The Cancun Trip

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According to an HLN report ( note this is NOT in evidence so should be regarded as questionable ) :…/was-jodi-booked-cancun-trip-travis

Jodi Arias was at one point booked to go with Travis Alexander on the trip to Cancun, according to a source involved in Prepaid Legal, the company that sponsored the Mexican vacation.

In early 2008, Alexander originally told the trip’s organizers that his guest would be Arias. Then in April, after he began dating another woman, he contacted the organizer and asked if it was too late to change the tickets, according to the source.

Because the tickets had not yet been purchased, he changed the name at the last minute to Marie Hall, who, along with two friends, discovered Travis’ bloody and bloated body on June 9, 2008. Hall had been scheduled to depart with Alexander for the trip the next day.

In court, Arias has repeatedly denied she was jealous that Alexander was dating other women or taking Hall to Cancun. In fact, she has stated that she believed Alexander was actually taking a friend’s babysitter as repayment for a debt.

From the investigation report:

Marie Hall mentioned that she was also concerned, because she and Travis had recently had a discussion regarding their relationship. Travis had invited her to go on this Cancun vacation in hopes they would get to know each other better. About two weeks ago, she informed him she only wanted to be friends and didn’t want to go any further than that. She told him she wouldn’t mind if he decided to take someone else with him instead. Marie also mentioned Travis had recently broke up with another one of his girlfriends named Lisa. She knew he was still upset about that break-up, but didn’t think he would hurt himself over it.