The Gun

Jodi’s understanding of how Travis had a gun:

Nurmi: You were asked about the gun, when you learned of the gun. You said that you became aware of that in 2007 when you were working as his housekeeper, correct?
Arias: Correct.
Nurmi: What was your understanding of how Mr Alexander had acquired that gun?
Arias: My understanding of how he got the gun is that it.. [ she tails off, swallows, thinks ]
Arias: My understanding is that [pause] his father used to ..
Objection (hearsay) sustained.

One hour five minutes into the video below:

A passage from Travis Alexander’s blog:

“I remember my mother emptying a revolver on the car my father was driving and my father subsequently taking an axe to my mother’s belongings and destroying them.” “Introduction to Raising You”, May 5, 2008.

See Why was Jodi Convicted for basic facts about the gun.