received for Valentine’s day? Jodi: Yes. ).

3. Pornographic videos found on Travis’ laptop computer  during the penalty retrial( see Other prosecution claims ).

4. A witness caught Travis downloading child pornography in January 2001.

This is in addition to the letter not admitted into evidence ( due to the original not being available ).
Update 12 Nov 2015: it seems this letter was forged by Jodi, according to Kirk Nurmi.

Details re (1)

Details re (3)

Details re (4)

On 20th January 2015, Dr Geffner testified that a witness said in an affidavit that

  • He had opened download file on a  communal computer at bishop’s house
  • Child porn popped up
  • Alexander’s name was on the file
  • He took Alexander out to car to talk to him about the child porn and Alexander said he had been abused at age 12
  • The witness also saw Alexander holding Deanna Reid down on a couch
  • Alexander was screaming, “get it through your f-ing head, I’m not going to marry you.”

Source tweets:

“Geffner looks at an affadivit is which witness claimed to see Alexander holding Deanna Reed down on a couch.”

“According to witness affidavit, Alexander screaming, “get it through your f-ing head, I’m not going to marry you.”

“Same witness claims when he opened download file of communal computer at bishop’s house, child porn popped up, Alexander’s name on file.”

“Witness says in affidavit he took Alexander out to car to talk to him about the child porn and Alexander said he had been abused at age 12.”

On 21 Jan 2015, it was established that the couch incident happened on 18 Jan 2001.

Jen’s Trial Diaries @TrialDiariesJ  “Geffner confirmed this incident happened Jan 18, 2001 b/c wit #1 said he looked at his wife’s journals”

See also

and re the testimony of Mormon Bishop Vernon Parker.

Trial video for Jan 20, 2015

Jury in at 33:31.
Exh. 819 is admitted. JW walks about a series of affidavits.
35 minutes in.
35:30, argument between Travis and Deanna.
JW reads part of the affidavit.
36:30 sidebar.
Witness #1 and his wife spoke with Deanna to comfort her for an hour.
On or about 18 Jan 2001 the violent incident between TA and Deanna.
Issue with the date, witness is not sure about what date is was.
Either Deanna was home on leave, or it was in November.
Witness #1 knew Deanna before she went on the mission.
Witness #1 was suprised Deanna had not been gone that long.
Deanna indicated she had been home for two days.
Witness #1 moved out of the State in July 2002.
Witness #1 was using computer in the Bishops home, communal computer.
Witness #1 was engaged to be married, opening a folder, child porn popped up.
Alexander’s name was on the file. The computer crashed.
He told Mr Alexander there was a problem.
They went outside, Mr Alexander confirmed it was his child porn.
Mr Alexander reported he was assaulted when he was 12 by an older adolescent.
Bishop reported porn pop-up, computer had to be serviced.