What happened after Travis was shot?

To recap,this is a video that shows roughly what happened from when Jodi tried to catch the camera up to when Travis was shot, according to Jodi’s testimony ( Note: the camera fumble should I think be slightly further back from the shower, and does not really show how the photo of the shower ceiling was taken as Jodi juggled with the camera ).

GrayFloorPlan - With Travis Path

Path Travis took to linen cupboard. After chasing Jodi through the closet he is shot and falls to the ground near the toilet entrance, making a small pool of blood there. Then he gets up, goes over to a sink, then comes down the hallway and bleeds on the carpet for some time. Then he moves back towards the linen cupboard – there is a trail of blood which shows where he went.

So Jodi has shot Travis, and he is bleeding near the toilet entrance. Then he goes to the sink. Then he leaves there, slips over in the hallway, and we see Jodi standing near him, 62 seconds after Jodi fumbled the camera ( note Travis is on his back, we can see  his right foot, the sink cabinets and the mirror above  the sinks ), Exhibit 162. The linen cupboard door is shut.

Jodi says he threatened her, saying “F______ kill you B____”.

I think we can assume Jodi has noticed he is bleeding very heavily.

What would Jodi do next? I suggest she would retire to a safe distance, and perhaps make sure Travis cannot grab the knife.

So she goes to the bedroom, grabs the knife. Now she is pretty safe. Travis cannot get the knife, and is perhaps crawling around.

But she has a big concern, is he bleeding to death? If so, to leave now might mean (a) he dies (b) Jodi is in big, big trouble.

She could call 911, but perhaps she is worried she will be charged with shooting, even killing, Travis. She doesn’t know how badly injured he is. Perhaps she is waiting for him to calm down enough so she can drive him to hospital.

So, unable to decide what to do, instead she watches, waits for Travis to calm down. She wants to see how badly injured Travis is, or if she can help him. Perhaps she even thinks of making a bandage, to staunch the bleeding. She might have opened the linen cupboard door to find some material ( just a possibility ), or a towel, or perhaps she thought his phone was or might be in the linen cupboard. Meanwhile Travis is crawling around, at times stationary ( there are a few pools of blood ).

Perhaps when Jodi opened the linen cupboard, Travis saw his chance, left the carpet (there is a trail of blood away from the blood pool on the carpet), and grabbed Jodi near the linen cupboard.

Then we have the fight in which Jodi stabs and kills Travis.

This is of course just a scenario, compatible with the evidence, but there is no proof events did not play out in this way, or similar.

This page is referenced from FAQ,question 3 and also Scene Summary.

Alternative text:

Travis is shot as Jodi describes. Goes to the sink etc, then comes down the hallway, slips over, perhaps after lunging at Jodi, Exh. 162.

Some time after Exh. 162, Travis is bleeding with his head on the carpet.

Jodi decides she needs to go to the linen cupboard, to get some material for a bandage.

But she is still frightened that Travis still might try to kill her, he is near the bedroom, and he might be able to get hold of the knife and cut off her escape, while she is in the linen cupboard, or perhaps she decides the knife would be useful to cut a bandage.

So she picks up the knife and goes to the linen cupboard and opens the door, perhaps going through the big closet to get there.

Now Travis sees her near the linen cupboard, makes his way back up the hallway, and then we have fighting, ending with Travis dead with his throat cut.

Summary: We know very little for sure about the knife fight, but there is no evidence to show Jodi was not defending herself, and no motive or reason why Jodi would kill other than she was in fear of her life.

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