Yreka Burglary Report


STOLEN 1. .25 caliber automatic pistol, 3″ to 4″ long and 3″ to 4″ tall, black with black grip, with a loaded magazine with seven rounds of jacketed hollow points. Value $150.00

2. Magnavox DVD player, model number DP100MW8B, black, approximately 12″ x 12″ x 3″ in size.

Approximate value: $40.00.

3. CD player with two detachable speakers, black in color, three disc changer, with cassette and radio, unknown brand. Approximate value: $75.00

4. $30.00 cash ( one $20.00 bill and one $10,00 bill ) for a total of approximately $295.00 worth of stolen items.

DAMAGE: One door and door frame, Approximate value: $250.00

SCENE: 352 Pine St, Yreka, Ca. 96097

METHOD OF OPERATION: Unknown suspect(s) forcibly entered the residence by kicking in a side door. The suspect(s) then searched the house and stole several items.

INFORMATION: On 5-28-06 at approximately 1540 hours, I was dispatched to 352 Pine ST. for a report of a burglary that had occurred earlier in the day.

I arrived and contacted Caroline Allen, DOB 3-11-34. I also contacted Carlton Eugene Allen, ODB 11-4-30. Caroline Allen related the following. She and Carlton Allen left the residence at approximiately 1000 hours that morning and returned at approximately 1530 hours. Upon their return to the residence, they found a kitchen door, that led to an enclosed porch and an outside door, that was partially ajar. They noticed the door was opened approximately 1″ to 2″. When Caroline Allen went to the door to close it, she noticed that the outside door on the enclosed porch had been broken in. Caroline and Carlton Allen then investigated their house to determine if anything had been taken. Caroline Allen stated she found that a CD player with two detachable speakers that were a three disc changer with cassette and radio, was missing from it’s place on top of a dresser in her bedroom. She also stated that she noticed a DVD player that had been set on top of the entertainment center in the living room was also missing.

Carlton Allen then informed me there was a 0.25 caliber automatic pistol missing from a dresser in his bedroom. Carlton Allen described the pistol as being approximately 3″ to 4″ long and 3″ to 4″ tall, black with a black grip. He stated it also had a fully loaded magazine, with seven rounds of jacketed hollow points, that was also taken with the pistol. Carlton Allen did not know the serial number for the gun or the brand of the gun. He did stated that the gun was orginally owned by his cousin, Norman Bowers. When Bowers died, the gun was given to Carlton Allen. The gun was not registered and Carlton Allen stated that it was quite old.

Caroline Allen stated that her ganddaughter had been at the residence when she and Carlton Allen had left at approximately 1000 hours. She stated she did not know when her granddaughter had left the residence and she had placed a telephone call to her granddaughter. She stated her granddaughter was en route to the residence at that time.

I asked the Allen’s not to disturn any objects in the house, as I would most likely be attempting to take fingerprints.

I then exited the resiendece to examine the side door that had been forcibly broken. The door was a normal size door without a doorknob that had been latched from the inside, using a bar latch. There was a dirty scuff mark just under where the doorknob should have been that appeared to be a footprint. It was raining outside and there was mud present just outside the side door. However it was raining very hard and there were no footprints that I could see outside on the ground.

Caroline Allen’s granddaughter then arrived at the residence. Her granddaoughter’s name was Jodi Ann Arias, DOB 7-9-80… I spoke with Arias. Arias stated she had left the residence at approximately 1300 hours, and that she had made certain all the doors and windows were locked when she left. Arias then examined her bedroom at the residence, and found that a $20 billl and a $10 bill were missing that had been on her dresser.

As I examined the house I found that numerous dresser drawers and doors had been opened. It appeared that the suspect(s) had searched through numerous areas, but had not stolen anything else.

Officer Belmont then arrived and attempted to life fingerprints from several different areas in the residence.

I then searched the outside of the residence and did not find ???? evidence.

I returned to the inside of the house and photographed the point of entry and the areas where the objects had been taken from.

I then left the scene and returned to the Yreka Police Department while Officer Belmont continued to search for fingerprint evidence. I had Dispatch create an Officer Saftey BOLO for the stolen firearm and requested Dispatch send this to all local law enforcement agencies.

On 5-29-08 at approximately 0900 hours I contacted Officer Belmont who related the following to me.

Officer Belmont had attempted to find useable fingerprints in numerous areas throughout the residence and he was unable to find any useable fingerprint evidence.

1. Fingerprint cards of fingerprint evidence liefted fronm the residence at 352 Pine St. Yreka, Ca.

2. Photographs.

RECOMMENDATIONS: request case be made inactive due to lack of investigative leads. Submit for review.

Report is taken from this PDF : VariousDocuments.

See also testimony of Kevin Friedman and Minute Entry on motion to exclude as hearsay.